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**WC POD 11/07/2018**

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  • **WC POD 11/07/2018**

    Here are main rules, you will find others here:

    Price booty will be a bit higher than for regular POD, 1st place will be awarded with 150 EUR, second place with 100 EUR and third place will bring 50 EUR!

    Here are the rules:

    The Competition

    The competition has the purpose to gather the best bets of a certain day of WC 2018. It's for fun, but the competition can also be a good place for tipsters to find picks quicker than browsing all pages. You can place your Pick of the day and score points if it satisfies the conditions that are stated below. The competition lasts one month and in that period, a contestant must give exactly 8 picks. YOU CAN ENTER THE COMPETITION UNTIL IT IS POSSIBLE TO PICK EIGHT POD-s. It means, entering competition after only 7 days of the WC left, is not possible. Every missing pick till 8 at the end of the month will be punished with -100 points per missing pick.
    You must be a registered user of this forum to participate. You must have a unique IP address, not more than one competitor can use the same address.
    Odds must be between 1.50 and 3.50 and only odds taken from these 3 bookmakers are allowed:


    You must write arguments for your pick or at least give a link to a prediction on BA main page, written by yourself.
    About the conditions

    You can only give one pick per day. Your pick must be different to all other placed picks, but you can back another team/player in the same game as someone else has taken. For your pick to count, it must be posted at least 1 hour before the event starts.

    You cannot back the same team/player as someone else even if you take a different bet type (for example handicap bet, different game total etc.). But this rule applies only for quarterfinals/semifinals/finals of the WC!!! In the group phase of WC and in 1/8 finals you can take picks that were already taken by other users!!!

    You can take these bet types (but only inside allowed odds from 1,50 to 3,50!):

    -Asian handicap bets (final or HT)
    -European handicap bets (final or HT)
    -Over/Under bets (Game total) (final or HT)
    -Home/Draw/Away bets (final or HT)
    -Double Chance (1X,12,X2)
    -Both teams to score (Yes/No)
    -Half time/Full time
    -Player to score (anytime scorer, first scorer)
    -Number of corners (final or HT)
    -Number of cards
    -First team to score (Yes/No)
    -Second team to score (Yes/No)
    -number of goals scored team 1/team 2

    You must write the correct bookie and correct odds in the time of your posting.


    A pick that was wrong will cost you 100 points. When you've made a correct pick, and it satisfied the conditions, you will gain 100 (Odds-1) points. For example, a successful pick @ 1.85 will give you 85 points. This is the net profit if you had staked 100 units. Asian Handicaps will be calculated accoringly to the net profit. It is not allowed to pick odds below 1,50 and above 3,50.
    The contestant that scores the highest number of points with 8 picks, will win the monthly competition. In case he fails to give 8 picks, 100p-for every missing pick- will be deducted from his score.
    To win Special WC POD you MUST make 8 bets ! Hopefully we will have time to update the standings everyday, but there may be some delays from time to time.

    Good luck to all!!!!!

  • #2
    Pick #8 +539 (4w 3l)
    Croatia - England
    Pick: England [1x2]
    Odds: 2.36 @ Pinnacle

    Croatia made huge impact durng current World Cup. They beat Argentina 3:0 and advanced to semifinals in very good style. They seem to be a black horse of the tournament, but there is something that convince me not to back them here. In my opinion with every single game Hrvastka is playing weakenr and weaker. For example they allowed Russia to cut goal deficit despite hosts not having to many arguments to do that. Against much more stronger England, having way more offensive options I think Croatia might not have enough arguments to win. England performed really well in group stage and in playoffs too. They look like a team that will erase only England victory in 1966. Kane, Sterling or Alli are decent players. This team is very young but also have huge potential. Croatia with all respect to them rather won't win it. They seem to be too tired while England is better and better with every single match. Southgate is a decemt manager as he turned bunch of individualities into a TEAM and I think this team will gonna advance into the final after victory over Croatia.
    1-1 pick lost
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    • #3

      5/0/1 +479

      Croatia vs. England

      Pick: both teams to score - yes @ 2.13 (Pinnacle).

      Both teams have a lot to offer in offense and at same time both do not use a strong defensive strategy on this tournament.

      England have fantastic set pieces, every corner or free kick on Croatian half of the field will be a big threat.. Eight of England***8217;s 11 goals at the 2018 World Cup have been scored via set-pieces. Croatia have two overtimes on the trot in legs. The English realize it and they probably will be trying to stretch the opponent***8217;s defence using Sterling to maximum. I believe such tactic will result in lack of focus in Croatian defence.

      On the other hand, quality of Croatia is obvious. Creativity in midfield make them dangerous to every football side. Young England team could have problem, too as they haven't conceded only once in this competition. They defeated Panama, Tunisia, Colombia and Sweden and it was enough to get to semi-final. Even if they pass Croatia, it's going to be hard to do it with clean sheet. If Croatia come up mentally strong today, they will score for sure.
      1-1 pick won
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      • #4
        Pick #7
        [1 0 5 (-267)]

        Croatia - England

        Pick: over 1.5 HT
        Odds: 3.50
        Bookie: Bet365

        Both teams see historical chance in this match.
        If Croatia win, they will be in the finals for the first time ever.
        If England win, they will have chance to lift this trophy after more than 50 years.

        Both teams played great football and deserved to be here in the semis.

        This will be match with big motivation from both sides, there will be a lot of fight for every ball, I think we will see many fouls and possible yellow cards, also many mistakes on both sides.

        Both teams will start the match with attacking football, and two goals at HT looks possible to me.

        Good luck, CHEERS
        0-1 pick lost
        Last edited by Macot; 16-07-18, 22:21.


        • #5
          Pick 7 (3-0-3) +25
          Croatia vs England
          Pick: 2 (First Half)
          Odds: 3.10
          Bookie: bet365

          Well, the Croatian team is very solid. But I do not see them in the final game. At first glance, they look like a compact team. They have a great desire, however, that's not the case. Modric and Rakitic are solid players. However, they can be blocked. Also, they do not have an extremely fast player. Mandzukic is very much in the box, but he's a shabby duel player. On the other hand, England is well known in the box, also a jump-game. It's their tradition. In any case, Croatia will provide strong resistance, however, they will probably start to win. Their defense is so-so. GK Subasic is excellent and he is much better than Pickford. Nevertheless, England is a young team, although they have excellent and very fast players. So, Kane, Sterling, Rose, Dele Ali and others are a big threat to each team.
          They will not let their network be damaged. Of course, they will try to make a difference in the 1st Half. Also, say, they were defeated at home in Euro qualifications 11 years ago. They will try to show in this match who they are actually.
          All in all, I expect England to finish the game in the first half. They are a much better team in all segments. I do not see Croatia in the final against France. On the contrary, I see England as the winner of this tournament.
          0-1 pick won
          Last edited by Macot; 16-07-18, 22:21.


          • #6
            pick 6 (1-2-2)

            Croatia vs England
            Pick England to win
            Odds: 2.33 at SBOBET

            Croatia take on England to day in this last semi final match. The winner of this tie will of course take on France in the final this Sunday. And the loser will face Belgium this Saturday for the third placed play off.

            Croatia enter this clash without one of their regular defender Vrsaijko. Also, their no. 1 goalkeeper Subasic is not 100% fit, as we all had seen he struggled with his hamstring in the game vs Russia. So, if he could not play today, it would be bad for Croatia.

            England, on the other hands, have a full healthy squad. Vardy is fit and could be on the bench. Anyway, England seem to be the perfect fit for the game vs France.
            England already taken, pick cancelled!
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            • #7

              Pick 7 (3-0-3) +25
              Croatia vs England
              Pick: 2 (First Half)
              Odds: 3.10
              Bookie: bet365


              Pick 8 (4-0-3) +225 (+235)
              Belgium vs England
              Pick: 1 (1-1HT / FT)
              Odds: 3.50
              Bookie: bet365



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