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Federer the GOAT or not?

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    Federer the GOAT or not?

    This thread is not necessarily betting related but, in my opinion, can be useful for future bets decision-making because it will deal with BIG3 player's motivation for winning titles and matches against each other.

    This comment has been written actually for a forum discussion purposes, on a topic "Is Federer the GOAT or not" so you don't have to read it entirely, you just have to find confirmation of your thoughts. In my opinion Federer doesn't have to prove or disprove anything to anyone. We can agree or disagree but record shows that Roger Federer is indeed the greatest tennis player of all time.

    What is disturbing me is very arguable and different point of view. It's just that I don't think he deserves that name after seeing what some other players have managed to do. It's hard to motivate yourself when you already have it all . There is one big thing , more important than all others, upon which I think Roger is the best . I am referring to area of consistency in which Federer is much better that all others. It is his ability to play just only for wherewith you need to merely win Federer is much more gentle than for example Nadal. I never saw Roger finding some big satisfaction in demolition of his opponents. He is stylish and has sophisticated style. Roger is always looking to break you early, to put his nose upfront immediately and then just routinely finish you off. He was always able to smartly save his energy. He always had a big support in the western hemisphere and knew how to utilize it, he always had that biased backing even when he played versus some poor outsiders where audience neutrality should have been expected at least. Federer managed to elaborate all of his main weapons, he sharpened them nicely. Without a doubt he showed great talent at early age and later was able to upgrade to the maximum possible. His style of play is such that he does not wear-off his body too much. Neither Djokovic or Nadal will be even close to that level when they turn 37 so that is something Roger is uniquely recognized for.

    So although limited in some ways, special quality is shown in his serve, forehand , volleys and smashes but he is also full of weaknesses and one which he couldn't hide from the start is his backhand of course. His other major downside was exposed later when he met his first true nemesis Nadal and later Djokovic. That second flaw in his game is mental strength. It may appear that he is tough in his mind when you see him against average players but his psyche is pale compared to the both Nada's and Djokovic's mental toughness. He is quite better when it comes to dealing with emotions and his private affairs. Wisely he hides his anger or a joy but at the end it is a double sword so it was just a matter of time and inevitable emotional breakdown happened at USA Open 2009. You all do remember Roger's crocodile tears after Rafa literally demolish him back then. I don't actually judge him for that but he did reviled his true character. His poor wife Mirka must have been ashamed. That is what happens when you and the army of a sickly attached fans build a huge balloon-like ego just to be burst publicly with ease in front of the whole world. Poor Roger , what was he thinking, maybe he thought on millions of his followers which he disappointed. Ever since he's been leaking. He even put Rafa in a awkward situation, Rafael was shocked, confused and what? Like it was supposed that Rafa should have felt some remorse or empathy for ruthlessly outclassing him. He acts like a true gentleman and acts is a proper word.

    Public embraced Roger and they have quickly made the GOAT out of him. Again as USA failed to produce successor worthy of Sampras, his marketing team and his stylist in particular helped him win the hearts of millions neutral tennis fans. When it comes to intelligence Federer towers above Nadal but cannot overshadow arrogant Serb. As soon as Nadal matured he started dominating over Federer and not just on clay, he still has a huge edge over him today. Roger perfected his game long time ago, he was able to polish his technique all his stokes, movement etc. He demonstrated incredible capacity and ability to stay in top in the long term. Hats down for his affinity to fair play, injury-less career and rareness for situations in which we could see him quarrel with refs or opponents. Both Nadal and Djokovic are much better competitors than Federer in my opinion. They are also more similar one to another than Roger is to any other tennis player ever. Federer had lucky star on his side and after initially accompanied some legendary veterans into their retirement , destiny was such that his entire first part of career was spent on tournaments cruise and having fun time with guys like Roddick , Hewit, Nalbandian or Davidenko. Those who are against Federer being called GOAT say that he is just a weak era opportunist.

    All those were considered to be his main rivals. I mean c'mon guys, there was no one to fill in the blank after Sampras, Agasi, Becker retired. Of course I do not put any blame on anyone for that, I am just saying, you know. I admit , It does look like I am trying to take away something from that early success of the one and only Roger Federer. Haters will keep hating but I see myself more like an objective person rather than a partial one or worse , a hater. Another argument which goes in support of the claim that Federer is indeed the GOAT is the fact that he continues to play on a high level aged 37. One of deceive factors on which grounds Djokovic was able to emerge victorious versus Nadal in their last clash was clearly motivation. I do not say Nadal was not motivated, he is always trying to give his best, he is ruthless , craving for every single point even when he's got huge lead. Djokovic desperately needed that victory and everybody knew it. In my opinion Nadal was better, more aggressive, faster and stronger but lacking mental strength and tactics while across the net Djokovic had prepared a master-plan and he had stuck with it. Just in case if something goes wrong he probably had plan B as well.
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    He's not GOAT. No one is the GOAT. Why?
    Because there is no such a thing.


      Boh, for me SAMPRAS is GOAT. King Roger is fantastic, more than Rafa or Djoko, but Pete IMO do the right thing every time it was necessary to do.

      (Sampras and Federer have only one H2H: Roger victory, in Wimbledon 2001, at 5th set...))


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