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Tennis preparation /covid break/ by Toptipsters

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    Tennis preparation /covid break/ by Toptipsters

    Emily Fanning - Seone Mendez, pick Mendez 1.490 widely available /flat 10u/

    Amazing odds on Mendez, who is by far the better player in all aspects of the game. We have such odds, thanks to last two wins of Fanning over Ivanova and Elie, but both players just walked over the matches, without real efforts to play and suddenly bookies thinks, that Emily improved hugely. But it is not true, she still among the worst group of players on this event, while Mendez is on of the top ones. Correct odds around 1,30 GL

    Hopefully more to come soon, infos at our free Telegram channet:

    Mendez bet won.
    Today I played Shiling Xu 1.82+, but dropped to 1.6ish so not an official pick, I just post the writup, if someone interested.
    All bets I post free at Telegram chat: - the only chance to catch the same odds these days. Season should return in August...

    Stewart si coming back after two weeks break caused by an injury. In the last match vs Mandlik, she vs serving both servs from under, due to shoulder injury. So she took a break, might be fresh but with some practice and match deficit. Xu is in great shape and her last match vs Lepchenko was probably the best I saw from her here. She avoided easy mistakes and pushed the best player here backwards. Stewart met Xu twice here already and its 1-1, but Xu wasnt really that good before as in last matches, together with Stewarts 1st match after long time, I see Shillin as solid fav here. GL


      Two times on Volynets today!

      Pamela Montez - Katie Volynets
      Katie Volynets @ 1.473
      Katie is one of the biggest US talents, who was ranked 21 on junior tour at the age of fresh 16, but got stopped by an injury then, for more over year. After the return, she moved to women tennis directly (at the age of 17) and she is ranked career high 341 currently. I was expecting her to climb deeply into top 200 this year, as in juniors age she was better than McNally or Navarro. It is her first match after long break in this West-Coeast event, but I expect her be the best player, especially as hard is her best surface. I believe, she will be ready and prove the big quality gap (especially on serve) in compare to Montez. GL

      Katie Volynets - Andrea Gamiz
      Katie Volynets @ 1.591 10/10 pinn
      dtto as against Montez. Gamiz should be all in defence and I expect Volynets to be all over her. GL

      All bets I post free at Telegram chat: - the only chance to catch the same odds these days.


        all won above, so lets post some other bets:

        Olmos - Zacarias 1@1.73 10/10 flat stake

        Odds going up on Olmos and as I wanted 1,7+ I have to take it. She is the best player in this event quite surprisingly and she lost only few regular matches past months. She put most of her opponents under pressure and played really great tennis far above her 458 rank.

        Zacarias is more than 200 places higher ranked, but I am not convinced by her play here. She is on 6 games winning streak, but played vs weaker players. I have Zacarias in the group of plyers right behind Olmos (with Chang, Chang and Day), but is is not that close for almost even odds. I have correct price around 1.65 here. GL

        All bets I post free at Telegram chat: - the only chance to catch the same odds untill the regular season is back


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