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Rules of conduct

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    Rules of conduct

    After a few incidents that occured recently, BA forum decided to change the rules of posting slightly.To some it will only be a minor change, and others will have to adapt.

    1) Daily Topics - There will be only 1 topic opened per day, for example "MLB 5.7." or "7/5 MLB", and NO OTHER TOPICS will be opened for posting picks. You can open a topic to write an article or an important note, but not to publish your picks.
    This is especially intended for certain paysites who open special topics only to publish their picks.

    2) Posting -
    a) Picks - will be published in following form:
    - Teams
    - Pick
    - Bookmaker
    - Prediction
    The prediction part is the most important change here, because picks without explanations will not be tolerated any longer.
    -We had some discussion lately is it good if a member writes only "Oakland RL today!" and Oakland wins.
    Maybe, but not on this forum.
    There are dozens of other forums who highly appreciate such picks, this one is not among them.
    -You don't have to write a book about your pick, just state in a few sentences explaining the reasons for betting on it.Any valuable info, stats, trends, thoughts are highly welcome.
    If you do not have any reason, and are betting just for fun(or with your "feeling", or a friend told you what to bet, and you have no reason for it), save your (and our) time - do not post anything, at least not in the daily topics.
    There is a perfectly good Betting Strategy Records subforum for that use.

    b) Comments - You can comment, ask questions, celebrate your win, of course without foul language and useless malicious comments.

    3) Advertising - From now on, advertising (for paysites and free sites) is highly prohibited in any subforums outside Tips Websites subforum.
    -Before posting your picks or opening a topic there, read the Rules for posting on Tips Websites first.
    -All members and payservices are welcome to post their picks in the daily threads in sport subforums, but only according to the rules.

    4) Please follow the rules - Or your post/topic will be deleted, and you will be notified about it. Continue breaking the rules, and you are facing a ban.However, I hope it will not come to that, as everybody can easily make a few changes to keep the level of this forum high, as it has been so far.

    IMPORTANT ,update of rules,read before posting .


    As recently it started to happen more and more often , would like to remind You (posters,users of forum) that:

    -We do not accept here smartass comments regarding other users posts,picks (no matter if it is won or lost),any kind of stalking,harrasing ,making fun of anyone who posts with decent manners.
    If you dont agree with someones pick you can write "i disagree with you because A,B,C bla bla,bla bla" instead of flaming someone with insults and it sounds nice and polite .

    -Nobody orders you to take anyones pick ,if you follow and you lost dont write a comment blaming author of pick etc. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHOICES AND PICKS SELECTION,we are all mature.

    -Do not write when you lost "fixed" ,"sold" and stuff like this,because it is most childish way to show your frustration . And it immediatelly starts even more not needed (stupid) discussions.As we know it is a sport,David beats Goliath from time to time and anything is possible. Dont force others to suffer reading "fixed" comments when you lost a 1.10 pick.If you lost too much just think once more about your staking or just give up betting.

    -If you look for livescore,or want to comment live performance of your team,bet, etc,or just you want to start a chit chat go to livescore section,there we talk,chat,spam and make jokes,even those most stupid
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