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MLB 10.04.2007

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    MLB 10.04.2007

    Tue 4/10 955 St Louis Cardinals
    R. Keisler +1.5 1.571 2.20 OVER 9 2.110
    04:05 PM 956 Pittsburgh Pirates
    T. Gorzelanny -1.5 2.650 1.781 UNDER 9 1.826

    Tue 4/10 957 Washington Nationals
    M. Chico +1.5 1.952 3.200 OVER 8.5 1.885
    04:35 PM 958 Atlanta Braves
    T. Hudson -1.5 1.952 1.420 UNDER 8.5 2.03

    Tue 4/10 959 Cincinnati Reds
    K. Lohse +1.5 1.588 2.210 OVER 9.5 1.943
    06:40 PM 960 Arizona D-Backs
    Ed. Gonzalez -1.5 2.600 1.775 UNDER 9.5 1.962

    Tue 4/10 961 San Francisco Giants
    M. Morris +1.5 1.556 2.160 OVER 7.5 2.000
    07:05 PM 962 San Diego Padres
    C. Hensley -1.5 2.700 1.806 UNDER 7.5 1.909

    Tue 4/10 963 Colorado Rockies
    R. Lopez +1.5 1.541 2.160 OVER 8 1.870
    07:10 PM 964 Los Angeles Dodgers
    B. Tomko -1.5 2.750 1.806 UNDER 8 2.050

    Tue 4/10 965 Seattle Mariners
    Jef. Weaver +1.5 1.800 2.680 OVER 9.5 1.971
    11:05 AM 966 Boston Red Sox
    J. Beckett -1.5 2.150 1.568 UNDER 9.5 1.935

    Tue 4/10 967 LAA Angels
    E. Santana +1.5 1.617 2.270 OVER 8.5 1.909
    04:05 PM 968 Cleveland Indians
    C. Sabathia -1.5 2.520 1.741 UNDER 8.5 2.000

    Tue 4/10 969 Detroit Tigers
    N. Robertson -1.5 2.210 1.769 OVER 9.5 2.000
    04:05 PM 970 Baltimore Orioles
    J. Wright +1.5 1.763 2.220 UNDER 9.5 1.909

    Tue 4/10 971 Kansas City Royals
    Z. Greinke +1.5 1.629 2.340 OVER 9.5 1.885
    04:05 PM 972 Toronto Blue Jays
    J. Towers -1.5 2.490 1.704 UNDER 9.5 2.03

    Tue 4/10 973 Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    J. Seo +1.5 1.641 2.330 OVER 10.5 1.870
    05:05 PM 974 Texas Rangers
    Jm. Wright -1.5 2.460 1.709 UNDER 10.5 2.050

    Tue 4/10 975 New York Yankees
    A. Pettitte -1.5 2.160 1.758 OVER 10 1.909
    05:10 PM 976 Minnesota Twins
    B. Bonser +1.5 1.794 2.240 UNDER 10 2.000

    Tue 4/10 977 Chicago White Sox
    J. Garland +1.5 1.474 1.962 OVER 9 1.775
    07:05 PM 978 Oakland Athletics
    C. Gaudin -1.5 2.910 1.962 UNDER 9 2.190

    Bosox -1.5 good pick?
    Jelelelelele AJAX AMSTERDAAAAAAM..

    MLB 2007: 2 W - 3 L - 6.33 units

    Not the best day yesterday either, after losing the Cubs bet, and cashing in the Snakes, bad luck showed it's face again as the Metrodome total stayed at 10.

    Several plays for tonight, let's start with the most obvious one:

    Braves (Hudson) RL (1.92 @ Pinnacle) 6 units

    The Braves have started the season in a commanding fashion, winning 5 out of 6 games. Tonight they're facing one of the NL's lousiest lineups, who will send out a lefty Matt Chico (0-0, 13.50 ERA) who allowed 3 homers in his first outing.
    Atlanta will go with Tim Hudson, who should use this season to work on his command, using his sinker as main weapon.
    Hudson limited the Phillies to one run and two hits in seven innings in his season debut, and should have a good outing tonight as well.
    A rather obvious pick but a strong team, on it's way to what it could be an excellent season, against a team that could very likely hit a 100 mark in the "L" column, featuring a rookie southpaw who got off to a rocky start.

    Angels (Santana) (2.25 @ Pinnacle) 3 units

    This isn't a home game for either teams, the Tribe are playing in Milwaukee due to winter conditions in Ohio. The Angels have 7 matches behind them already, and are heating up with 5 wins and some very convincing performances against teams from the upper echelon.
    Cleveland, on the other hand, will play their 4th game tonight, and will send out their ace CC Sabathia, who hasn't had the best start ever in Chicago, but got a monster run support by his team. Sabathia usually gets good run support, but I think the value is on the Halos tonight. They have a very solid batting lineup, defense and bullpen, and are overall one of the best teams in baseball.
    Santana is more of a home pitcher himself, same as Sabathia, but since no teams play at home tonight and we have a plus money on the Angels side, I'm on it.

    Tigers (Robertson) (1.73 @ Pinnacle) 6 units

    Tigers to bounce back after yesterday's loss. Detroit should come out strong tonight after last night's letdown, they're sending out Nate Robertson, who has lacked run support from his team last year, but overall had a very good mix.
    Jaret Wright (0-1, 15.43 ERA) on the other hand, isn't looking good. He'll probably lower his ERA under 10 soon but his stuff has been awful against Minnesota. Tigers' bats are waiting to wake up, sitting at .230 at the moment, a lineup of such potential is just waiting to explode.
    Wright and Baltimore pen might be good candidates me thinks.
    Enough to warrant a 6 unit play in my book.

    Looking at:
    White Sox ML
    Brewers ML
    Devil Rays ML

    GL guys.


      What about Florida over 8.5

      A dutch guy is pitching for them and the Brewers pitcher is not very good to, and batters of Florida are very good

      Looks like a great bet.
      Jelelelelele AJAX AMSTERDAAAAAAM..


        can somebody explain me what result is in Milwaukee Brewers (C Vargas) at Florida Marlins (R Vanden Hurk) game????

        i dont know MLB rules very well ops:


          i think its not over, the 10th inning is delayed, dont know why


            Originally posted by red20
            can somebody explain me what result is in Milwaukee Brewers (C Vargas) at Florida Marlins (R Vanden Hurk) game????

            i dont know MLB rules very well ops:
            Originally posted by yves
            i think its not over, the 10th inning is delayed, dont know why
            i found it:

            Marlins, Brewers suspended after 10 innings
            Jorge Julio surrendered the tying run in the ninth before play was halted by rain following the 10th inning on Tuesday night at Dolphin Stadium with the Marlins and Brewers tied at 2-2. The game will resume in the 11th inning at 7:05 p.m. ET on Wednesday

            *from Florida Marlins website


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