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Important information for all punters/bettors/gamblers

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    Important information for all punters/bettors/gamblers

    Originally posted by nazz
    There must be a border between a real life capital and a betting bankroll. It can be called as the red line. You cross this line - it's a beginning of your end. Nothing wiser can't be said. There's no compromise here. Only "do" or "do not" cross this line. Nothing more can be said here. You can have ups & downs in betting, but beyond this red line, there can be only "down".

    Personally I'm bankrupt now. i paid out some money and I bought some things for me, so I'm happy, but the part of a bankroll I had for betting is now gone because of my bad run of results. Now it's over. I'm only a spectator now. I have some money, but these money are my "life money" and it's beyond the red line. I nee it for my studies end other things. If I'm going to earn some cash and If I'll have some "free money", I'll create my betting bankroll once again, but now it's over. And here's the line that can not be crossed. Beyond it there's a road to hell. First it would be the rest of my money, then I would sell my personal things like guitar or other precious thing, then there will be a borrowing money from friends, then from mafia and at the end some robberies, kills and a mental disease.
    Beyond this red line there's a machanism called "inclined plane" - there's one big abyss even though it doesn't look so scary at the first sight. Everyone of us is very near to the red line. If you don't see it, run away from betting as quick as possible.
    This is very important for everybody. Try to stick with the green zone and stay out of dangerous situations which are all over the place.
    I hope all of you to read this. for poker issues.
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    What's "god"?
    You know,when you want something really bad and you close your eyes and you wish for it? "God" is the guy who ignores you !

    Beyond this red line there's a machanism called "inclined plane" - there's one big abyss even though it doesn't look so scary at the first sight. Everyone of us is very near to the red line. If you don't see it, run away from betting as quick as possible
    Let me add to this. Everyone inhere probs knows me as a "crazy, foolish bettor". I got to agree. I started betting some 10 years ago, age 16, and started off slowly. I was able to have profit year after year in the beginning years, but the last few were a true hell. I was betting nearly 24/24, gave up all interests I had before, got in trouble with family and lost some "non-betting friends". At one point, some month ago, I decided enough was enough and went into "therapy". I'm one month "sober" now and I have to say, it feels great. Compulsive betting is a "disease, a bug", and I'm sure many inhere are like I was before, nothing in their lives besides betting, lying, deceiving, stress, depression from losing money etc. I'd say it's never to late to change ...

    Just my 2 cents, I'm in a betting forum so prob not too many guys have a message to this, but I've written it anyway. Betting sucks, point to the line, it's got nothing to do with reality. Think about this last sentence.

    Hope some guys inhere will bare this in mind. (surely Loko !)




      Well it was "fun" while it lasted ...

      I started again since a few weeks and I feel I just can't take betting in a normal way, I start getting obsessive gain, spend way too much time on it, which isn't good ofcourse.

      I take the decision to draw the line here again and quit before it's too late and I work myself into a hole again. I got to stay as far adrift from betting as possible, cause when I'm into it, it's almost 24/24 hr ...

      I wish u guys good luck.


        That was quite deep. Good information. When the fun stops slogan is so true. I find it good fun but i do see the bad side when i go into the bookies and i see people getting angry when they lose. I tell all my friends when they sign up to a website always set deposit limits. It is so easy to have a few drinks at home and get carried away. Especially on payday.


          Thanks for sharing , that's the most important in betting. We had some guys in Turkey who suicided due to having bankrupcy and tonnes of Debts.

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