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Pick of the day 6/9

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  • Pick of the day 6/9

    The biggest European leagues have now rstarted again, so it's time to restart the popular competition Pick of the day!

    The big difference to previous rounds is the sponsorship. Gamebookers is now officially sponsor of the competition and they will give the price money to the winners. Competitors can therefore only choose picks with odds from Gamebookers.

    I was hoping to get a bigger winning amount to the winners, but 100 € is ok for one month. Maybe I will get a better deal next month. Gamebookers have the biggest number of events, so I'm happy to have them as sponsors here.

    I strongly advice you to carefully read the rules before you post your first pick!

    Good luck!

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    Good to see this great competition starting again.

    My first pick is Italy-Wales 1 1.37

    Italy will miss only Totti,and IMO,that wouldn`t be huge problem `cause Del Piero will replace him.After all,Wales isn`t the team who can be called as a "major force" in European football.They`ve lost in the Belgrade,and I really can`t see them taking the point in Italy.Speaking about needs to get three points - if Italy doesn`t win tomorrow,they will be in danger of losing the second place,but Wales will be the second even if they lose tomorrow`s match.So,my conclusion is that this is "must win" for Italy,so motivation and attitude will be at the highest level.


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      Nationwide Conference

      Farnborough v Hereford United 2 1.93

      Hereford sit at the top of the Conference after an impressive win at many peoples favourites, Stevenage. They have only dropped 2 points this season after a 1-1 draw at Barnet. Farnborough sit at the bottom with only 3 points from a possible 18. This is a game that Hereford need to take all 3 points from if they are serious about promotion back to the Football League.

      Result: Farnborough 0 Hereford 5


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        Euro 2004 qualifications:

        Bosnia&Herzegovina-Norway HT X 2.05

        I am pretty sure about this because Home team is struggling to score in home matches,they played only 2-0 against Luxemburg (it was 0-0 at the HT) and 1-0 against Faroes (friendly)!
        They score more often on the counterattacks when they are defending,then when they have to attack!
        And on the other side is Norway,team which plays defensive football.
        Norway will probably try to destroy home team's attacks in the midfield in which probaly will be 6 midfielders and only 1 attacker,who will also be behind the ball!
        As you see Norway won't look much in front,but they have well balanced defence and midfield which can hold on Bosnian pressure!
        I have to say that Norway's attackers are in terrible form at the moment.

        So for me this is pick ot the day with decent odds.


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          I will start in the competition with the following pick :

          Belarus v Czech Republic 2 1.35

          Czech side is complete before this so important game for them. They are competeng with Holland for the first place and they need the win before the game against Holland. On the other side Belarus have a lot of troubles as two of their best players refused to play in the qualifications as they don't have a chance to qualifty - Belkevic and Chatkevic (Dinamo Kyev). Their best midfielder Alexander Hleb was with U21 team which won against U21 Czechs and possibility to play with "A" teams is very low. So there may be some kind of a deal. U21 Belarus win against U21 Czech and the other they roles are changed. So for me away win in this game.


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            sigh just too bad i cannot combo...that would be great :wink: my pick for today would be:

            Match: FC Aarhus v Silkeborg I.F. - Away win.
            Odds: 1.42

            After early slip-ups by Silkeborg, I thought to myself...oh no, there goes their chances of promotion. Then instead, results elsewhere became rather favorable to them and it turned out that their early slips were not so costly afterall. After 6 games, Silkeborg are in 6th with recent convincing wins both in cup and league football has boosted their morale a fair bit, and are only 3 points off the 2nd place. In contrast, Aarhus is practically a disgrace to the division. They are not new to the division but their performances seem to suggest so. With only 1 point to show for and 19 goals conceded in 6 league games and another 5 in a singale cup game that had just past, they must realize by now that they are in for a real tough time ahead. Silkeborg's strikeforce has always fired all cylinders from the beginning of the season and would certainly put a few pass the Aarhus defence here. An away win for Silkeborg ain't too difficult a choice here really.


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              My bet of the day is Latvia - Poland Away Win @2.35 in Gamebookers. Preview has been made on in polish soccer section

              Edit: and here is link to this prediction:
              I am the only thing that I'm afraid of.


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                Where to read rules of the competition?

                Anyway I'll go for
                Ireland - Russia 1@2.35

                It's obvious that Russia is in bad condition. Two weeks ago they lost to Israel. Don't think that two weeks can change a lot. Bringing veterans into a team is not good idea. Onopko has to retire already. younger players shoude've been given chances. Russia plays very unstable. Ireland i consider plays more stable and on a better level. Home advantage is very important. You know, it's an irish spirit. Morrison and Duff will be very dangerous for russians. i believe that 1st half irish will be pushing/attacking and will score, russians will be mostly on contrattacks.
                still could be a close match.


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                  My pick for today is Albion Rovers vs Elgin City 1 @ 1.65 @Gamebookers
                  This lower division of Scotland is by far the most reliable in the whole United Kingdom...Albion has shown much better results until now and normally wouldn't face any problem against a really weak team that some years is lucky that there is no further relegation... :lol:


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                    Hi,guys.This is my first pick of the competition so i just wanted to say : GOOD LUCK!!! I think this will be very interesting competition.My first pick is:

                    Latvia-Poland DRAW 3.2 at Bookmakers

                    pl. pts.
                    Sweden 5 11
                    Hungary 6 11
                    Latvia 5 10
                    Poland 5 7
                    S Marino 7 0

                    Last 2 matches: Latvia-Hungary,Sweden-Latvia and Poland-Sweden,Hungary-Sweden.

                    As you can see the situation in this group is very open, 4 teams have chance to qualify.Poland is in the worst position and need win in this match badly,but i think they are not gonna make it.Latvia can be satisfied with draw cause they would reach second spot at the moment,and probably eliminate Poland.Latvia plays very good defensively,and i think they will be very carefull in this crucial match.They also play without their best player Marian Pahars (you can find all absents at great FiDu's preview) and might have problem to score (which would probably have even if he played ).This game is very likely to finish UNDER but i wanted to start this competition in a big style so i took a draw 8) I forgot to mention very important fact that Latvia won the match in Poland 1-0.
                    He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.


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                      ops: mistake GAMEBOOKERS and not bmakers ...i got carried away... ops:
                      He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.


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                        Bosnia v Norway-------->UNDER 2.5 (1.65GB)

                        I dont think that the spirit of these 2 teams is offensive and past results have shown that this could really be a great under...

                        Good Luck to everyone
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                          Pick No. 1: /ENG2/ Chesterfield - Barnsley - 2, odds: 2.40 @ GB

                          Two teams that started in a very different way in the championship - the home team still without a win and Barnsley still without a defeat. The stable defense of the away team makes me think that they'll not lose this game which gives them perfect chances for another win.
                          Chesterfield have delayed the loan signing of Charlton striker Mark DeBolla after he sustained a knee injury but midfielder Mark Innes could make his first start of the season for Chesterfield. Innes has not kicked a ball so far after sustaining a hamstring injury during pre-season but has now returned to full fitness. Defender Steve Payne will also be available for the visit of Gudjon Thordarson's team. Payne needed four stitches in a head wound sustained during last weekend's defeat at QPR but has now made a full recovery. So as you see there are many "newcomers" to the squad after injuries so I doubt their in-team performance and endurance.
                          Barnsley will be missing Chris Lumsdon for the trip to Chesterfield. The 23-year-old midfielder received a one-match ban following his dismissal against Brighton.
                          So under these conditions and the current performance of both teams I'm willing to back fully the away win.

                          /source: /.


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                            Home Draw Away
                            Italy v Wales 1.35 4.00 8.00 1

                            italy must win. they are better. wales lost to s&cg previous game. and italy is even better then s&cg. so, they are big favourites.


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                              Hi,my pick for today is:

                              Roddick - Nalbandian first set winner 2 (2,9)

                              Roddick showed against Ljubicic that he is not unbeatable but with help from the lines judges he won that one.Nalbandian is a great server and he will not lose many serves so this will be a tight match with few tiebreaks.I think that Nalbandian can win one of them so why not the first one.


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