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2018 EHF Champions League - Final 4 (Women)

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  • 2018 EHF Champions League - Final 4 (Women)

    Gyor are hosts

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    Hello. this is my first post here, sorry for my english mistakes. I.m watching handball since I was a child so i would like to try some tips. followed vardar this year and I always thought they are favorites for winning the ch league this year. They played very well last year and they deserved to win but gyor had the referees and the home ground advantage.
    They had a good start and they are the only team that didn.t loose a point in the first stage. They had some difficulties in the first leg with midtjylland but then in the second game they destroyed them.
    Rostov where always the underdogs, I knew from the begining that they will qualify in the final 4 with such big investment, but for gyor and csm who where defeated by them the loss was taken as a big unluck or something that shouldn.t happen. Of course rostov is a very good team, but i don.t think they will manage to beat vardar. watched the last league game against lada and they struggled very mutch, they have an unsteady game. They have some fast french players but they use more slow actions. Vardar is a fast team they know how to play on counters and that.s the way to win a big game. It.s the last season for the big stars at vardar since announced that they woll change the squad the next season and I.m sure they will manage to let a good impresion.

    So my bet will be on Vardar. The odds are now 1.9. I will try also a bigger win -1.5 for a higher stake.

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      For gyor-csm.
      I.m a big csm fan, but this is quit hard to predict. Gyor is far from the good form that showed in the last years and that is also because of the injuries and they wouldn.t deserve to win this league. But like in the last 4 years, the finals are held by them (i don.t think this is very fair). They play very good at home and the fans always pushed them. Now in a game against a romanian team they will go crazy due to the conflicts.
      Csm has the best team but it.s hard for them to mix the team. They have superstars in the team and that.s why sometimes they forget to play like a team. The left wing player said that is not enough to pass 3 times and then to shoot from far because they have players aible to do that (neagu, gullden). Short after a bad streak with a loss against gyor rostov and a draw woth rostov, they changed the couch.
      In the first stage they had some great games but that was with small teams. In the big games the low chemistry level between gullden and neagu showed off.
      But now with the new couch they started to fix this. They made a fantastic homegame against metz but then they where close to a disaster when they could loose the 13 goals advantage in the away game. They were to relaxed, they played 15 min with 5 players but neagu saved the game with the experience, i wouldn.t count that game.
      H2H the teams met in every season so far. gyor won more games but that was because they had a better squad in the last seasons. This year csm won the home game by 5 goals and lost the away game at 4 goals( they were im the bad streak)
      Gyor have many injuries but Tomori is a really big miss becaus she was a very important player in the defense. She always plays very aggresive and she was always a problem for csm.
      Csm can beat everyone in a good game, I.m sure learned from the misstaked and they will try to fix them.
      Gyor plays at home and they have to take the revenge for the 2015/2016 final when they lost against csm. But I think that the odd is to low for them. I think that both teams have the same chance so I would try a bet on Csm odd 2.8 and will wait for a big game

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        I am personally on CSM not to lose and Vardar DNB singles

        why? because Vardar are as strong as in the last season, whilst Gyor are dealing with a lot of injuries (Mork is out, Oftedal and Nycke are doubtful although at least one should play). ETO shouldnt be 1.70 even on home field against Neagu & Co in these conditions. otherwise we already know Gyor and Bucharest SHARED wins this season in MR, and the refs can be also a factor

        Rostov are good but they are newcomers with normally inferior squad to Vardar. Bucharest is the team probably with most stars but is very new and lacks chemistry once again. in Gyor there were not so many changes..


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          "Oftedal and Nycke are doubtful although at least one should play"

          Nycke and Oftedal were playing 4 days ago in the hungarian league and they will play tonight vs FTC also.


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            Originally posted by Henry1987612 View Post
            "Oftedal and Nycke are doubtful although at least one should play"

            Nycke and Oftedal were playing 4 days ago in the hungarian league and they will play tonight vs FTC also.
            good, thanks for confirming they played at Vac, because I was waiting tonights game against Ferencvaros

            can you also post some stats? and pls also share your thoughts about the Final 4, thx


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