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PLK/Poland 2019/20

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    PLK/Poland 2019/20

    29/09/2019 12:40 CET
    Stal Ostrow - Astoria Bydgoszcz over 158.5
    1.89 (Pinnacle)

    The results in this round PLK show that the teams are still going high. Most matches this season should end with over 160 points. Astoria in sparring exceeded this point barrier very loosely. Astoria's coach is Artur Gronek, who will repeat Polpharma's style and Astoria should play very fast and make as many possessions as possible. She built up with good shooters - Chylinski and Nowakowski, and in addition pick'n'rolls should attack Walton-Kemp. Stal at home should also play a lot better than the match against Anwil in Kalisz and they will shoot a lot more points with weaker Astoria.

    29/09/2019 17:00 CET
    Start Lublin - Stelmet Zielona Gora under 173.5
    1.90 (Pinnacle)

    Very high line, and Stelmet with a new trainer and rebuilt squad. Stelmet played one official match in VTB, where they lost 79:75 against Khimki, so the number of points is very far from the match line with Start today. Lublin is built on foreign players, and Poles are only a supplement and should mainly work in defense of foreing offensive players from Lublin. However, it is hard for me to imagine that today the line will fall. Players from Poland in Start should be tyrant in defense, but they are not as strong in attack. New Stelmet also do not think that he chased so and it will be weaker offensive team from that of the last season.
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    06/10/2019 12:30 CET
    Hydrotruck Radom - Start Lublin over 163.5
    1.83 (Pinnacle)

    I am surprised that the line it's only 163.5. Radom in the first game presented a terrible defensive, but by the way scores a lot of points. Start Lublin has a great roster for me on the offensive and on PLK conditions I like the package created from foreign players - Tweety Carter, Lemar, Laksa - each of them can shoot for 3 and threatens to shoot, which does not allow them to leave. On PF there is Borowski, who also shoots for 3, and under the basket is a typical center Jimmy Taylor, who collects rebounds and finishes actions after passing by teammates.

    With what Radom recently showed, I expect an offensive match and I expect 165 points or more.
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      07/10/2019 19:00 CET
      Polpharma Starogard - Spojnia Stargard
      2.08 (Pinnacle)

      I am surprised by the odds, because I would give 1.60 to Spojnia and for me it's a favorite in this game. It's difficult to write about both teams in official matches, because both teams faced the top PLK in 1st round. Polpharma was broken by Anwil (Champions League team), and Sp?jnia lost to Arka (EuroCup team).

      However, both teams have different targets. Polpharma will fight for sustenance, and PGE has set a goal for Spojnia to advance to PO - they are also divided by money. More money is in the Stargard. The key factor in tomorrow's match may finally be a longer time to train and learn about the tactics for Spojnia's best shooter - Raymond Cowels, who is by far the best player in tomorrow's match (last 2 years in Pro A). For now, in the sparrings, in which he played immediately after arrival and with the Arka he played poorly, but I think that he will start tomorrow with good form.

      In addition, Polpharma focused on young players from Poland and NCAA. With Anwil PG in Polpharma - Stokes would takes a lot of ball and shoots more than passes to teammates. When this guy have a bad day Polpharma have a big problem. Spojnia will have good match-up at him, because Tomek Snieg is a very good defender from PG position and should press him tomorrow. In Spojnia we have, for a change, many experienced players who are the best age for a basketball player - Kostrzewski, Snieg, Pamula, and Mlynarski. Forwards/centers Tuoyo and Olisemeka showed their good against the Arka and it is not so bad with them, as some wrote / said.

      I think that tomorrow's more control game Spojnia, the experience of Poles players + Cowels will make a difference for Spojnia.
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        12/10/2019 17:00 CET
        Trefl Sopot - Polpharma Starogard over 161.5
        1.86 (Pinnacle) 81:81=162 with OT 95:91=186

        I am surprised that the line is so low. Trefl has a great roster for a large number of quick play points and also players on position 1-2 who are not great on the defensive, because Medlock and Ayers were not shining on the defensive in their previous seasons in PLK. At Polpharma Stokes likes to play fast and cast fast kicks. In addition, the whole team is young and I think that they will go to play quickly. Anwil made 110: 72 with Polpharma. I think that Trefl scores today a lot points here and both teams will break the line.
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          Hi, nice pick! Ive bet on 163,5 Does Polish basketball league count points scored in extra time? My bookmaker marked it lost, but as far as I see, Polish league does count it, so I think that should be according to league rules. It even has in rules, that they look league rules. Probably wont matter, but I will try to send them email...


            Originally posted by J0KER View Post
            Hi, nice pick! Ive bet on 163,5 Does Polish basketball league count points scored in extra time? My bookmaker marked it lost, but as far as I see, Polish league does count it, so I think that should be according to league rules. It even has in rules, that they look league rules. Probably wont matter, but I will try to send them email...
            It depends on the bookmaker's regulations, no regulations league. If you play this on Pinnacle bet is won.

            13/10/2019 12:30 CET
            Slask Wroclaw - King Szczecin
            2.06 (Pinnacle)

            I don't understand why King is the bookmakers' favorite this game. King played two away games in which he was broken by Trefl Sopot and only at the end of the match they made up and now the result looks still OK, but Trefl was two classes better (yesterday Polpharma showed a much better side than King in Sopot). Then they barely won in Gliwice. Both center King - McCauley and Lapeta do not look good. McCauley got a special trainer who is to prepare him for order and put down weight, which will probably take many days and I do not know if it is worth the time.

            Slask crashed Radom at home and showed itself from a very good side. Then the match in Dabrowa, which went on for a long time with tie, but at the end D***261;browa jumped back and won the match. However, Silesia has good Polish basketball players - Laczynski, Wojciechowski, Dziewa. Especially Laczynski and Wojciechowski have a brand in PLK. There are also foreign basketball players who can fire.

            For me, Silask is the favorite of the meeting. King, in my opinion, is overestimated and is not as strong as it is created in media.

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              17/10/2019 19:00 CET
              King Szczecin (-4) - Start Lublin
              1.87 (Pinnacle)

              Start, I think that is now in its peak form. They have a 3-0 balance and are praised by everyone. Transfers foreign players have perfectly hit their budget Lublin. However, the composition is also short, and I think that in this duel starting center Lublin - Jimmy Taylor will be heavily neutralize. Taylor is based on his strength and growth, and this time he will have two tall and strong centers against him who should neutralize him well.

              In addition, this is King's first match in home, and Start must travel all over Poland to reach Szczecin. So far, they have played two games at home, and played an away match against Radom, which should belong to the weakest teams in PLK. Start in recent years has definitely been better at home than away games and supporting players can play much worse than at home. I think King will win this match and the odds are too high for Lublin.
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                Gdansk - GTK Gliwice (18.10.2019)


                Polpharma Gdansk, led by coach Marcin Lichtnski has lost to Anwil, Spojnia and Trefl Sopot. It should be emphasized, however, that from match to match Polpharmas game looks better and better. . Some players have not yet shown their full potential, maybe in the next clash in front of their own audience they will prove to be more effective.

                In the summer there have been considerable changes in Starogard. Coach position was taken by Marcin Lichtanski, who had previously been his assistant. There were also significant changes in the team. The club left: Kacper Mlynarski, Filip Struski, Adam Kemp, Adam Brenk and Thomas Davis.
                In their place, Polpharma was joined by:Kolodziej (Legia Warszawa), Bartosz Jankowski (Biofarm Basket), Maciej Bojanowski (Krosno), Jakub Motylewski (Polonia Leszno), Isaiah Wilkins (Canterbury Rams, New Zealand), Carl Engstrom (Wetterbygden, Sweden) Kamau Stokes (Kansas State, USA) and Darnell Edge Fairleigh Dickinson, USA). Stokes in particular proved to be a valuable reinforcement and became the clear team leader. At the moment, with an average of 23 points per game, he is the second goal scorer of the entire league. Also pay attention to Wilkins, whose stepfather is a legendary NBA player Dominique Wilkins. This basketball player along with Brett Prahl, who also defended Gdansks colors in the previous season, is the strength of Starogardians in the basketball team. Maciej Bojanowski is also a significant figure in the ranks of our nearest rival. The winger excelled in previous competitions playing in Krosno, but this season shows that he can still make progress. Dominique Wilkins. This basketball player along with Brett Prahl, who also defended Gdansks;s colors in the previous season. Maciej Bojanowski is also a significant figure.

                We have a 0: 3 balance sheet, but I see progress compared to the last meeting. Our organization of the game in attack looked better. We also looked better in defense, we forced several losses on our rivals. The players like the defense on the whole floor, they get excited about it. This game is a breath of optimism before subsequent meetings in the league (coach of Gdansk)

                GTK Gliwice first to MKS, after two extra times, then against Szczecin and in the last they won against strong Arka Gdynia. This would not have been possible without good defense and players who have been in the background so far Payton Henson and Dawid Slupinskiiski played great. The teams five top goalscorers are legionars, actually only Kacper Radwanski can match them being on the court. In terms of statistics, Brandon Tabb (23 years, 193 cm) is currently the best. The American defender scores an average of 16.7 points. and adds 4.3 rebounds to this. He is bravely second to SRB forward Milivoje Mijovic (27 years, 201 cm), who in the first round against MKS could boast of double-double (26 points and 11 tanks). In the next two matches he has not repeated this feat, but he still provides the team with 11 points and 7 rebounds per match. It is worth noting that well-known players will come to Starogard. Of course, we are talking about Kacper Radwanski (25 years old, 189 cm) and Lukasz Diduszko (33 years old, 196 cm). They are both the most important polish players in Pawel Turkiewiczs rotation. Kacper is a top five player, Diduszko helps the team mainly from the bench (he plays 20 minutes per game on average).

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                  Astoria - Anwil (20.10.2019)

                  Head coach of Astoria: We definitely have to be well prepared, especially for their attack, because they have great individualities. If we let them open on the offensive, we will have problems. So we are focused on preparing a good, aggressive defense. Anwils last match in European cups showed that this is the only way to stop this team. We are glad that we can fill this huge hall almost completely. So we are able to sacrifice for this the fact that we can not constantly train in it, but it is worth being here to show off to a much larger audience.
                  Michal Chylinski did not play in the match in Legia in the colors of Enea Astoria. This is an extremely important shooter, potentially the best in the whole team. His presence could certainly help in surprise in the clash with the titled rival. Recently, Kris Clyburn got a bigger role, which proved that he has a huge offensive potential. It may turn out that also now the team will need its points.
                  This season, the team of coach Artur Gronek (Anwil) has already won against BM Slam Stal and Legia, but before their own audience, in the Luzniczka hall, they had to recognize the superiority of Torun. Anwil has not lost on Polish courts for the time being, although Ricky Ledo and Tony Wroten suffered injuries in the last meeting of the Basketball Champions League. However, they proved to be harmless, so they will be able to help the team in the next clash.


                    22/10/2019 19:00 CET
                    GTK Gliwice - Spojnia Stargard (+5)
                    1.92 (Pinnacle)

                    Spojnia will come out to this match very motivaded in my opinion, because they probably play for the position of their coach and in case of failure the coach will change (then Spojnia plays the match in almost two weeks and have time for changes), and yet players should care about staying Kamil Piechucki in their position, because as one of the few coaches build squad on the Polish roster and national players play a significant role - Kostrzewski, Snieg, Mlynarski and smaller Pamula, Bochno. In the match against Trefl Sopot the team from Stargard lost, but due to fatal mistakes and decisions at the end of the match. However, most of the match's defense was very good and Trefl scored only 68 points. Earlier they played with Arka, Anwil, it's a top teams this league and won the away match with Polpharma.

                    Just two weeks ago Spojnia would be the favorite in this match at 1.60-1.70. GTK, however, won two away games and their shares grew. However, this is a team with one of the lowest budgets in the league and dubious foreign players. Spojnia will have the best player on the field, because Raymond Cowels is by far the best basketball player among both teams and tomorrow his help will be much needed by Spojnia. Fortunately, also for Spojnia there are no good players in roster GTK on center position. GTK they should not make a difference, as recently Nana Foulland from Trefl.

                    For me, a very valuable course for Spojnia and worth taking. For the brave ones, they can try the pure two on Spojnia.
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                      25/10/2019 19:00 CET
                      Polski Cukier Torun - MKS Dabrowa Gornicza under 174
                      1.85 (Pinnacle)

                      Recently, Polski Cukier in PLK closed Radom in 53 points in its own hall. Now they played the match of the Champions League on Tuesday and now they play with MKS D***261;browa G?rnicza after 2 days of rest. I think Polski Cukier will slow down, and Hornsby will not hit sick numbers in every match. I think that Torun will give the reserve players more time and the hosts will slow down with pace.

                      25/10/2019 20:30
                      Stal Ostrow - King Szczecin over 160.5
                      1.89 (Pinnacle)

                      Stal Ostrow started the season badly and there were changes in the roster. Today Ostrow has 7 players to players + young Ryzek. There is only one nominal PF and one center among this team. Daniel Szymkiewicz likes to play fast, chaos and as the only basic playmaker he should fuel Stal actions and look for a quick attack.

                      King should play hard under the basket today, where McCauley should clean up quickly. Melvin will probably be crazy too under basket. The line is not high and I think that Stal will be changed and with a short rotation they can not play too aggressively because they have problem with fouls.

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                        27/10/2019 12:30
                        Start Lublin - Arka Gdynia over 163
                        1.87 (Pinnacle)

                        Arka started the season on very low results and suddenly became very under team on points. However, in recent matches they have already gone on strong games with points and the results of this team are very high. In 3 days they play a match in EuroCup. I think that Start will play very quickly, hoping for Ark's tiredness. Start is nice built in attack and S5: Tweety - Lemar - Laksa - Borowski - Taylor are four guests throwing for 3 and one nominal center of old date without shoot.

                        27/10/2019 18:00 CET
                        Astoria Bydgoszcz - Stelmet Zielona Gora under 176.5
                        1.94 (Pinnacle)

                        Very high line. In Astoria, however, there will be no scorer Michal Chylinski, and not in every match Clyburn, who is not a ranged scorer, will shoot as well on three shoots like as with Anwil. In addition, starting playmaker Walton, who can not shoot from distance. Very high line and they won't do it for me today. Anwil, however, is a team much stronger offensively without defense, and Stelmet plays weaker in the attack, but they should fight in defense.
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                          10/11/2019 19:30 CET
                          Anwil Wloclawek - GTK Gliwice under 182.5
                          1.86 (Pinnacle)

                          We have reached the point where in the PLK match we have the 182.5 line and 50-50% odds. 10 years ago I would never have thought it possible in PLK with 40 minutes of play. However, looking at other European leagues, we do not have such high lines in them and PLK is currently one of the fastest (most fastest?) In Europe. While Anwil plays very fast and score a lot of points, but with GTK there is a huge question mark and in my opinion the line is too high because of GTK. Recently they made a score of 72:80 in the Alpe Adria Cup. Earlier 66:70. This definitely encourages me to under result, because GTK may not have the power for many points, slow down the game, and with Anwil's high lead time they can get a more minutes reserve players, who are weaker from the USA players.
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                            13/11/2019 19:00 CET
                            MKS Dabrowa Gornicza - Stelmet Zielona Gora under 179.5
                            1.84 (Pinnacle)

                            Another exotic line for European basketball that is virtually absent in any other leagues. Stelmet recently in a strong offensive form, but it is worth noting that everything is played in matches at home and only one over high is away. Dabrowa with two typical centers Fraser and Harris should slow down the game and improve the collection, which will not allow opponents to repeat the action.
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                              15/11/2019 17:30 CET
                              King Szczecin (-10) - Astoria Bydgoszcz
                              1.95 (Pinnacle)

                              King entered the season very strongly and only recently unexpectedly was detained by Legia in Warsaw. However, I really like King's game and composition. For now, the team from Szczecin played at home in their own hall only 2 meetings and won both. They play with strong opponents this season in PLK at home - Start Lublin and Polski Cukier. Astoria is a weaker team for me than these two and I am surprised at all by their results, because the composition is for me one of the worst teams in the league and should fight for maintenance.

                              I think today King should calmly win this match and control the result. Astoria can go crazy at home, but it should definitely lose on trips, the more that one of the key players Michal Chylinski is not playing.
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