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UPDATED Livescore subforum rules - please read before posting

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    UPDATED Livescore subforum rules - please read before posting

    Since livescore subforum became a bit of a problem with growing complaints about users behaviour there, we decided that previous somewhat lenient approach to moderating it needs a tweak. We rewrote the rules, most of things there are not new but some did change a bit. We'll be enforcing those rules much more activly then previously in order to improve livescore forum condition.

    Please familiarize yourself with those rules:

    1. Personal insults and fighting between members are not allowed. Such posts will be deleted right away and the member, who posted it, will be warned. Repeating such posts several times by anybody will lead to ban from this forum.

    All members are also asked to do not reply to provocating and insulting messages. If you feel you are being insulted or provoked then please do not reply to offender but instead report the offensive post - to do it click on the icon in the offensive post - if you do so, moderators will be immediately alerted to that post and will deal with it in appropriate manner. But please also use common sense and do not abuse report button and don't report every silly thing to us, trying to get someone you don't like banned. If you strongly do not want to read some other member posts you are encouraged to add him to Ignore List in your profile, to do so click:

    2. We understand that many of you are buzzing with adrenaline during games but please control yourself with cursing and insults. We as bettors ourselves understand you can get nervous or frustrated during games so we won't warn you for soft cursing like "sucker/mug/fool" etc.
    However posts with:

    1) strong insults directed at players or nations
    2) racism
    3) any other remarks that are in extremely bad taste(death wishes etc.)
    4) ridiculous, excessive cursing

    will be deleted and members warned or banned depending on the situation and their previous behavior.

    Examples of offensive posts that can get you banned, please avoid posting things like this:

    1). Bayern, you nazis, score now; frog-eaters score; ****ing Poles, I hate them; Sharapova you bitch; Ronaldo you faggot etc.
    2). Drogba, you monkey, how could you miss that; Zambian savages cannot score; Ghanaian s laves; etc.
    3). Lampard, please die with cancer; Kirilenko, I hope you will be raped; kill Italians etc.
    4). any post that looks like sky on clear night, full of stars **** **** Inter **** you **** **** **** you and your families **** **** idiots **** **** italian **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

    3. Please do not try to get around the word censor by deliberately miss-spelling of words. Those words are banned for a reason and we do not want to see them. Posts with miss-spelled censored words will deleted with member warned and, if he continues to do it, eventually banned.

    Examples of trying to get around the censor, please do not do it if you don't want to get into trouble:

    $laves, ****, n!gga, s h i t, ***** etc.

    4. Posting in non English is strongly forbidden now, but looks like some people doesn't care much. Every day we delete numerous posts in non English and from now on this rule will be BASIC for this thread as it is for the whole forum. Members who continue to post in any other language than English will be denied access to the forum.

    5. Avoid posting results from live scores sites unless you see some confirmation about it. Deliberate posting of fake scores will get you warned and then banned if it happens again.

    CSKA 111111111111111

    shot on goal

    6. Tipster bashing is strongly forbidden and can get you banned without warning . Bashing any fellow member of this forum who shared his bet with rest of us is horrible thing which is destroying the purpose of our forum's existence(that is to share opinions, bets in civilised way) . If you decide to follow someones pick then it is YOUR decision and responsibility. Please be mature about this. We do not want to have members discouraged from posting tips because someone will vent out their frustrations on them.

    Example: ArbiterE, you dick, that pick was horrible and because of you I just lost 1000 euro, I hope you now die in pain.

    7. Avoid posts with caps lock, bolded or colored text(colored text is reserved for moderators to edit posts that are breaking the rules). Such posts will be deleted.

    Example: we know you can be very happy and excited sometimes but please try to avoid this(it can destroy the forum view for some users):

    8. Avoid spoiling the page with ridiculous long posts. Such posts will be deleted, member warned and banned if he continues to do it and spams forum.

    Examples: Posts like "Milan 11111111111" with 50000 or other ridiculous amount of "1" characters covering whole page) or posts with two sentences separated but dozens of empty space created by pressing "enter".

    9. Livescore forum main purpose is supposed to be live match reporting and betting discussion. Talking about other topics is not forbidden but moderators might ask you to stop discussion about certain topics(like controversial political, social topics or football fan/hooligan discussions for example - because they could lead to fighting between members etc.). If moderators ask you to stop then please stop the discussion, as failure to do so will result with posts being deleted, members warned and then eventually banned.
    I think USA is evil and should be destroyed, Delije are the strongest hools and will smash Grobari faces hard!, God is great/No he's not/Curse you pagan/Christians to the lions etc.

    9a). Discussing Macedonia/FYROM country name issue is strongly forbidden. We've really had enough of it on this forum during last 10 years and nothing good ever came out of it. Posts about this issue will be immediately removed. Members from interested countries are kindly asked to use the name they like, do not complain if members from other country use the different name and to do not complain and fight about it with other members/moderators. This is betting forum not political one! Blame your politicians not us.

    10. Avoid posting pictures or videos of porn, dead bodies, Holocaust jokes etc. things that can be seen as offending for some members. Such posts will be deleted and members warned and then eventually banned.

    11. Creating of multiple forum accounts by one member is forbidden. If we find out that you tried to get around ban by creating new account, it will be immediately removed and your regular account might get longer ban.

    12. Discussing about moderating decisions in livescore is forbidden. Livescore is for betting discussion and live reports etc. If you have any complaints or questions about moderating decisions then please write them in topic in "Suggestions" subforum that is dedicated to such matters:

    13. Since posts in livescore forum are appearing in real time most of the day, it's inevitable that, depsite our best efforts, we'll sometimes miss some post that should be deleted and member warned. However, we can take retrospective action on such posts and warn such member by private message or ban him. If there is some posts that should be deleted and we've somehow missed it then it doesn't mean that you can now break the rules as you please. We also ask for your help in keeping this forum clean - please report to us any posts that should obviously be deleted.

    14. Moderators can change above rules at any time and will inform users when that happens.

    How the warning and ban system work:

    1. Generally after you break one of the rules you will first be warned and asked to not do it again.

    2. If you continue to break rules you will get a short ban(could be anything, from few hours to cool down, or up to one week to rethink your behavior, depending on the nature of your post).

    3. If, after returning from short ban, you will break the rules again, you will be warned once again and, if you still continue to break the rules, you will then get longer ban(week or longer).

    4. After the 2nd ban you will get no more warnings and every other break of rules will result in longer ban and eventually permanent ban for serious, notorious offenders.

    5. HOWEVER, moderators in special cases can ban you without warning for more then a week if your post is in extremely bad taste(horrible tipster bashing, extreme racism and insults).

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