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Bergsåker Lunch Dubbel + Vermo 29.6.

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  • Bergsåker Lunch Dubbel + Vermo 29.6.

    Tobias Ennoble - Kingston Bar 1 1.70 @ Nordicbet

    Tobias Ennoble will get a very good run from the 1st track he has. He was ok fourth last time at Bergsåker from inner lane and similar run is expected today. Kingston Bar was only so and so at Bollnäs despite perfect run as second horse on the second lane. He has a danger of staying "hanging" on the third lane which would mean he'd have to back to the rear end. This would give Tobias Ennoble serious upper hand position.

    Cerruti Corleone - Copiado 1 1.65 @ Nordicbet

    Neither of these horses will win today. Cerruti Corleone finished third in a B-class race last time. If he gets his action right (won't gallop) he might have a chance for small money today. Copiado won't have any chance of money even if he trotted all the way, which I seriously doubt. This horse is a cronic galloper. Combine that with the worst possible starting position and a very unexperienced trainer/driver Lars Nylander and Cerruti Corleone becomes a tasty bet.

    Bets for Vermo, Helsinki later today. It's raining a lot in Helsinki at the moment which might affect the performances of some horses

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    F*****ng HELL!!!!
    Onslow is back!
    Welcome back mate!
    I missed that little chit chat!


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      Thanks, I was expecting to get a red carpet and a bottle of Bollinger for returning, but no :wink:

      Work kept me (too) busy, it's easing up now so let's try to figure out the winners together again. I had a long break from Swedish trotting which is showing in crappy results but Finnish trotting is still going on strong and profitable.

      Mr Spender should have a decent chance today. The rain is troubling me a bit though.


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        Actually I saw him in the lists today and thought of you. Good to be back...
        Let's kick some butt!!!!


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          Both Tobias Ennoble and Cerruti Corleone won their duels. Fine start for the day.


          Isard de Tillard - Mr Spender 2 2.00 @ Nordicbet

          Expekt gives 1.85. Isard de Tillard started surprisingly fast last time and ran outside the leader. He gave up a bit in the end but that was understandable due to tough race. I still think he has a gallop risk. Mr Spender was third in the same race, beating Isard de Tillard with magnificent time 12,8a. He had to spurt in the beginning but managed to still come fast all the way. Today the starting position is fine. With a suitable race he can spurt faster than any other horse in the race and be really high on the finish table. Form is still very good. Last year he finished second after Fiduciaire in the same 2600m race. The only bad sign is that it has rained. It's not raining at the moment, if it stays this way I think the track can dry enough for the evening. A small warning though since the horse does not like wet track.

          There are some other baits as well but I'll let them be for now.


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            Mr Spender to place 1-3 2.30 @ Expekt

            A week ago Expekt gave 2.15 for Mr Spender's place when on the track Fintoto gave finally only odds 1,11! Today's 2.30 seems fine again, at the moment Fintoto shows minimum of 2.68 but I'm sure the odds will come down at Fintoto. Goodbye Charlie, Fiduciaire and Indurin Star are the main opponents. Mr Spender should be able to compete with them.


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              Two more for Vermo:

              Tyrone Dillon - Secret Claim 1 1.40 @ Nordicbet

              Two fine horses, Tyrone Dillon has impressed me every time he has raced. He has better track than Secret Claim which means Tyrone Dillon will get the lead after some 200-300 meters at the latest. Secret Claim has big chance of running outside him, which is strength consuming. There will be a great fight, I'm sure, but Tyrone Dillon can't lose from lead even though Secret Claim is a horse not to be taken slightly.

              Summer Zoot - Frosts Oilbaron 2 1.90 @ Unibet

              Why on earth is Summer Zoot the favourite at Unibet? Frosts Oilbaron is a class higher and it closing on top form. Summer Zoot ain't that bad either but the difference between this horses is clear in my eye.


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                Nice to see trotting thread lively again.
                Despite being a regular bettor in Budapest and Vienna, and a fan for Scandinavian (mainly Swedish) trotting, I can't make useful contribution (perhaps in the future...) as I can't watch the heats at Kanal75 (or ATG webb-tv, is it the same?) They let me know that only Swedish citizens are allowed to register... Can anybody help me (maybe through private message) how could I have an access to webb-tv?


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                  Hi bufe,

                  I was in Vienna this spring and wanted to visit the new Magna Racino track but it was sadly closed at the time. Whenever I'm abroad I try to go see local horse racing, there are really big differences around Europe...

                  ATG (Swedish trotting bet operator) had previously free access to their Web-TV at but nowadays it's behind registration for which you need to be living in Sweden. They said that they wish to give their registrators some "extra", which is crap in my opinion because the registrators could already see the races at Web-TV like anyone else. The fact that registration requires a Swedish address/social security code is not depending ot ATG, it's the local law. Anyway, it's really annoying and there's nothing you can do about it unless you know someone in Sweden who will "lend" you his access codes.

                  Finnish trotting can be also viewed online, but it costs 0,95€ per races and it must be ordered via SMS for which you need a Finnish mobile number so no luck there either.

                  I think you can still see live the Swedish lunch races (12.30CET) at

                  Yesterday was a fine betting day, all the bets above went right and my own horse finished second giving out great odds in the double bet 8)


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                    It was amazing watching Mr Spender pull the trick on so much rain in the track. Couldn't watch the finish due to heavy rain.... :lol:
                    Well done Onslow!


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