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Rugby Union - 2021

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    Rugby Sevens - Women

    Kenya vs Japan

    Both teams finished the group stage without a win. However, Kenya looked better and scored 3 tries in their group matches, whereas Japan struggled a lot and scored only one try.
    With both sides struggling defensively, I think we'll have a high score.

    Bet 1: Kenya -4.5 @1.90
    Bet 2: Over 30.5 points @1.87


      Olympics - Rugby Sevens Women

      New Zealand vs ROC

      These two teams met this morning in their last group match and NZ won 33-0. Now they are in the play-offs.
      The gap between NZ and ROC is enormous and I don't see how the Russians can improve within a few hours so that they can lose by less than 25 points.

      Bet: NZ -25.5 @1.90


        Rugby Sevens - Women

        Fiji vs Australia

        Australia lost this morning 12-14 to the USA and they must bounce back. This is a play-off match.
        Australia has been beating Fiji for many years now, several times a year, in all tournaments they meet. Australia are the current gold medallists, and other than the blip this morning against USA, they have been outstanding.

        Bet: Australia -8.5 @1.88


          Rugby Sevens - Women

          France vs China

          China qualified to the play-offs as one of the best 3rd placed teams. They beat Japan, another lowly team.
          France have been outstanding in this tournament. they won all their matches in the group, scoring 83 points in 3 matches.

          Bet 1: France -16.5 @1.90
          Bet 2: Team Total Points - France Over 25.5 @1.82
          Bet 3: Australia win + France winning margin 13+ @1.91


            Rugby - Currie Cup

            Lions vs Pumas

            This Lions team love to run the ball and the points are the stand out play here. With conditions looking perfect in Jo**8217;burg, I am backing the home team here. They are showing signs of improvement and should gain ascendancy in the front row, as the Pumas have been disappointing in recent weeks.

            The Pumas won the first match with ease, but I am expecting a complete turnaround here.

            Bet 1: Lions -6.5 @1.85
            Bet 2: Team Total Points - Lions Over 36.5 @1.83
            Bet 3: Team Total Tries - Lions Over 4.5 @1.80


              Rugby - Currie Cup

              Western Province vs Bulls

              WP have named a decent side and they will be giving it their all in the final game at their old stadium.
              It is their last game at Newlands and they will raise their game in sign of respect to a ground that they love.
              WP are strong at home and in night conditions, on a Friday night with the handicap at more than one converted try, I have to take the plus.

              Add to that they have a great record against the Bulls at home, so I'm taking them on the plus handicap.

              Bet: WP +7.5 @1.87


                Olympics - Rugby Sevens Women
                Brazil vs Japan

                This is the match to avoid the wooden spoon. Both teams lost every match, however Japan showed more fighting spirit and they scored 24 points, managing a very tight 7-17 against USA.
                Also, as has been the case when two weak defences play each other, we have points.

                Bet 1: Japan -8.5 @1.90
                Bet 2: Brazil over 13.5 points @1.82
                Bet 3: Total points over 35.5 @1.98
                Bet 4: Total Tries Over 5.5 @1.89


                  Olympics - Rugby Sevens Women

                  Canada vs Kenya

                  Both teams struggled against good opposition so far, while beating the weaker teams. Canada smashed Brazil two times, while Kenya won a tight match against Japan.
                  They both lost by big margins against top 8 opposition.
                  The handicap is too big here, Kenya is better than Japan or Brazil.

                  Bet: Kenya +23.5 @1.75


                    Olympics - Rugby Sevens Women

                    ROC vs Australia

                    After a very good start, the Aussies slowed down and got eliminated from the medals run. They are now playing for the 5th spot.
                    The Russians stayed very close against GB (12-14) and their only two heavy losses were against NZ.
                    It looks like this handicap is a bit high, so I'm taking the Russians to stay close.

                    Bey: ROC +16.5 @1.95


                      Olympics - Rugby Sevens Women

                      USA vs China

                      USA beat China 2 days ago in the group stage 28-14, with China scoring their second try in stoppage time.

                      Bet 1: USA -11.5 @1.87
                      Bet 2: Team Total Points - USA Over 23.0 @1.82


                        Olympics - Rugby Sevens Women

                        NZ vs Fiji

                        The Kiwi girls are in rampant form, they won all their four matches so far.
                        The Fijians are in good form too, and they lost only one game, to France, in the group stage.
                        NZ have been beating Fiji for several years now, 7 times in a row.

                        Bet: NZ -10.5 @1.87



                          Olympics - Rugby Sevens Women

                          GB vs France

                          France have been impressive so far, winning all their games, including against Fiji who are now causing New Zealand all sorts of problems in the other semifinal.
                          GB have been playing well too, but they didn't impress. They were leading NZ 21-0 in the first half and then collapsed to defeat.
                          I'm not taking the handicap as we've seen wins by 2 points only (a missed conversion difference).

                          Bet: France @1.62


                            Olympics - Rugby 7s Women

                            ROC vs China

                            ROC couldn't keep up with the Aussies this morning and despite the fact that they had a 3-score handicap, they just collapsed.
                            China played well at this tournament and despite the fact that they lost most of their matches, they stayed in the game and put up a good fight, including against the big teams.

                            Bet: China -1.5 @1.80


                              Olympics - Rugby 7s Women

                              Australia vs USA

                              Yesterday USA beat Australia 14-12 and the Aussie missed out the semifinals. This is the match for the 5th place and I expect the Aussies to bounce back and take revenge.
                              This time I expect some more points scored by the Aussies too, especially after what we saw this morning in the play-offs, as both USA and Australia scored more than 30 points each in their respective games.

                              Bet 1: Double - Australia + China to win @2.27
                              Bet 2: Over 32.5 points @1.90
                              Bet 3: Australia over 18.5 points @1.82


                                Olympics - Rugby 7s Women

                                Fiji vs Great Britain

                                Fiji nearly beat New Zealand this morning and that would have meant the Final for them. However they lost in Extra Time, but they put up a very good fight.
                                Great Britain lost their match against France this morning, and the French win was never in doubt, as they maintained a 2-tries lead throughout the game.
                                The Fijians have enough fight in them to at least make this competitive, but I'm taking them to win the Bronze.

                                Bet: Fiji @2.10


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