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PLK/Poland 2019/20

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    06/02/2020 17:30 CET
    Stelmet Zielona Gora - Astoria Bydgoszcz over 180.5
    1.86 (Pinnacle)

    The first match 99:110 with huge tempo and a lot of points. The line is not tight enough, and both teams are at a top fast pace in PLK and it promises to be a shootout in which Stelmet will score 100 points and the line will be crossed.
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      09/02/2020 14:30 CET
      Arka Gdynia (-6.5) - Start Lublin
      1.93 (Pinnacle)

      In my opinion, Arka has got a great shape in recent matches after returning from injury to Phil Greene and the end of EuroCup. Lublin has great results and I think that this series will end today. This is PLK's biggest surprise this season, but they have been struggling with MKS lately. If Lublin still wins in Gdynia, I will be really surprised.
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        09/02/2020 19:30 CET
        MKS Dabrowa Gornicza - Polski Cukier Torun (-11)
        1.90 (Pinnacle)
        5/10 VOID

        In the first match we had a result of 100:64 for Torun. MKS has missed the transfers of Watts and Holder, who turn out to be weaker than Artis and Johnson. In addition, the rest of the players do not help much either. Every now and then problems with Harris' injuries don't help either. Cukier has a much stronger composition. It can strongly dominate the paint area, where Kulig-Cel-Aminu should have a big advantage. I expect a two-digit win for Torunians.
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          10/02/2020 19:00 CET
          Slask Wroclaw (-14.5) - Polpharma Starogard
          1.87 (Pinnacle)

          I think Slask has a great chance today for the high beat of Polpharma. Slask has a very long lineup and since the arrival of the new coach it has been playing very well and only recently they played a weak match with the Arka. In the first meeting in Starogard Slask easily beat Polpharma 99:82 and today I expect a similar meeting, and even I think that there is a good chance for an even higher result. I especially expect paint dominance and many offensive rebounds, because Polpharma is currently limping in this.
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            28/02/2020 19:00 CET
            GTK Gliwice - Trefl Sopot under 167.5
            1.89 (Pinnacle)

            Fairly high line, and Trefl after sign with Paliukenas can become an even more defensive team. And so they did not play fast so far and did not have great defenders (Ayers, Medlock). Now with Paliukenas they can become a strong defensive with a slow offensive.

            GTK has a very chaotic offensive, which mainly depends on what day Duke Mondy has. Probably today there will be a lot of Paliukenas on him who can put him in frustration, which will affect the GTK offensive.
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              29/02/2020 17:30 CET
              Slask Wroclaw - Spojnia Stargard under 166
              1.90 (Pinnacle)

              Both teams are next to each other in the table and are fighting for PO, so this match will be very important for placing in the table. Spojnia with the new center, so the time of Kostrzewski and Mlynarski playing on the center position ends and there may be fragments of Olisemeka - Kostrzewski - Mlynarski on the floor, which is definitely not a good composition for shooting a large number of points and walking on the floor. Silesia trained similarly during the break with high squads and if both coaches would play with such squads then they should not be able to re-roll this quite high line.

              29/02/2020 19:30 CET
              Start Lublin - Polpharma Starogard over 168.5
              1.94 (Pinnacle)

              Polpharma with two new players Dillon and Surmacz. Both of them are weak defenders for me. From team out is Paliukenas, who sign with Trefl. Paliukenas is best defender in Polpharma. Polpharma in 8 players will be able to play normally, and here most players are from the attack. In the first match it was 94:102 for Start. The Start has everything organized and should score a lot of points today on defence Polpharma
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                01/03/2020 17:30 CET
                Astoria Bydgoszcz - HydroTruck Radom over 172
                1.90 (Pinnacle)

                Radom without Artur Mielczarek (7.6 PTS, 3.7 RPG) rotation will be limited or will have to play people who normally have very small minutes Watroba and Wall. Astoria is certainly only rubbing his hands on this and with its 10-11 rotation will be playing the whole match as fast as possible to get tired the leader of the opponent 36-year-old ObieTrotter. I think this will result in a high result, because Radom has no people on their intensity of level Astoria.
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                  11/03/2020 19:00 CET
                  Stelmet Zielona Gora - MKS Dabrowa Gornicza (+23.5)
                  1.90 (Pinnacle)

                  In MKS, however, Lee Moore will play, which we learned about an hour ago, which will finally give them a normal PG, because Holder in this position does not want to play. The composition of Moore - Holder - Watts - Douvier - Fraser/Harris is not as weak as the issued handicap and in my opinion they should fight today with Stelmet.


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