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2018 US Open (Outright Winner)

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    2018 US Open (Outright Winner)

    some unreal prices

    Wozniacki @ 29.00 (she did well at US Open)
    Pavlychenkova @ 126.00 (player that has improved)


      People !!! If it may be that some of you are gambling or like to place some small sport bets like I use to do occasionally , just for fun, be aware of strange things which can happen in world of sport.

      Particularly I will be talking about the great sport of tennis this time and let me use this opportunity to criticize this great forum and members for not giving more attention to this great sport.

      If it turns out that you are a bettor, a punter etc, just be cautious on who are you gonna place your bets.

      US Open 2018 , second round , match: Nick Kyrgios vs Pierre-Hugues Herbert

      Because it can occur that player who is favored by bookies simply does not show any effort or will in trying to achieve win.

      Have you heard what happened at Nick Kyrgios match?

      I am still confused, this is also how matches which are fixed can be recognized. Maybe referee Mohamed placed some big bet on Australian tennis player so he did not want to lose his money , therefore he had an urge to react, to try to motivate Nick. I first heard about this at the press conference after the match of Novak Djokovic in the second round of the tournament.
      This strange incident raises plenty of questions in my mind:

      -Should umpires cheer and have biases?
      -Is this a part of umpire job?
      -Are they allowed do advice the players on the court?
      -How is this interfering with chair umpires decisions during matches?
      -Will ATP , USTA , US Open or other some tennis organisations react to this so far unseen situation?
      -Is this all alright and in consent with the rules?

      In my opinion:

      *All this is very controversial
      *Strange intervention fro chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani is less strange and more ridiculous.
      *Kyrgios is completely innocent here as he did not ask umpire for anything.

      I thought this situation might be interesting to some of you so I have decided to show you this video which might explain what is this all about.

      Take a look at the video below and please make some comments, I am very eager to hear your opinions guys!
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        Nick is unstable guy, and this is normal for him. There is nothing fixed by betting mafia, just don't understand what ref talking to him. Maybe he worn him about something in his behavior.
        Ref placing bet on Nick is nonsense!

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