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**WC POD 30/06/2018**

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  • **WC POD 30/06/2018**

    Here are main rules, you will find others here:

    Price booty will be a bit higher than for regular POD, 1st place will be awarded with 150 EUR, second place with 100 EUR and third place will bring 50 EUR!

    Here are the rules:

    The Competition

    The competition has the purpose to gather the best bets of a certain day of WC 2018. It's for fun, but the competition can also be a good place for tipsters to find picks quicker than browsing all pages. You can place your Pick of the day and score points if it satisfies the conditions that are stated below. The competition lasts one month and in that period, a contestant must give exactly 8 picks. YOU CAN ENTER THE COMPETITION UNTIL IT IS POSSIBLE TO PICK EIGHT POD-s. It means, entering competition after only 7 days of the WC left, is not possible. Every missing pick till 8 at the end of the month will be punished with -100 points per missing pick.
    You must be a registered user of this forum to participate. You must have a unique IP address, not more than one competitor can use the same address.
    Odds must be between 1.50 and 3.50 and only odds taken from these 3 bookmakers are allowed:


    You must write arguments for your pick or at least give a link to a prediction on BA main page, written by yourself.
    About the conditions

    You can only give one pick per day. Your pick must be different to all other placed picks, but you can back another team/player in the same game as someone else has taken. For your pick to count, it must be posted at least 1 hour before the event starts.

    You cannot back the same team/player as someone else even if you take a different bet type (for example handicap bet, different game total etc.). But this rule applies only for quarterfinals/semifinals/finals of the WC!!! In the group phase of WC and in 1/8 finals you can take picks that were already taken by other users!!!

    You can take these bet types (but only inside allowed odds from 1,50 to 3,50!):

    -Asian handicap bets (final or HT)
    -European handicap bets (final or HT)
    -Over/Under bets (Game total) (final or HT)
    -Home/Draw/Away bets (final or HT)
    -Double Chance (1X,12,X2)
    -Both teams to score (Yes/No)
    -Half time/Full time
    -Player to score (anytime scorer, first scorer)
    -Number of corners (final or HT)
    -Number of cards
    -First team to score (Yes/No)
    -Second team to score (Yes/No)
    -number of goals scored team 1/team 2

    You must write the correct bookie and correct odds in the time of your posting.


    A pick that was wrong will cost you 100 points. When you've made a correct pick, and it satisfied the conditions, you will gain 100 (Odds-1) points. For example, a successful pick @ 1.85 will give you 85 points. This is the net profit if you had staked 100 units. Asian Handicaps will be calculated accoringly to the net profit. It is not allowed to pick odds below 1,50 and above 3,50.
    The contestant that scores the highest number of points with 8 picks, will win the monthly competition. In case he fails to give 8 picks, 100p-for every missing pick- will be deducted from his score.
    To win Special WC POD you MUST make 8 bets ! Hopefully we will have time to update the standings everyday, but there may be some delays from time to time.

    Good luck to all!!!!!

  • #2
    Pick #6
    2-1-2 0

    Uruguay v Portugal
    DRAW FT odds: 2.93 @ Pinnacle

    Despite the presence of world class strikers in both sides, this game looks to have 0:0 written all over it. Both sides are defensive minded, well organised, compact, pragmatic and tough to beat teams. Uruguay is yet to concede, their defence has been excellent. They'll play their game which is well suited to knock-out phase and that is tough tackling defence-first approach. Portugal had a crazy 3:3 draw with Spain and then played two defensive and very pragmatic games against Iran and Morocco. They are Euro champs and we know the way they've won it, by playing defensive and pragmatic football, drawing 6 out of 7 games in regular time.

    As we go into knock-out stage, most of the teams should be more and more defensive, careful and prioritising stopping opponents from creating chances over attacking. No one wants to lose and go home after a defensive mistake. In a game like this, Portugal and Uruguay have all the defensive weapons and tactical organistation to cancel each other out. I expect a draw after regular time.
    2-1 Pick lost!
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    • #3
      Pick #2

      Standing: 0/0/1 (-100)

      Football, World Cup
      16:00 France - Argentina
      Pick: Leo Messi to score anytime @2.60 - Bet365

      With all the pressure put on Argentina***8217;s side after having hard job to be done at group stage matches, IMO, nobody now expecting nothing special from them. But, the fact is that hurted lions are almost the most dangerious once because now, as Argentina are set like underdoogs has apsolutely nothing to lose against top leveled squads.

      To be honest, for me no even France has showed impressive game, dominanted one, having such a big number of great players but the competitive of the squad was not noticeable. With the group they had, the closest result looks poor. Winning by 1-0 vs Peru, winning 2-1 vs Australia, twice been set as sliced favourites but never feel it comfortable.

      We have classic 50/50 game where both sides knows the value of the game, knows the acts which has to be take, the risk and importance. From that point of view, the biggest players are here to take the leadership. Obviously, one of those leaders should be Leo Messi for his country.

      After scoring the 1st goal vs Nigeria and being able to pass the group stage, expect to see even more motivated Messi. Being leader means to give his best, support teammates, winning space, share assistents and most important, scoring goals.

      With the importance of the match, responability simple raise up and the best players are playing the best when need the most. Expect Messi making France***8217;s defence big problems, taking free-kick shoots, eventual penalty as well. With his quality and skills able to present big moves, I raise his value of having the highest chances to take part of the scoring list at the match.

      Good luck!
      Pick lost!
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      • #4
        Pick 1
        Football World Cup
        16:00 France - Argentina
        France @2.40 - Bet365

        First World Cup play off match and most interesting from all.
        France played mediocre in group stage but have very good young talented team with Mbappe, Pogba, Dembele or Griezmann (they have quality in all formation).
        On other side we have lucky Argentina who have very big problems in group to advance with superb attack but in my opinion very weak defence (for example game with Croatia).
        I don't see any reasons (maybe Messi but he plays average) why France will not win this game.
        4-3 Pick won!
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        • #5
          Pick #3
          [1W 1L +46]
          Football World Cup
          France - Argentina
          Pick: x
          Odds: 3.08
          Bookie: Pinnacle

          Despite France gained more points in group stage and have much less problems to advance to next phase than Argentina I think that both teams failed here, by not showing anything special. France in all their matches was very pragmatic and very cautious. They style was really pity apart having so many talents and possiblity in the squad. Today they will face Argentina which rely too much on Messi. However I think Sampaoli is intelligent coach and he will take advantage of matches they played so far. He is well known of building his teams from the back so defence will be surely something on which Albicelestes will pay a lot of attention. This may result on a very boring match here. France proved of capability playing such games by first goalless draw on this World Cup against Denmark. In sum I think odds on a draw represents most value here.
          4-3 Pick lost!
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          • #6
            Pick #4
            0-0-3 -300

            France - Argentina
            Pick: France EH -1: X
            Odds: 3,75 (3,50) @ Bet365

            Two big names but they didn't show much so far in the tournament. Now in knockout stage, favourite is of course France because there are big problems in Argentina team. Coach has no authority anymore and team like that can't go far. But still they have good players, and they won't let another disaster to happen like it was against Croatia. I expect tight game, not many goals and probably France winning by 1-0. If Argentina wasn't a "name" and didn't have Messi I think we would have something like 1.9-1.8 for France here. Yeah, France also didn't show much but so far but at least they don't have internal problems and I think they will get better each game.
            Please read rules, you can not take a pick which has odds 3,75! Pick Cancelled
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            • #7
              Pick no 3 1-0-1 +20
              France - Argentina
              Pick France at HT
              Odds: 3.50
              Bookie: Pinnacle

              Both didn't show too much football so far but France had much less emotion to go further in this competition than Argentina. France beat Australia and Peru and made a "saloon" draw 0-0 versus Denmark, wining their group. A lot of talented players there so I am expecting a much better evolution since this phase of competition.
              Argentina suffered a lot so far, having in Messi a shadow (is much difficult at NT than at Barca- for sure). As in qualifiers game they took the tickets for next round in lat game when with lot of difficulties won vs Nigeria 2-1. But so far their play were mediocre at best the scandals from the squad putting fingerprint on their evolution.
              Expect a not so great game but with France in prim plan; much focused France should be able to enter at the HT with a narrow advantage, so I am backing France at HT. gl
              1-1 Pick lost!
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              • #8
                Pick no. 6
                2 1 2 +200
                France - Argentina
                Pick: Over 2.5
                Odds: 2.73 - PINNACLE

                I think that the game against Nigeria was the last minute wake up call for Argentina. They should really put in Dybala and take Higuain out. Let Dybala and Messi play together for god's sake. Angel Di Maria is out of his prime and he's useless, those players from Argentina's Primera like Meza and Pavon are way too overhyped and overrated. They need a serious and strong lineup for today. They need to produce goals and score. France are very strong team and they are bigger favorites. If Argentina wants to win this game they must score goals or their big last minute win against Nigeria was all for nothing and they will fly back home. Offensive minded teams with so much to play for, goals must come.
                4-3 Pick won!
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                • #9
                  2-0-3 -80
                  Uruguay vs. Portugal
                  Pick Uruguay (AH0) at 2.06 with Pinnacle

                  I've actually taken Uruguay to qualify at 2 but for the POD I will go with the Asian handicap in line with the rules... I still think Portugal are an overrated side and are too dependent on Ronaldo. Uruguay look better defensively and pose as much of a threat going forward as Portugal with Cavani and Suarez. Of course, this game can always end in a draw in regular time but if there is to be a winner I favor Uruguay and will gladly take them at these odds.
                  2-1 Pick won!
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                  • #10
                    Pick # 3 (1-1-0) +90
                    France - Argentina
                    Pick: Over 9 Corners
                    Odd: 2.10

                    Argentina has had 20 corners already in the 3 group stage matches. With two offensive backs they also have a chance to get a corner and i expect them to also get some corners against France. France only had 2 corners in the last match with Denmark but both teams were not chasing a win as France were already qualified and Denmark needed a draw. In the other two group matches France had 5 corners in each game. At the last World Cup only 1 of the 8 last 16 matches went under the 10 corners and i expect this match to also have at least 10 corners.
                    0-4 Pick lost!
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                    • #11
                      pick #7 +58

                      Uruguay - Portugal
                      under 0.5 goals first half
                      Odds: 2.20 bet365

                      Uruguay is the only team who hasn't conceded a goal yet at WC 2018. Thanks to Gimenez and Godin who are playing together long time. I think it is a major factor for national teams. Most of national players spend maximum 2-3 weeks with their national team. However, it is a bit solid for Uruguay in advantage. Coach Tabarez likes playing defensive minded or he likes waiting in their half side to find counter attacks. Their first key factor will be to keep score 0-0 till they find ovbvious chance.

                      Portugal, recent ex Euro Champion, is playing same football style. They didn't give us much hopes except Spain game in the group stage. It was almost same story in Euro-16. They are now more experienced leading with C. Ronaldo. They will defend Suarez- Cavani with Pepe while C. Ronaldo will face with Gimenez + Godin. Portugal is also not convient to create attack football at first half.
                      1-1 Pick lost!
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                      • #12

                        Uruguay - Portugal

                        Pick: Over 2.5 goals
                        Odds: 2.93
                        Bookie: Pinnacle

                        With such great attacking players like Cavani, Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo or Quaresma, goals should come. An early goal will unlock the scoreboard and make the match more entairtaing, just like in the France-Argentina match, ended with 7 goals. Portugal also had that 3-3 spectacular draw in their opening match with Spain. Uruguay thrashed hosts Russia, 3-0 in their last match of group A. Big value for at least 3 goals and quality upfront could guarantee as a goal galore. 2-1 for Uruguay is the minimum expected score.
                        2-1 Pick won!
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