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Pick of the Day 31/12

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  • Pick of the Day 31/12

    Last day, many have already finished due to the few games to bet on today, but personally I'm looking for my 15th pick.

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    I'll toss myself in to the hard world of finding a winner in NHL.

    Phoenix Coyotes - Los Angeles Kings Phoenix@2,40 with Expekt. 4-0 and I finish in the black!!!!

    Phoenix has their third game in their new arena here, and they are looking for the first win. That's the motivation part for Coyotes.
    Kings played NY Rangers on Monday and lost in overtime, that was their 6th game without winning, with 4 ties and two losses, one in OT.
    Head-to-head they are tied this season with a win each and a 4-4 tie.
    Now Kings are strong at home, and although this isn't that far away the loss with Rangers is still there in their heads and legs, together with Phoenix looking to celebrate New Year's with their first win in the new arena. I just feel compelled to take the home win.

    Had a look at the NCAA bowl games but I didn't like them...


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      one day to go, there are still some people not on 15 picks and they can still climb
      casabel       28 18 10
      Weity         25 19  6
      Beezeri       24 13 11
      Croatia 385   24  7 17
      juankaan      21 20  1
      Moneymaker    20    20
      LaVey         19    19
      kieron        18    18
      Macak         17 17
      UnderOver1979 17 14  3
      lacky         16    16
      Per           16 16
      Macot         15    15
      Prija         15 15
      sfantul_Porca 14    14
      dickcat       13    13
      Lakini        12    12
      Lyd           12 12
      The Gravedigg 11 11
      artnow        10 10
      danielcz       9     9
      John_JUVE      9  4  5
      mistro         9  1  8
      tahoma         9  9
      arsenalno1     8  8
      Historianis    7     7
      GaryB          6  6
      Prague         5  5
      PRAG           4     4
      braileanul     3  3
      Bazanel        2  2
      varganya       2     2


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        Icehockey, NHL

        Calgary-Colorado 2 ----> 2.45 @expekt 1-2 won /Per

        Calgary is playing great at the moment, and have passed Colorado in the overall standings, but I still rank Colorado as the better team of these two, especially now when Forsberg is back. Calgary have also had a little tougher program lately, and could lack some strenght. Probably a tight game with few goals, but my money goes on Colorado tonight.
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          Portland-Detroit 3,22 CENTREBET

          well, i am not so much into nba, but i think portland just won their first away win. so, why cant they do again?
          Detroit is 10-5 at home, not so brillant. Portland is so good at home, but away they are awfull. so, if they would play as at home, they can surprise detroit.


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