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mightye - mighty good !

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    He is very polite and knows very much about the teams in Norway. Great acid for BA.


      thank you all for your support!

      hopefully a bit older, and a bit wiser..the seek for value will never change though

      Tippeligaen and OBOS will be on a break until 19-21 June, due to International games, but I might add some picks for 2.Div or Norway NT this weekend.


        And I also feel obligated to congratulate mightye on his great work as well others here.

        One of true veterans.
        My deepest respect to you and your work.
        It is real pleasure to read your picks.
        Keep up.

        winners never quit and quitters never win
        "Winners never quit, quitters never win..!"
        Vince Lombardi


          mightye is a real treasure of BA!

          Great Knowledge, Great Tips and a Great man!

          Never over until it's over!


            And finally he did what he deserves really badly: he took over as tipster #1 on the main site!
            Congratiulations, please stay with us and continue giving great predictions, information, picks, everything!

            MacotBet follow me on BA


              I had no idea I was going to keep doing this in 2022, when I started writing my picks back in 2009.
              Its strange to see how something has never changed, while other parts have been tweaked and modified through the years.
              I have written my last 9/10 stakes public bets now, no more insane 2.Division odds drops, no more up and downs on goalscorer bets

              We landed on a 21.72 % profit on the final 21/22 season, and hopefully we can gain some more Units after the early bets on the Olympics/World Cup Overall are settled.

              I want to thank everyone who has followed, or simply read the posts through the years. Its been quite a learning curve for me from 2009 till now, and hopefully I have made some viewers a bit more updated before making their call for their bets.
              Thank you grefstad for the support through the years, hopefully Bettingadvice can still be a platform to shine for new tipsters.

              Cheers all!


                Without detracting from other tipster, I find really fantastic on this platform, which deserves more following and fore in my opinion, Mightye and Wilson (African football), two truly exceptional tipsters. Lately I see that they are no longer publishing, do you know anything about them? I honestly miss their analyzes a lot, do you know where they can be followed?
                Thanks everyone, good luck.


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