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MLB 7.4

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    MLB 7.4

    well sorry i never made it yesterday, i had a long day at work, and then i wanted to atleast have the Forum in good standing that you may have seen i put a promo for in the Tips area here (Hope you read it)

    Ok Some Saturday action on the Diamond

    And not to seem repetitive but um, WASHINGTOM STINKS!!! i said it early in the year and ill say it until they finally prove they have a MAJOR LEAGUE TEAM, because the team im seeing Washington put out is a AAA team at best, Now bring on B WEBB?!?!?!?! OK -140 on B Webb to continue shutting down Washington??? SOLD!!!!!

    Arizona -140

    Ok the same goes for Houston Astro Unders this year, No offense for the Stros, Oswalt on the Bump, and a Str 8 to deal with on the Total? ok let it be 4 - 3 and make a man happy today again!!! Reyes shouldnt have much of a prob with Houstons Offense and Oswalt can pretty much shut down almost any team any where and at what point does everyone realize that St Louis is FARRRRR from the WS team of a year ago!!

    St L / Hous Under 8

    Well the Mets have come out of the Gate sayin WE WILL BE BACK in the post season! and everyone bashed the Mets early saying the Offense is good, the Pitching will struggle????? OH REALLY?!?!?! Well lets see, how many runs have the mets given up again this year? its not always just about Starting pitching, that Defense is Solid as a Rock, and Obviously that offense is loaded enough to carry the team even if the pitching breaks down

    NY Mets +125

    Ohka and Fossum?
    here let me say it again, OHKA AND FOSSUM!!!!!
    UH YEAH SURE!!!!!
    Tor/ TB over 10.5

    Det and KC, and you know Maroth is dying to atone for missing most of last year and hes solid anyway, sure he started his career on a Very sour note, but now hes got a Team that can hit and defend behind him, and Meche looked absolutely STELLAR vs the Supposed Loaded Red Sox (Still waiting lol) and if he can out do Schilling, he can Hope to do just as well vs Detroit and a 5 - 4 final will work for me, and i hate taking AL unders as a whole but Maroth and Meche hopefully can keep the Bats to a minimum

    Det/ KC Under 9.5

    Have a few other things on my mind, but thisll do for posting purposes
    GL tomorrow on the Diamond!!! And again, im not ranking the plays, it doesnt matter what i rank them, i can say 10* or 2*, ITS UP TO YOU , ITS YOUR MONEY!!! No one tells me what to do with mine, and im not telling anyone what to do with theirs lol put 5 Euro or 500, you see the plays, thats what i am going with at an even level, i rank none of these plays higher or lower and like them the same, and I will play them accordingly, the rest is on you, so GL again!!!

    Decided to post couple of plays today. Might add something for later games.

    Baltimore Orioles @ New York Yankees

    Yankees RL 1.97 (Mansion) 4 units

    Taking a RL is something i will do very rarely this season, especially for the home team, but this looks like a situation were there is some value on Yankees as a big home favorite. Yankees do have the best batting lineup in the league and after 2 home losses it's very possible the bats will break out against Steve Trachsel. Thrachsel's stuff has been mediocre at best for the past few seasons and if he didn't have the elite lineup of Mets giving him plenty of run support he would probably have had pretty poor season last year winwise with his 4.98 ERA. Yankees Kei Igawa from Japan is a new face in the rotation. Hard to say exactly how good he will be in the MLB, but he clearly has some decent stuff. I'm willing to take a chance he has better outing than Trachsel today. Also being unknown to hitters will favor him.

    NY Mets @ Atlanta Braves

    Braves 1.917 (Pinnacle) 4 units

    Mets have started the season very impressively, crushing opponent in every game so far, but it's still early in the season and i have to take Smoltz at this price. The odds been moving in favor of home team and looks to be heading to pick'em. A lot of public money on the Mets which creates a compelling value on the braves imo. Smolts is better of these two good veteran pitchers and h2h record favors Smoltz as well. Glavine has never done well against his old team with 3-9 reacord and a 5.86 ERA in 15 career startes vs. the Braves while Smoltz handled the Mets lineup well last season with 2-2 record and a 2.33 ERA. Sure Mets do have slight lineup edge, but Braves are among the better hitting sides in the NL and do have plenty of pop in the bat as well.


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