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2020 European Championship (W)

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    2020 European Championship (W)


    Romania has defeated Germany all the time since 2013, 6 out of 6 wins. I simply dont understand the odds Romania are with full squad besides probably goalkeeper Dumanska who may not be recovered! but Dedu is anyway No 1. Romania has the best player in history Cristina Neagu, who showed very good shooting recently in the Champions League, and probably also the best pivot on the planet in Crina Pintea. there are also Buceschi, Laslo, and finally Ticu. there are problems only on the right back, but if Savu or Popa will not confirm, Ticu can play there. Ticu played there masterfully for SCM Craiova when they won the EHF Cup (which is similar with Europa League). plus there is also Rotaru on 9 m line, also as a playmaker. so there are so many options, and this new coach Burcea used to be great for Craiova and Corona Brasov before. I am not sure about this Severin, the cover for Neagu, but I totally trust this guy.

    I believe Romania can win the EURO, considering Russia is dealing with so many injuries. the bookies are hugely understimated Romania this time, a very balanced Romania with no missing players this time and an courageous coach. the only issue could be with this pandemic and some chemistry. there really arent teams with much better squad than Romania.

    additionally I am adding that German teams in CL have been awful this season, and also last season. I simply dont understand how can be Germany favourite! notice they are women and we are in pandemic, **** can happen anytime but it should be 3-5 range win for Romania and even if they dont bother they cant lose this.

    normally only the form of Moisa (ex-Chiper) is questioned in the Romanian team, this time Aneta should have been called up. but maybe Moisa has woken up or Seraficeanu will do it again like in the last event. Seraficeanu can definitely be a beautiful right wing.

    I dont exclude Germany at all, Boelk or Smits will threaten, but I dont see how can they win this considering for Romania is also like a final. Norway is in this group. Romanian defence looks better this time. add also Minevskaja doesnt do well for SCM Ramnicu Valcea in Romania from the German team.

    Pick: Romania DNB @ 1.75 Bet365 8/10


    Spain are surprisingly world silver medalists, most of their best players are playing in Romania (Liga Nationala being the 2nd best championship on the planet now as rating). the Russian girls will not know what will hit them, Mireya Gonzalez and others are in good shape, there is also Nerea Pena.

    on long term the Spanish squad will probably be shorter, but I do believe Russia shouldnt be such favourite. Spain are looking for revenge after the -10 from 2019.

    main reason for this bet is that Russia has a questionable selection according to the Russians and a lot of injuries, including Anna Vyakhireva the best right back in the world... it will be surprising to see Russia as a semifinalist, I rather see Spain! but some others though have better squads than Spain. Russia maybe still have a top squad, but where the stars are removed there are always problems.

    Pick: Spain +3.5 @ 1.62


      6/10 for Spain handicap...


        Barbosa is a big absence also for Spain, but Russia has more, probably Spain will play Fraga-Pena-Mireya, and Almudena Rodriguez is also good


          coronavirus hits Romania, Crina Pintea will miss the EC huge blow... and 2 masseurs or sick! more tests are set to come.



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