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MLB 8.4

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    MLB 8.4

    well today my card is going to look alot like Saturdays card

    Washington? lol i mean HELLO!!!! i said it when the season started and so hows that going? 1 win and that was a miracle 3 run 9th inning Absolute Lucky win, and again i say, this is an AAA team at best!! should we just stop taking advantage of it now, and having Livan going back to face his old team to boot? motivation is there for him to pitch well, and you damn well know he doesnt want to be the one who goes down as a loser in what i personally expect to be the worst season since the Nats made the move to Washington, with a little lean on the Over here, Hill stinks, i could crush him and Fla did a number on him in his first start at home, and i put Arizona's Offense a slight bit ahead of Floridas, but it may end 7 - 1 again and sneak under, but with Livan having the pressure of going back to Wash, and Hill on the Hill lol ill just play Ariz but Ariz could crush this guy, but well see

    Ariz -140

    Segovia? who the F*** is Zack Segovia? 23 yr old Texan, pitchin 3 days before his 24th birthday and making his first ever start in the bigs? uh ok Olsen looked great in his first start, all be it against the aforementioned Nationals and against Hill, and to have a rookie on the road to beat? Olsen better show up and shut down Philly, although i have a lean on the Over, but -125 ML is easily cheap enough to see if Segovia can deal with a big league lineup, it isnt March anymore, and i give two *****$ if he had any kind of success in the spring, which i dont even know, i dont put ANY emphasis on Grapefruit/ Cactus Crap, so the Fish are OTB! (On the Board)

    Fla -125

    Yankee Overs? i said it also before the season started about how often you can take a Yankee over this year, why should today be any different, although losing Matsui isnt comforting, but Bedard and Rasner? Eek i hope its 4 - 3 after 3 and we can sit and say ok boys just a few more, much less these bullpens? EEEEEK!!! (obv not inc. Mariano)

    Balt/ NYY Over 10.5

    Houston Unders? hmm ok i think i also mentioned that before the season started, St L has NO OFFENSE!, avoid Pujols' big bat and the rest is frigin Cake, and thats what everyone has done, so many people had Albie going top 3 in their fantasy draft, but with no support behind him and no one getting on base in front of him, what good is he? NONE! he wont see a thing from Jennings, and the Astro Offense is just as lethargic, if you want to invest on an over with these two offenses, you do that, wont be me, and once again we got paid from it yesterday, although i will mention to play it small, odds have to favor it coming in once in a while but 10 runs? i just dont see it

    St L/ Hous Under 9

    Dodgers are a Dog? wait a sec, this team has killed this team what 7 - 8 straight times dating back to last year and going for the sweep, Bonds or not, who else is there to help him? and ok Zito is on the bump, hey so is Wolf, and the Bats in LA far outweigh the bats in SF, the pitching matchup to me is even, so a one run game 4 - 3 sounds about right to me, not to say id take this under but it is a thought obv by my final score i have 7, but one more run will push the 8 were lookin at, but LA may bust this team in the mouth again, and i want to be On LA when the broom comes out and a great ML payout for it

    LA +125

    well ill tell you guys this, ive had Roy Halladay on my fantasy team every year since i saw him pitch at Syracuse (Tor AAA Affil) i saw him pitch 3 times and said ok this guy is going to be amazing, SO HOWS THAT GOING??? DOMINANT!! he is easily the elite of the AL, esp more so now, although sure Santana is great, even his opponent today Kazmir is pretty damn good, but overall AL pitching sucks, and yeah i know the DH helps with another bat in the lineup contributing to AL overs, (which the AL overs were again 4 - 2 Yesterday) but Roy is my man and ill back him every day for the rest of my life, and he does have pretty decent stats vs the Rays, although the Rays are no cupcake this year, i can only hope Roy is overpowering again, he looked pretty good and held down Detroit in Detroit Opening day, enough to let them win in 10 innings, he had a ND in that Game, today he should get his First W, Ride em cowboy!! lol

    Tor -150

    Ok thatll do for me, and again i say to you, i have no need to rank these plays, as i said yesterday, its up to you what YOU do with your money, im not going to put a 10* play next to something and have a 3* play hit, knowing in my mind that i usually play my plays evenly, i am one of the worst people at tryin to say "This play is stronger than that play" and everyone who has seen me post for the last 5 years knows this, so again i have to say you do what you want and i hope to hit them all naturally, but like i said, i could go 4 -1 or whatever, and have the one be my Pick i decide to Put a Big Play next to, but for me its just a matter of which play YOU like more, not ME!! I hope you have a lean about the games before you read my posts or you see other people you respect on the web with a similar play, and hopefully if you see we all agree on a play, and you like my reasoning and you have your reasonings, i can only hope We are right together, and if you disagree with a play of mine, or someone else you read today at this or another forum isnt corrolating with these plays, than hey, what can i tell ya lol

    GL on the Diamond Sunday!!

    MLB YTD 2-0-0 +7.55 units

    NY Mets @ Atlanta Braves

    Over 9.5 @ 2.06 (Pinnacle) 4 units

    Liking this one with above even money odds as i see over result more probable outcome here. 2 very good hitting sides and 2 starting pitchers i don't exactly consider elite. Kyle Davis is a young pitcher with some talent, but is coming off not so great last season and spring training. He was assigned to Triple-A to start the season but will be filling up for Lance Cormier today, who is having some arm discomfort. Davies had pretty bad season last year with a high 8.38 ERA and Mets did hit pretty well against him. Mets' Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez is an OK pitcher. After couple of harder seasons, he had very serviceable 4.09 ERA last season for the Mets and started this season with a very good game at St. Louis. He can be brilliant at times, but being a flyball pitcher is a bit homerun prone and can get hit hard at times as well. Both teams are hitting well early in the season and have good deal of power in the lineup. Bullpens have been performing well for both teams though and can be a bit of a wildcard in the late innings. All-in-all i think it's pretty likely we'll see bunch of runs today and this one looks like a good bet to me.


      Sunday GodsTips

      Sunday, April 08, 2007

      WHITE SOX (DANKS +180) Minnesota (Santana)

      Keep in mind Minnesota ace Johan Santana is off an outing where he did not look comfortable. Now the stud of dome baseball will be pitching in very wintery conditions today.

      The home team is 4-0 in Minnesota’s games.


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