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    Club Friendly

    Mega Bemax vs Qatar @20:30 CET

    First preparation for Mega after 2 weeks of trainings, against Qatar, who was been Mega's opponent also 2 years ago, when Mega won by +35 pts difference. Now, Mega is in full squad, missing just 1 junior who is with Serbia NT European Ch., while all other leaders are here since the start of the preparations - Bitadze, Mushidi, Ratkovica, Lazic, Fundic, Carapic, all ABA league players, also newcomers Stanic, Mokoka, Janjic etc. Qatar has come with younger team according to their information and they are on much lower level than Mega which has been seen 2 years ago.*

    Here you could see Qatar had big problems scoring against Mega 2 years ago, excluding 1st quarter, after which they scored 24 pts for 30 minutes. I expect more or less same scenario here with Mega playing in its run and gun style and scoring more than 80-85 here while Qatar should have big problems to score more than 15 per quarter. My call is 90-55 here.

    Mega -25.5 bet365

    Novi Pazar vs Cluj @19:00 CET

    Here we have some missunderstanding by bookies and current situation. Novi Pazar has played 3rd league last year, this season they will play in 2nd league (KLS) and they have changed many players from last season who left, while also there are 5-6 newcomers. New coach has said he has never met such situation so far that he does not know any player when he comes into club. They will need time to click and still they are just 2nd league team which is very important to say. On the other side we have Cluj who was 2nd team in Romania league last season, who has brought in good players this summer and whose players are levels above Pazar - Moldoveanu, Romanian center who is class for all Pazar players, Rasic, ex Partizan PG, Easley newcomer, as well as Washburn, Bulgarian center... All in all, this is 15+ for Cluj in anytime.

    Cluj -9 bet365


      Spars vs Gaziantep @18:00 CET

      These two teams are two absolutely different dimesions. Spars just arrived into ABA 2 league for the first time in their history and will have big problems to get saved this season there, as they brought in players like Glogovac, Albijanic, Protic... who are not even enough for this level. Still, dont need to talk about ABA 2 but about Gaziantep which is TBL team which should destroy Spars this way or another. Spars has lost to Sloboda 3 days ago which speaks enought for itself. This is 20+ in any way

      Gaziantep -15.5 bet365


        FMP vs Mornar @17:30 CET

        FMP has beaten Mornar by +21 yesterday so now bookies has created this line according to that result which has nothing to do with reality and with circumstances in which the match has been played, as well as the circumstances under which the match will be played today. First, let tell FMP has stayed without 5 (!!!) best players from last year - Covic, Radanov, Simanic, Nenadic and Ojo! They are ALL in Zvezda now, FMP's older brother. FMP stayed with Pot, Jeremic, Seslija etc... who are just ABA league bottom level, while other are youngsters and I see them in the bottom of ABA this year. Mornar has brought in Shepard, Carrington, Koenig, who are all great players, as Mornar brings the best americans for years, alreayd proven with Waller, Jones, Needham, Ross etc. Drenovac is the newest addition to Mornar, and he is proven ABA league player who will bring big quality. He has scored 16 pts yesterday.Yesterday, Mornar played with Lukovic who came back from Serbian NT team just on the match day, and he scored 3 pts only. For today, Vranjes is int he team as well, as he didnt play yesterday! So, with Lukovic and Vranjes, FMP can just be dog here, not favourite at all. Bookies have created odds and lines according to yesterday match which is big error and I am taking this one with doubled max stakes.

        Mornar +8.5 and ML


          Mornar won

          5/5 here


            Awesome job that you are doing in this thread! Thanks for sharing!


              Great calls dusan!


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