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MLB 3.4

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    MLB 3.4

    San Francisco Giants - San Diego Padres
    Listed pitchers B. Zito - J. Peavy MLB 1.82 2.06

    Washington Nationals - Florida Marlins
    Listed pitchers S. Hill - S. Olsen MLB 2.25 1.70

    Houston Astros - Pittsburgh Pirates
    Listed pitchers J.Jennings - I.Snell MLB 1.56 2.54

    Milwaukee Brewers - Los Angeles Dodgers
    Listed pitchers C. Capuano - R. Wolf MLB 1.76 2.15

    St Louis Cardinals - New York Mets
    Listed pitchers K. Wells - O. Hernandez MLB 1.97 1.89

    Minnesota Twins - Baltimore Orioles
    Listed pitchers B. Bonser - D. Cabrera MLB 1.74 2.17

    Colorado Rockies - Arizona Diamondbacks
    Listed pitchers J. Francis - L. Hernandez MLB 1.73 2.20

    Seattle Mariners - Oakland Athletics
    Listed pitchers J. Washburn - J.Blanton MLB 1.82 2.06

    Los Angeles Angels - Texas Rangers
    Listed pitchers K. Escobar - V. Padilla MLB 1.67 2.30


    Well the first thing i am wondering is why the Salami is at 83?

    when i do a total of the Totals i come up with 79.5, and they added 4 runs to it? and i loved it over as i looked down the Slate of Starters, i mean these are #2 Starters? Ugh i mean hello, i think this has got to be the weakest Starting 18 out of any day well have this small a Schedule, short of Peavy and Zito, which of these guys do you give a SHUTDOWN ability too? What Wolf? El Duque or his brother? Capuano? now go to the AL and uh Cabrera/Bonser, Blanton/ Washburn, and Padilla/ Escobar??
    My god there may be 45 runs in the 3 AL games alone, and we have 6 NL games, with the Rockies and D backs who slapped an Easy Over on the Board Yesterday in the Mile high Air, the Cardinals Rotation all year is going to questionable, and K Wells vs the Met line up? ugh could be a 10 spot on the Board for NY, I think Vegas is giving some weird Odds on the Pitt Over being 9, and as the case last year, ill be more often on Most Houston Unders, but Snell and Newly Acquired Jennings, granted not a hitters park, but a nervous Jennings and A Non Proven Snell in a Lowly 9? that could get away quite easily, so how do we put the Nats on the board now even more hurt too, they stink, will stink Wash May be one of the worst if not the worst team this season and then the Injury bug they allready have gotten hit with? and Hill on the Mound? It may be a week until they get a win, and i dont think Fla is that good its the fact that Wash is that bad, and they have AZ coming to town next, and the Braves on the Road after that, ugh, GL being a Nats fan this year, you know when the President doesnt even want to show up for the Opening day First pitch, youre in trouble lol

    My Plays today will consist of....

    Fla Fish ML -135

    NY Mets ML -105

    Oak/ Seat Over 8.5 -105

    Ariz/ Col Over 10 -105

    NYM/ St L Over 9.5 -105

    Salami Over 83 -105

    i hope you dont need a indiv write up for each but i think my Paragraph kinda sums up where im going

    That cool? please i hope so, and hey to even be cool about it, check this out, ill post the odds for tomorrow lolololol but theyll be american, uh damn what do i do, you guys (Most of you) dont use these lines, which puts me in an even more precarious situation with the recent rave of , well Satyr knows lol

    GL on the Diamond Tuesday Boys!

    well no need really, you could've just edited your initial post, but even if you left it as it is it's ok. I'll delete the 2nd post, takes too much space.

    I'll prolly post a pick tonight on the bases, I know I know I said I was going to wait for a while but I see a solid pick and I went 3 out of 3 last night on the "probation period" lol.

    Bare with me until tonight, if I don't oversleep as I've been writing a huge essay on weberian sociology all night and day for the last two days and I'm BEAT now. Can't wait to crawl into bed lol. Sorry for the offtopic, I'll post a play tonight very likely.

    Like your stuff Magica, good writeup as always. GL.


      Re: MLB 3.4

      Originally posted by Magica10

      Salami Over 83 -105
      Lol, is that a team name?
      Are you gangsters? No, we are RUSSIANS


        Re: MLB 3.4

        Originally posted by Lokorus
        Originally posted by Magica10

        Salami Over 83 -105
        Lol, is that a team name?
        Salami = total number of runs scored in all the games of one day
        It's not important whether you win or lose, it's important whether I win or lose !



          is that a team name, yeah baby, someone is puttin up 83 tonight brother, The Left Fielder has to play Catcher, and the RF doesnt play the field he just hits, and the CF has to start from his knees on every pitch, opens up the field for some offense!! lol

          Sorry i didnt know that that would confuse anyone, my fault

          Yes as answered, The Grand Salami is basically what the Total runs the league will score as a whole, infamous for NHL really (which i have a play on the Salami posted in the NHL section here as well today), but they have a baseball one and theres money to win from it so uh, Hope we get paid today lol, i need to start another moneytree out back ya know, and if my woman takes my last few Dolla's hangin from the last one i grew, ill have to take it out of her in Sexual financing lol Depending on Final Approval from the Big judge ofcourse! lol

          GL today guys!


            Taked from

            Oakland at Seattle
            Oakland at 2,02 at Bet365

            - Oakland is better team than Seattle;
            - Oakland lost first game;
            - Blanton is great against Seattle with 6-1 and ERA 2,50 against the Mariners in his career;
            - Oakland batters have good register against Seattle pitcher;
            - Seattle pitcher went 0-2 with ERA 6,88 against the A’s

            Arizona at Colorado
            Colorado -1,5 at 2,50 at Bet365

            - Colorado are playing home;
            - Colorado lost first game;
            - Arizona’s pitcher has ERA 4,83;
            - Arizona’s pitcher has ERA 6,75 against Colorado;
            - Colorado will play with a left handed pitcher;
            - His ERA is 4,16 and he has ERA 3,91 against the Diamondbacks;
            - Colorado’s pitcher was the Minor League player of the year in 2004;
            - Colorado has good and in shape batters.


              Re: LOL

              Originally posted by Magica10
              is that a team name, yeah baby, someone is puttin up 83 tonight brother, The Left Fielder has to play Catcher, and the RF doesnt play the field he just hits, and the CF has to start from his knees on every pitch, opens up the field for some offense!! lol


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