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Czech Extraliga 2015/2016 Preview

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  • Czech Extraliga 2015/2016 Preview

    My opinion about this season, it might be useful for someone. As in the previous season, i can't publish picks here. I wish you successful season.

    Brief preview, rating of teams is based on current situation. It can change itself during season, but Extraliga usually doesn't offer big news.


    This season we can see again many departures. Many good players went to KHL, some experienced and producive players retired. It can increase boring athletic matches, where hits and alibistic defense prevail. Last year's new rules didn't help (to make matches more attractive) so much as expected, this season will be players more familiar with them. We'll see.



    Sparta wasn't so convincing last season, however they still kept high level of hockey. Club is hungry about success, last tittle is very aged. Sparta lost some important players, especially captain Rolinek is big loss, on the other hand they brought some really good players, strengthened goalie post. Sparta will play in new place, O2 arena was home ice of their city rival Slavia (big rivalry), however it seems fans don't have problem with it. There seems to be one issue in players' heads: team usually start matches well, but then they often lose lead in few minutes. The same trend was visible in Champion League matches before season. Still i expect Sparta will finish season in top 3.

    My prediction: 1-3. place (after regular season)


    2nd very strong team. Trinec managed to keep good players from last season, in which they dominated. Good work by Trinec management allows to play with pretty wide roster and high quality. Team has one disadvantage: they're located on the corner of country, so they have to make many long trips by bus, however they were very convincing even in away matches last season. Home matches were rather boring, because many opponents defended whole match. Trinec is team with probably best defense, do i expect we will see more underish matches from them.

    My prediction: 1.-3. place


    Kometa again strengthened squad and brought new coach, there is also visible good work of management. New coach Mr.Hadamczik is very ambitious person, he's very demanding to players and it will be decisive point, if they'll find concensus. Kometa has great fan support, referees are under big pressure and this means quite important advantage in home matches. Last year they weren't so successful at home, this season i expect bigger concentration and results in home matches. We will se how they will be successful away from home : this has been weakness of Kometa since they promoted to Extraliga.

    My prediction: 1.-3. place


    Pardubice lost two leaders of team, but their arrivals are maybe even better. Team has enough of quality on ice, but there is one question mark: they rely on very young and not much experienced coach Mr.Riha jr., who is former assistant (2-3 seasons). Pardubice is team with big tradition and with great fan support, they can win matches with strong opponents. Their long-term issue is playing against weaker teams, they used to underestimate them and sometimes 3rd period isn't enough to turn match.

    My prediction: 4.-5. place


    Hradec repeated their first successful season once again and i must admit that it's something surprising for me. It's true that almost whole skeleton from Budejovice was kept, but still with some 1.liga players and new place it can be rated as great success. Hradec is quite rich club and despite important departures they again brought very good players. Hradec has great fan support, their arena is old and there is bad quality of ice :that makes from Hradec arena dangerous place for each team. IMO Hradec has small weakness on goalie's post, also they will suffer by breaking of their star line Simanek-Mertl-Kudrna. Still this team belongs quite high in terms of quality.

    My prediction: 4.-5. place


    This team is big question mark. They lost leader of productivity, but they brought three top european players with good scoring abilities. Management returned young expert Mr.Pesan on position of coach and he goes all-in this season. He brought some players from Benatky (farm of Liberec), also he totally changed pre-season preparation (less stamina practice, more intensity). It might be bad decision, on the other hand, Liberec has young squad and these players shouldn't have problems with stamina. I think there will be big determination to go to play-offs and it should be decisive factor. I expect Liberec will be on fire at the start of season, then we will see how they can compete with other teams with different kind of preparation.

    My prediction: 6.-8. place


    Zlin will play without their creative stars (Leska, Cajanek) and it will be one of most difficult season of last decade. Zlin has very good coach and solid middle-aged generation, it should avoid disaster season, but still : mentioned departures will be very painful IMO. With less of creativity their game might be even more defensive, because Zlin's defense is strong weapon. So i wouldn't be surprised by many underish and boring matches.

    My prediction: 6.-8. place


    Vary managed to save last critical season and it seems club is more healthy now. Vary kept almost whole defensive line (what's their great part) and brought some quality also to attack. Mr.Mlejnek made miracles in last seasons and now Vary have solid chance to reach play-offs. Last season they didn't lose many points at home and i expect this trend can continue. Away from home aren't Vary so dangerous.

    My prediction: 6.-8. place


    Litvinov lost a lot of quality this season. At first they star goalie Pavel Francouz went to KHL and this will be visible for sure. Also loss of experienced attackers Rucinsky and Petruzalek will be painful. And last but not least, this season after tittle is always more difficult, because opponents will be more concentrated and motivated. Litvinov has many good players, however i see them facing many difficulties this season.

    My prediction: 9.-11. place


    Boleslav will face traditionally difficult season - 2nd season for newcommer, when newcommer's enthusiasm isn't so strong, also other teams will adjust their play to their specific well-skating hockey. Boleslav collected many points from away matches last season and i think teams will be more careful now. It will be important how Boleslav will improve their home performances: if they can do it, they shouldn't have play-out's worries.

    My prediction: 9.-11. place


    Chomutov is rich club, which brought great coaching staff (Mr. Ruzicka) and they also bulit competitive team, but i still think it won't be enough to reach play-off. They can surprise by their teamwork and Mr.Ruzicka is well known by his successes with average teams, however there is significant lack of quality.

    My prediction: 9.-11 place


    Plzen again weakened their squad and i think they can't repeat last seasons standing. They play specific agressive hockey with many hits and they also play many powerplays at home, however without creative attackers aren't powerplays so strong weapon. Their young players are also often penalised, so i expect big difficulties especially in away matches. Without creativity of attackers i think their games will be rather lowscoring.

    My prediction: 12.-13. place


    Vitkovice lost most of their offensive power, many players left. Because their defensive line is rather weak and unexperienced, they can play defensive game and they will have also difficulties to play their active hockey especially in away matches, where they used to collect some important points. I don't see them on play-offs places. I also don't think that they can immediately change their game, so i expect they will concede goals from better teams.

    My prediction: 12.-13. place


    I was a bit wrong last season, Olomouc somehow managed to survive, but this season will be even more difficult IMO, they are probably even weaker. Only positive thing is their new coach Mr. Venera - he's very experienced and he might be very helpful, on the other hand, his mission is almost impossible. I will be very surprised if they achieve better place than last one.

    My prediction: 14. place

    Good Luck to all

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