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MLB 06.05.2007

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    MLB 06.05.2007

    06/05 Florida Marlins(S. Olsen) 2.380 +1.5 1.813 O 7.5 1.840
    18:05 San Diego Padres(J. Peavy) 1.637 -1.5 2.090 U 7.5 2.050

    06/05 Atlanta Braves(K. Davies) 1.826 -1.5 2.680 O 9.5 1.893
    18:05 Los Angeles Dodgers(R. Wolf) 2.070 +1.5 1.549 U 9.5 1.980

    06/05 New York Yankees(D. Rasner) 1.662 -1.5 2.340 O 11 2.040
    18:05 Seattle Mariners(J. Washburn) 2.330 +1.5 1.676 U 11 1.847

    06/05 Baltimore Orioles(B. Burres) 2.420 +1.5 1.862 O 9 1.847
    18:35 Cleveland Indians(C. Sabathia) 1.621 -1.5 2.020 U 9 2.040

    06/05 Tampa Bay Devil Rays(E. Jackson) 2.200 +1.5 1.730 O 9.5 1.980
    18:40 Oakland Athletics(J. Blanton) 1.735 -1.5 2.230 U 9.5 1.893

    06/05 Milwaukee Brewers(B Sheets) 1.426 -1.5 1.971 O 8.5 2.100
    19:05 Pittsburgh Pirates(T. Armas) 3.030 +1.5 1.901 U 8.5 1.806

    06/05 Kansas City Royals(Z. Greinke) 1.909 +1.5 1.625 O 10.5 1.971
    19:10 Detroit Tigers(C. Durbin) 1.971 -1.5 2.460 U 10.5 1.901

    06/05 Minnesota Twins(S. Ponson) 2.460 +1.5 1.893 O 9 1.862
    19:10 Boston Red Sox(C. Schilling) 1.599 -1.5 1.980 U 9 2.020

    06/05 St Louis Cardinals(B. Looper) 1.699 -1.5 2.550 O 8.5 1.935
    19:15 Houston Astros(C. Sampson) 2.260 +1.5 1.592 U 8.5 1.935

    06/05 Chicago Cubs(A. Guzman) 1.654 0 1.935 O 0 1.935
    19:20 Washington Nationals(S. Hill) 2.350 0 1.935 U 0 1.935

    06/05 Texas Rangers(K. Loe) 2.060 +1.5 1.699 O 10.5 1.952
    20:05 Toronto Blue Jays(A. Burnett) 1.833 -1.5 2.290 U 10.5 1.917

    06/05 Cincinnati Reds(B. Arroyo) 1.575 -1.5 2.250 O 8.5 1.840
    20:15 Colorado Rockies(J. Fogg) 2.520 +1.5 1.719 U 8.5 2.050

    06/05 LAA Angels(B. Colon) 1.741 -1.5 2.710 O 7.5 1.840
    20:35 Chicago White Sox(M. Buehrle) 2.190 +1.5 1.541 U 7.5 2.050

    06/05 Arizona D-Backs(L. Hernandez) 2.030 +1.5 1.667 O 10 1.980
    21:40 New York Mets(M. Pelfrey) 1.855 -1.5 2.360 U 10 1.893

    07/05 San Francisco Giants(T. Lincecum) 2.190 +1.5 1.730 O 8.5 2.010
    01:05 Philadelphia Phillies(C. Hamels) 1.741 -1.5 2.230 U 8.5 1.870

    MLB YTD 18W-9L-1P +47.27 units

    A split yesterday. Texas had a solid day but Webb ran into some small trouble. It happens. I'm early with the writeups today.

    Washington Nationals @ Chicago Cubs

    Nationals 2.39 (Pinnacle) 4 units

    The Nationals are probably the worst team in the NL and poor 9-20 so far in to the season, but it's almost certain they will improve a little as the season progresses. One of their better hitters nick Johnson is on the DL, and Ryan Zimmerman, who had excellent rookie season last year, has been in a big early season slump. Johnson will be back early next week and once Zimmerman starts to produce up to his potential their slugging numbers will very likely improve. They do have potential for better than they've shown so far and their bullpen, which is also underachieving early, is quite talented. Their hitting has shown signs of life during this series at the Wrigley, pounding 10 hits yesterday and 8 the day before, but hits with RISP has been a bit lacking. Maybe they'll have better luck today.

    Nats starter Shawn Hill has been solid this season with a 3.0 ERA over first 6 starts. He has had good control of his sinker and has thrown 5 quality starts in a row. He also has the advantage of Cubs not seeing him yet. He is capable of another good outing here, and if he does throw one, Washington will have good chances in this game.

    Cubs starter Angel Guzman has a nice looking 2.45 ERA, but has thrown only 7 combined innings out of the bullpen this season. That number looks deflated as he has struggled in 3 starts at the Triple-A Iowa having over 12 ERA there. He may be gifted, but is still young and raw talent prone to mistakes.

    Neither team has significant edge with bullpens. The Cubs have better lineup and the home field advantage, but starting pitching makes Washington worth a bet at current odds imo.

    Philadelphia Phillies @ San Francisco Giants

    Under 8.5 @ 1.885 (Pinnacle) 4 units

    Very Interesting game. The Giants will have a very promising rookie pitcher, Tim Lincecum, making his MLB debut under a spotlight in a nationally televised game. His fastball touches 100mph and altough it's a small sample size, he has some awesome numbers in The Triple-A Fresno; 4-0, 0.29 ERA, 46-to-11 strikeout-to-walk ratio, and .119 opponent's batting average in 31 innings pitched.

    It's not an easy task to come up to MLB and be instantly ready to dominate and Phillies, featuring several big bats, is unlike any lineup he has yet seen. He may or may not succeed tonight, but with his stuff i think he has a good chance to be at least somewhat effective.

    Cole Hamels is starting for the Phillies. Hamels is very good young pitcher with some excellent strikeout numbers and AT&T park should suite his pitching style, especially if the wind is not blowing out. This is first time the Giants see him, which should also be a small advantage for him.

    If the starters can both have OK games, both bullpens should be capable enough to throw a few low run innings. There's many uncertainty factors in this game, but I'll try under 8.5 in this one as i see some value on it.


      Today i will try to make two picks here.

      Very good picks from Satyr the whole season- Thanks!

      My picks for today:

      REDS (@ 1,58) (8 units)

      Pitching matchup

      Reds: Bronson Arroyo (1-2, 2.53 ERA)
      Col: Josh Fogg (1-2, 5.08 ERA)

      After yesterday loss against the Rockies, the Reds sends Bronson Arroyo on the mound. Arroyo is 6-3 with a 2.73 ERA in 19 career starts at Great American Ball Park.

      Last Tuesday arroyo wins his first game against the astros, where the Reds offense makes 11 runs.
      If the offense don't abandon Arroyo today, the Reds will win game 2 of this series.

      Athletics (@ 1.74) (7 units)

      Pitching matchup:
      Tampa: Ervin Jackson (0-4, 7.36 ERA)

      Athletics: Joe Blanton (2-1, 3,83 ERA)

      After yesterday loss against Tampa, the athletics come out on top in the series final today. The pitching matchup is rather clear (Blanton has 31 strikeouts in 40 innings pitched, just two fewer than team-leader Dan Haren, who's made one more start).

      The A's are 61-28 all-time against Tampa Bay, and 2-3 this season.

      Tonight it will be victory no. 62 in my opinion.


        Excellent night yesterday, so far a few:

        Red Sox RL (1.91 @ Pinnacle) 8 units

        After almost beating Minnesota with Santana on the mound, I think the Sox explode tonight and knock Ponson around, possibly blasting him for more than 6 runs before Minny bullpen jumps in.
        The Twins won last night but they'll likely miss Cuddyer and Mauer, while Red Sox are arguably the best team in baseball right now (with top record), they'll send out Curt Schilling who has fared very well against these hitters, and is traditionally excellent in May.
        High stakes.

        Possibly taking KC and Cleveland as well.


          Time for Mets lose? Arizona is starting with Hernandez today. He should play well (3.55 ERA). Mets won at Chase Field 13 last meetings from the row.
          Is it worth betting against brilliant streak?



            I've had a realy good evening with Boston, Detroit :idea: and Milwaukee !
            Great stake ( to much ) but a huge, very huge profit.
            Thanks guys !


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