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Who is better - Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan?

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    Who is better - Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan?

    We had a little chat lately with Rockwell and Satyr... Lets' make small pool here...

    <SatyrGoAncic> who?Garnett?
    <SatyrGoAncic> Rockwell?
    <Rockwell|Holland> yes
    <SatyrGoAncic> he is good
    <Rockwell|Holland> Kevin
    <SatyrGoAncic> but there are better
    <Rockwell|Holland> best
    <______o_O______> yes, Garnett is best player, but i'm talking about Satyr's 20 mails
    <Rockwell|Holland> no better now
    <______o_O______> who is better?
    <Rockwell|Holland> ?
    <SatyrGoAncic> Garnett is not the best player on the planet
    <______o_O______> Kobe?
    <SatyrGoAncic> Duncan, Kobe
    <______o_O______> Big Ben?
    <______o_O______> KOba?
    <SatyrGoAncic> Ben no
    <______o_O______> Kobe.... hahaha
    <Rockwell|Holland> noshit
    <SatyrGoAncic> DUNCAN
    <SatyrGoAncic> DUNCAN
    <______o_O______> he can only score
    <SatyrGoAncic> d
    <______o_O______> no
    <SatyrGoAncic> Duncan can only score??!?!!
    <SatyrGoAncic> LOOOL
    <SatyrGoAncic> Duncan is the best IMO
    <Rockwell|Holland> Duncan is really not as good as KG, ve all know that
    <______o_O______> not duncan - Kobe can only score
    <SatyrGoAncic> no we don't
    <SatyrGoAncic> Rockwell
    <______o_O______> duncan cant score
    <______o_O______> and duncan is PUSSY
    <______o_O______> he aint leader
    <SatyrGoAncic> it's just that you re american, and you people have different view of basketball..Duncan is not attractive with his dunks like KG, but is surely A LOT more efficient
    <SatyrGoAncic> we all now that
    <Rockwell|Holland> Duncan is the best just because you're SPURS fan..U need some psychology doc
    <______o_O______> thats why Spurs dont have title now
    <SatyrGoAncic> And KG is a leader LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    <______o_O______> yes he is...
    <SatyrGoAncic> come on MINNESOTA went to second round only once in 12 seasons
    <SatyrGoAncic> LOL
    <SatyrGoAncic> LOL
    <SatyrGoAncic> Duncan is the best
    <______o_O______> cos Duncan had no support
    <Rockwell|Holland> yes
    <______o_O______> fck
    <Rockwell|Holland> he had no support
    <______o_O______> i mean Garnett
    <Rockwell|Holland> actually, his stats are the best
    <______o_O______> and remember he was drafted after high school
    <Rockwell|Holland> pass, shooting, rebounds, blocks,
    <Rockwell|Holland> and so on......
    <SatyrGoAncic> I don't think he is better than Duncan in ALL those categories
    <Rockwell|Holland> he is universal
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    <______o_O______> better in shooting and rebs for sure
    <Rockwell|Holland> Duncan is a scorer and rebounder
    <SatyrGoAncic> Duncan is also versatile, able to score from half -distance, can jump, assist, lead his team
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    <Rockwell|Holland> KG is a better scorer rebounder + passs
    <SatyrGoAncic> We all know
    <Rockwell|Holland> blocks
    <SatyrGoAncic> DUNCAN has 2 rings, and KG has just passed to the 2nd round ONCE
    <Rockwell|Holland> so what
    <Rockwell|Holland> he
    <Rockwell|Holland> he's in a different team
    <SingaporeSon> i prefer garnett
    <SatyrGoAncic> You can't say he s "clearly better"
    <SingaporeSon> cant stand duncan's face
    <SingaporeSon> lol
    <______o_O______> yes SingaporeSon
    * gumbas has left #bettingadvice
    <SatyrGoAncic> like most people, Singapore
    <______o_O______> good pooint :P
    <Rockwell|Holland> he's quite boring playa
    <SatyrGoAncic> and that's why people dont lke him
    <SatyrGoAncic> but he s far more useful than KG
    <______o_O______> no...
    <SatyrGoAncic> KG is inconsisntant
    <Rockwell|Holland> no way
    <SatyrGoAncic> yes way
    <Rockwell|Holland> how can u say that
    <SatyrGoAncic> well I can, cant I?
    <Rockwell|Holland> Duncan never shoots 3ps
    <______o_O______> if i were a coach i would rather have KG then Duncan
    <Rockwell|Holland> KG does it in last second 2 in a row
    <SatyrGoAncic> KG is a well known 3pt shooter LOL
    <SatyrGoAncic> so what if he did it
    <______o_O______> Duncan with his pussy shots from the board
    <SatyrGoAncic> Rockwell
    <SatyrGoAncic> remember when Fisher scored the 0.4 shot?
    <Rockwell|Holland> yes
    <SatyrGoAncic> well, Duncan was the man who left those 0,4 secs, as he scored before that, with only 2 secs on the clock
    <SatyrGoAncic> 16 footer
    <Rockwell|Holland> Duncan scored 2 3pointer in last 30seconds and saved his team
    <______o_O______> Garnett not Duncan
    <SatyrGoAncic> you mean Garnett?
    <SatyrGoAncic> oh ok
    <Rockwell|Holland> yes
    <Rockwell|Holland> garnett
    <______o_O______> man... look at Garnett's contribution for the team and Duncan's
    <______o_O______> Spurs are better then Minny
    <______o_O______> with no doubt
    <SatyrGoAncic> Well, Rockwell...and FiDu...this is just my opinion, and not my fan talk...Duncan has a slight edge here, and is more adaptable to various styles, and keeps his cool in crucial moments
    <______o_O______> so don't compare them
    <SatyrGoAncic> nobody said Garnett is not a world class player
    <SatyrGoAncic> but IMO Duncan edges him
    <SatyrGoAncic> in numbers
    <______o_O______> nah... Garnett is faster
    <Rockwell|Holland> no way
    <SatyrGoAncic> 91-89
    <______o_O______> longer arms
    <Rockwell|Holland> just look at stats
    <SingaporeSon> lol
    <SatyrGoAncic> stats mean squat
    <Rockwell|Holland> just look at stats
    <SatyrGoAncic> look at the rings
    <Rockwell|Holland> just look at stats

    And so on and so on... What's your opinion guys?
    Kevin Garnett
    Tim Duncan
    I am the only thing that I'm afraid of.

    Kobe 100%


      Grr, stupid me..

      Between Duncan and Garnett, its must be Garnett


        LOOOOOOOOOL : biggest LOL of the day Olsen - Kobe 100% :lol: :lol:


          Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett

          IMO this is extremely unuseful topic.

          This is a betting forum, not a "NBA FAN TALK" forum, and you have a lot of such fan talk forums around, where you can write such things.
          You said on the chat you posted this topic in order to "PROVE some things to me"...

          I don't actually know how a poll/topic can PROVE anything?
          8O 8O

          As you know, I am a Spurs fan since 1995, and followed Tim Duncan since he arrived to San Antonio. I was a lot more impressed by his play until now than KG's.
          Maybe it's because I am a Spurs fan, but I don't think one could have called me extremely unrealistic if I said that Duncan edges Garnett.

          Duncan has his advantages, and Garnett has his.

          The biggest advantage for Garnett is that he plays far more attractive basketball than Tim Duncan, whose face many cannot stand, and therefore like KG better

          But Duncan has 2 rings on his hand, and was the main player in both those titles, and is proving to be a team leader since then.
          He is very versatile, can be adapted to various tactics, is defensively better than Garnett, and Duncan plays more a power forward-center, as KG is more a "standard power forward", with more oriented on outside shooting and dunks.

          Both these players are world class, but my call here is Duncan.
          You can of course give all kinds of stats(which won't all favour KG surely :wink: ), but what if I gave Tracy McGrady's stats here? He would be the best player ever then :lol: ?

          I have watched many many games this season(most of the Spurs games) and many T'Wolves matches, and not everything is in stats display.

          but here it is::>

          TIM DUNCAN

          2003-04 Statistics
          PPG 22.3
          RPG 12.4
          APG 3.1
          SPG .90
          BPG 2.68
          FG% .501
          FT% .599
          3P% .167
          MPG 36.6


          2003-04 Statistics
          PPG 24.2
          RPG 13.9
          APG 5.0
          SPG 1.46
          BPG 2.17
          FG% .499
          FT% .791
          3P% .256
          MPG 39.4

          And FiDu, I don't think this means to me as much as it means to you, you are quite jumpy and euphoric about the outcome of the poll, while I really couldn't care less. :lol: :wink:


            Re: Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett

            3:2... IN YOUR FACE SATYR, IN YOUR FACE...

            and to be real

            Garnett is certainly more versalite player. I think he is quicker and with his extremely long arms, he can easily block and guard anyone. Yes, I know that Duncan is more C-PF, but does this prove anything?

            Duncan is too shy to be best player ever. Such things as charisma also counts. Proof? BECKHAM. A player who was made by his wife and TV, but now is England's captain. Charisma is very importany. You think MJ would be same 'God' as he is now if he had Duncan's mentality.

            For me Duncan is playing sometimes like if he has no balls. I think you know what I'm talking about. Even when 'Admiral' was poor, he was the leader of Spurs IMO, cos Duncan couldn't stand the pressure...

            And I just want to hear other ppl's opinion - thats why i made this topic.
            I am the only thing that I'm afraid of.


              Re: Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett

              Originally posted by FiDu
              Such things as charisma also counts. Proof? BECKHAM. A player who was made by his wife and TV, but now is England's captain. Charisma is very importany. .
              LOL !!!


              Beckham is surely a proof of how to become a great player...:lol:
              It seems all those hair dresser visits and nail polish sessions took his stamina :lol:


                Re: Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett

                [quote="FiDu"]. Yes, I know that Duncan is more C-PF, but does this prove anything?


                hehe does this?

                I think he is quicker and with his extremely long arms, he can easily block and guard anyone

                NOTHING proves anything, mate, and I hope you realize how unnecessary this topic is.

                Of course, we can treat it as NBA Chit-chat topic, but surely not something which should "determine who is better."


                Good luck with your poll :LOL!


                  Come on fellas, behave!!!!

                  Jack Haley is better than both of them :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


                    Garnett is certainly a better all-around player, but although Duncan is terrible at free-throws he has the championship rings which are all that matters.

                    As much as I hate the Lakers and Kobe, Kobe is the best player in the league ahead of both Duncan and Garnett, easily.

                    Shaq down to 4th now he is getting old, though certainly the best since Jordan.


                      I can only say that you can only compare players playing their positions in their own way.

                      Kobe may be the best player in this decade but if you compare him with other shooting guards, T-Mac and Iverson arent any worst than that just because their ball clubs have not play them to their full potential.

                      Garnett has the better ball ablilties than Duncan but Duncan is deadly in the box.


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