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PLK/Poland 2020/21

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    PLK/Poland 2020/21

    05/09/2020 19:30 CET

    Legia Warszawa - MKS Dabrowa Gornicza (+5.5)
    1.94 (Pinnacle)

    I am surprised by this odds a lot since the initial exposure and I thought it would go down a lot, but still remained relatively at a nice level. I think that Dabrowa has a good chance to win this match.

    Legia won quite confidently in the 1st round, but the opponent was Radom, who so far looks like the worst team in the league. In Legia, Bibbins play a very good game, but Sokolowski and Karolak had already played poor games and with a stronger opponent, criticism would probably have fallen on them, because Legia would probably lose the match by playing them.

    Dabrowa played a good match in Szczecin, where, however, in the fourth quarter they slightly lost with King and thus lost. Killeya-Jones played for me badly despite the statistics (17 points, 10 rebounds). He could not dominate King, and he also pushed the action by force and made a lot of turnovers (5). Wilson and Moore played without a flash, who should be key guards players of MKS.

    I expect today that Killeya-Jones will dominate Legia under the basket, which has an injured Watson, and Wilson and Moore will stand against Karolak and Sokol, and we have a fierce match similar to King-MKS.
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    08/11/2020 17:30 CET
    Anwil Wloclawek - Spojnia Stargard over 163.5
    1.89 (Pinnacle)

    Both teams for some time under new coaches. Spojnia after changing trainer loosened the tactics and is now easier, and attackers like Tarrant and Steele have more freedom and slack. Tarrant is one of the fastest players in PLK and will therefore be able to accelerate more often and attack the hoop. Besides, there are Cowels and Kostrzewski, who were missing in many matches, and they are key players for the Spojnia attack.

    Anwil looked great with Booker and Clark against Astoria, and both of them are now showing that they can play together and that should fuel Anwil's attack as well. I think that this will result in an offensive match and we will see a lot of points today, and Spojnia with low results with Winnicki will jump higher under new coach Raczynski.
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      12/11/2020 17:30 CET
      Arka Gdynia - Spojnia Stargard over 157.5
      1.88 (Pinnacle)

      Arka will questionable in this match Adam Hrycaniuk (8.7 points, 5.9 rebounds). Witlinski and Dylewicz remain under the basket. Spojnia under new coach Raczynski plays much less advanced tactics and so far this translates into higher results. In the chance of absence Hrycaniuk, there may be a lot of smallball at Arka tomorrow, and 40-year-old Dylewicz is not a defense champion. On the other side starting center Steele with a lot mistakes in defence.

      I think that Szubarga's return will boost the attack of Arka, and the renewed Spojnia will play similarly to the matches with Anwil and Radom.
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        15/11/2020 17:30 CET
        Slask Wroclaw (-4) - Legia Warszawa
        1.89 (Pinnacle)

        Legia without Jakub Karolak (14.3 PPG, 38% 3FG) and Earl Watson (6.7 PPG, 5.0 REB). In addition Legia, they played 8 at home and 4 away matches for 12 matches. Michal Sokolowski (12.2 PPG, 6.0 REB, 4.7 APG) also played in nine matches, he left Legia to another club.

        There is nothing to be overly looking by the results of Legia, because now he is playing without key players from Poland, and everything in the hands of Morris and Bibbins. But I think the homecourt advantage will make a difference. Slask at home 4-1 balance sheet and most of it with high results. Legia away 2-2.

        If Slask manage to limit Bibbins or Morris or one of them plays a weaker match, there are no big chances for Legia and Silesia can win again with a fairly high result.
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          16/11/2020 19:00 CET
          Zastal Zielona Gora - HydroTruck Radom over 166.5
          1.81 (Pinnacle)

          I think the tired Zastal of game from last days in VTB match with Unics today will not put such huge pressure as usual and this time the game will be looser. In Radom, thanks to new player Jabarie Hinds, the offensive should function much better, and playing Neal-Hinds-Zegzula fragments will be a lot of smallball and fast-paced games. They tried to play fast with Anwil and often came to open threes. It should be similar today and I see a high score.
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            19/11/2020 19:30 CET
            Polpharma Starogard (-2.5) - MKS Dabrowa Gornicza
            1.89 (Pinnacle) 91:99

            I think Polpharma will win with an attack tomorrow. They sign players to attack and they should be much better tomorrow in this respect than MKS weakened by the lack of Killeya-Jones (19.0 PPG, 8.9 RPG, 2.0 APG) and Ratajczak. MKS is shooting badly and tomorrow's debut have Mijovic, who had 14/60 for 3 (23%) in GTK in 2019/20 season.

            Olisemeka and Furstinger should clean the boards tomorrow. Motylewski (only true C in MKS) will have to play, which will weaken the MKS or both centers Polpharma will dominate the baskets at rebounds. I think Polpharma will play his good attack and MKS will not keep pace with them with terrible shooting from distance and without the strength of the under basket.
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              20/11/2020 20:00 CET
              Legia Warszawa - GTK Gliwice over 164
              1.85 (Pinnacle)

              Justin Bibbins should play in this match, so Legia's offensive should function normally. New PG Legia Nickolas Neal comes and adds speed and chaos as well.

              GTK is on that 9-3 line. Today he will be in his strongest squad with two new players. They will definitely impose fast play again, because the Legia team is not too wide and you can get tired (Bibbins, Morris) a key players. I think that GTK will involve Legia in its playing and we will see another match with a high score in the last days of PLK.


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