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Pick of the day 8/9

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  • Pick of the day 8/9

    Not many games today, but if you find a good pick, post it here!

    Good luck!

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    Match: Tord - Jönköpings Södra
    Pick: Away win
    Odds: 1.55

    Comments: Jonkopings has been untouchable this season and certainly looks on course for promotion unless something drastic happens to their form. a 14/1/1 record sees them top the table with a 6 point lead over the nearest rival. Armed with the best strikeforce in the division, it is easy to see why. Tord on the other hand lies in midtable with nothing to aim for except survival. Interestingly we would see the league's BEST offence versus the league's WORST defence(yes, even though they are mid-table) pitching themselves at one another.
    Goals galore here I would guess...and more of them would be in favour of Jonkopings. The first meeting this season saw Jonkopings sweep pass Tord...and I mean SWEEP...Jonkopings won at home 10-1. Enough said surely of the reason why I am giving this pick a 10/10. Expekt's price of 1.70 is overkill! Jonkopings surely do not want to make things difficult for themselves in the rest of the promotional race.


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      Hehehehe, since it seems it happened to be the second here, and there rnt any south american picks tonite. So, i will have to "steal" Per's pick on the main site. Here it is:

      IFK Malmoe - Kalmar Away Win @ 1.90

      Here's the explanation:

      Sorry Per and all of u who would like that pick :roll:

      Good luck


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        Hmm.. I am too late to pick on Kalmar win. Since Paralias picked that game already. I will pick on another Superettan game.
        By the way, Congrats on your winning Pick for Uruguay & Brazil Paralias, Well Done !!

        Sweden Superettan
        Sylvia v Café Opera @1.90 from GB

        Sylvia is stuck at bottom of the table with nothing to play for, they seems destined to be relegated managing only 11 points from 22 games.

        Cafe Opera is an attacking minded team, they averages approximately 2 goals per game.

        Taking into account that Sylvia weak defence and their weak forwards, I will pick Cafe Opera to nick this game away.

        Refer to Table :

        Sep 7, 2003 Total

        1. Trelleborg 23 14 4 5 43 - 24 46
        2. Kalmar 22 14 4 4 33 - 19 46
        3. Häcken 22 13 2 7 37 - 33 41
        4. V.Frölunda 22 12 4 6 38 - 26 40
        5. Åtvidaberg 23 10 7 6 35 - 30 37
        6. Västerås 22 10 5 7 38 - 32 35
        7. Brommapojkarna 23 9 5 9 29 - 32 32
        8. Norrköping 23 8 7 8 39 - 37 31
        9. Cafe_Opera 22 8 6 8 42 - 35 30
        10. Boden 23 7 7 9 36 - 42 28
        11. Gefle 22 7 6 9 32 - 35 27
        12. Assyriska 22 9 0 13 34 - 42 27
        13. Falkenberg 23 7 4 12 28 - 34 25
        14. IFK_Malmö 22 8 1 13 34 - 47 25
        15. Forward 22 6 3 13 35 - 43 21
        16. Sylvia 22 2 5 15 21 - 43 11


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          Originally posted by football_tips
          Hmm.. I am too late to pick on Kalmar win. Since Paralias picked that game already. I will pick on another Superettan game.
          By the way, Congrats on your winning Pick for Uruguay & Brazil Paralias, Well Done !!
          Thanx pal... Although Brazil needed some luck to win... Anyway, the good thing is that all won.

          See u.


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            Hoping for third time lucky with
            Pick 3
            Football [Division Three]
            Doncaster v Hull
            OVER 2.5 Goals @ 2.15
            Hull have played entertaining football this season,but although scoring lots of goals are also conceding a fair few.Striker Allsopp is always going to be around when the ball is in the opponents penalty area,ready to pounce.
            Doncaster have a decent striker also in Fortune-West,and with this match Live on TV in england I think both teams will wanna put a good show on,so there fore I expect a few goals.
            Good Luck
            GaryB :roll:


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              Hi again

              There aren't many soccer games to pick from and since my compatriot, paralias, managed to get the win of Kalmar (might be for my best 8) ) I'll try my 1st pick from...

              Wismilak International, Bali (ladies) - Hardcourt
              Harkleroad A. v Groenefeld A.L....1...1,30

              Ashley Harkleroad (USA)
              Date of Birth: May 2, 1985
              Plays: Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
              Current Singles Rank: 52
              Career Win-Loss Record: 24-22
              Career (Hard): 13-14
              2003 (Hard): 7-5

              She is often referred to as the American Anna Kournikova. She's blonde and cute, and a terrific player who had certainly made her mark on the WTA Tour this year.
              Lately, she won on the 1st rnd of US Open Vera Douchevina (RUS) (No 141) by 2-0 and lost on the 2nd rnd (1-2) against Vera Zvonareva (RUS) (No 14).

              Anna-Lena Groenefeld (GER)
              Current Singles Rank: 162
              Career Win-Loss Record: 7-6
              Career (Hard): 1-2
              2003 (Hard): 1-1

              She didn't qualify to the 1st rnd of US open since she won her 1st qualification game against Anastassia Rodionova (RUS) (No 126) by 2-0, but lost the 2nd one against Teryn Ashley (USA) (No 178) easily (0-2 / 2-6, 2-6).

              Good luck.

              The photos are for a friend of mine and all those who wanna know where they put their money on :wink:

              :!: Sorry, Caesar, I had to replace your pictures. Please send your friend a pm including them. I changed the pic of Ashley with a smaller one and deleted pics of Anna Lena. It's a good idea to post pics of the girls - but not with wallpaperlike pictures! Lakini


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                Back to my (6.9) dissalowed pick:
                I bet it in real and take biggest odd at GB (1.90),Expekt (1.95).
                :arrow: That 1.90 pick was already taken by someone else.
                I'm here from February and never bet on soccer with asian handicap,it was normally goal difference(win for Italy with more than one goal difference).It no matter of winning several Euro in this competition (i bet on this match 400PLN-almost 100 Euro.My bookies are Expekt(PLN) and GB(Euro).
                My pick from baseball (8.9)third
                PHI Phillies-NY Mets tip 1 odd 1.80
                Rivals of PHI all won,they have 5 gm winning streak,beat NYM 6 or seven straight,they are in form -last 10 (8-2),pitchers are equal but PHI simply better batting.Sorry for small prediction but games will start in 5 min time.
                Thnkx Tahoma for good justice i must ending but someone tells if i write this after game start.


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                  Since there aren`t many matches in offer,my pick again is basketball match.

                  Today there are matches of 1/8 final :

                  20:00 S&M - TURKEY
                  20:30 GERMANY - ITALY
                  20:00 CROATIA - SPAIN
                  20:30 SLOVENIA - ISRAEL

                  And my pick for today is:

                  SLOVENIA - ISRAEL (+6,5) 1.85

                  Slovenia played great in their group,and they lost only one match against France yesterday,but they were better team almost all match and on the end they lost their lead and first place in group.They have very good team mixed with some experienced and young and talented players and altought they are playing without some great players like Nesterovic or Becirovic,they have quality at least for 1/4.They are covered in all position with players almost equal quality and that`s their advantage because they can play with 10-12 players each match.

                  On the other hand,Israel made suprice form me winning yesterday match agains Latvia,and they won it very easy but I think that that`s all they can do on this championship.They have only few quality players who can play matches like this and if they are bad then team has no chances for win.They have to travell for this match from Norceping to Lulea about 400 km.(5h)so they will be very exsausted.

                  I think that Slovenia will win this match easily.


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                    My pick of the day:
                    Doncaster v Hull 1 @2.50 (
                    Sorry but I have no time to write more about it.


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                      Originally posted by Caesar

                      Hi again (...)
                      8O 8O 8O 8O 8)


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                        IFK Malmö - Kalmar 3.30 3.50 1.90 - HOME WIN @3.30

                        1. Trelleborg 23 14 4 5 43 - 24 46
                        2. Kalmar 22 14 4 4 33 - 19 46
                        3. Häcken 22 13 2 7 37 - 33 41
                        10. Boden 23 7 7 9 36 - 42 28
                        11. Gefle 22 7 6 9 32 - 35 27
                        12. Assyriska 22 9 0 13 34 - 42 27
                        13. Falkenberg 23 7 4 12 28 - 34 25
                        14. IFK_Malmö 22 8 1 13 34 - 47 25
                        15. Forward 22 6 3 13 35 - 43 21
                        16. Sylvia 22 2 5 15 21 - 43 11

                        Next game: Kalmar - Hacken, Cafe Opera - IFK Malmo

                        IMO Kalmar is best team in Superettan and with "one leg" in Allsvenskan. Also, Malmo's "black series" must stop and I think that today, with new coach and against big favourite, is chance to move up on 11. place on the league table and take some fresh air.
                        In the next round, Kalmar have chance as host to beat Hacken and make BIG 8 points diference, and IMO thats more important match then tonight game. So, I put some money on Home win. Good luck to all of you.


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                          Pick No. 3 /ENG3/: Doncaster - Hull City - X, odds: 3.25 @ GB

                          I was thinking about this game a lot and I cannot really choose between two bets - under or draw. As we see the odds for OVER 2.5 goals were slashed as we see GaryB took the game at odds 2.15. Now it is 1.90 (over) and 1.79 (under).
                          Actually there are some problems at the visiting team, regarding to "":
                          "Teenager Scott Wiseman is in line for a surprise call-up to the Hull squad for the derby with Doncaster at Belle Vue.
                          Boss Peter Taylor has placed the 17-year-old, who has only played a handful of reserve team games, on stand-by as he could be missing three right-backs in Alton Thelwell, Marc Joseph and Carl Regan.
                          Joseph (knee) is definitely out, Regan has not trained for the last couple of days because of a serious illness in his family while Thelwell faces a late test on a damaged foot.
                          Taylor told the Hull Daily Mail: "I'm very impressed with Scott Wiseman. There's a fair chance he could be in the squad. He's a tremendous passer and he's tremendous going forward. He's shaping into a great prospect."

                          This may grow into a bigger problem and some uncertainty in defense which can provide a few goals. That's why I prefer to take the draw as I think the teams will be evenly matched and surely the odds are twice greater. Also very useful information in the forum provided. Draw for me.


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                            Brasil Open @Bahia. Hardcourt.

                            Gregory Carraz vs Alex Popp

                            Carraz to win @1.57

                            Read my predictions her:


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                              Squillari-Sargsian 2 1.53

                              Back to the clay of Europe and hopefully this will be a carbon copy of theitr encounter in May where Sargsian took the match in 3 sets. Squillari has been in some rather ordinary form of late with victories over no players of note and on a current 3 game losing streak. Sargsian is a solid work horse that will go hard for the whole game, this should be enough to get him over the line at releatively appealing odds.


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