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Forum Rules: IMPORTANT/Read before posting

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    Forum Rules: IMPORTANT/Read before posting

    In recent months we've noticed some forum rules are being ignored so we decided to stress the importance of forum rules.

    First of all, before posting, read general forum rules.

    A couple of rules have been added:

    1) As rule number 9 of general forum rules already says: DO NOT promote your website elsewhere than the Tips Websites subforum. No matter if your site is PAID OR FREE, there is only one place on BA forum to advertise, and that's Tips Websites subforum.

    BA admins and mods will warn you two times, kindly, not to do that. After strike 3, you are out. Do not abuse BA's good will.

    2) Do not spam the forum. This forum is huge, and we are proud to have many members and even more readers. Do not leave unnecessary comments which have use to no one, i.e. picks without explanations "I think Werder is the better team so they should win, HW is my pick". Such comments will be deleted and you will be kindly asked not to do that any more. You don't have to write a book, but a few sentences of well thought, informative text shouldn't be a problem.

    3) Do not beg for picks by writing "any picks tonight???" or "will Jokerit win???".
    Instead, try to contribute yourself in the area of your expertise or knowledge. You can ask a more intelligent question than that however, but BEGGING for picks is prohibited, not to mention pathetic.

    4) Do not brag after won bets, or "grade" your bets after the games IF THE THREAD IS STILL ACTIVE/meaning there are games to be played.
    A small sidenote: bragging after won bets is quite low as well. Leave others to praise your work, if you're good, they will say "thank you", and you will get your praise. Be more discrete rather than tooting your own horn all the time.

    5) If you follow the picks of someone from the forum this is done by your own choice, and your own risk. Do not come back to this forum and make an unwarranted attack on someone, as it will be dealth with seriously.

    6) BA admins and mods are helpful, and if you do not understand something or need any kind of help, feel free to PM any of them.
    Focus on being constructive, your contribution will surely be noted by all.
    Last edited by PathiicNOR; 08-02-14, 14:58.

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