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**WC POD 27/06/2018**

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  • **WC POD 27/06/2018**

    Here are main rules, you will find others here:

    Price booty will be a bit higher than for regular POD, 1st place will be awarded with 150 EUR, second place with 100 EUR and third place will bring 50 EUR!

    Here are the rules:

    The Competition

    The competition has the purpose to gather the best bets of a certain day of WC 2018. It's for fun, but the competition can also be a good place for tipsters to find picks quicker than browsing all pages. You can place your Pick of the day and score points if it satisfies the conditions that are stated below. The competition lasts one month and in that period, a contestant must give exactly 8 picks. YOU CAN ENTER THE COMPETITION UNTIL IT IS POSSIBLE TO PICK EIGHT POD-s. It means, entering competition after only 7 days of the WC left, is not possible. Every missing pick till 8 at the end of the month will be punished with -100 points per missing pick.
    You must be a registered user of this forum to participate. You must have a unique IP address, not more than one competitor can use the same address.
    Odds must be between 1.50 and 3.50 and only odds taken from these 3 bookmakers are allowed:


    You must write arguments for your pick or at least give a link to a prediction on BA main page, written by yourself.
    About the conditions

    You can only give one pick per day. Your pick must be different to all other placed picks, but you can back another team/player in the same game as someone else has taken. For your pick to count, it must be posted at least 1 hour before the event starts.

    You cannot back the same team/player as someone else even if you take a different bet type (for example handicap bet, different game total etc.). But this rule applies only for quarterfinals/semifinals/finals of the WC!!! In the group phase of WC and in 1/8 finals you can take picks that were already taken by other users!!!

    You can take these bet types (but only inside allowed odds from 1,50 to 3,50!):

    -Asian handicap bets (final or HT)
    -European handicap bets (final or HT)
    -Over/Under bets (Game total) (final or HT)
    -Home/Draw/Away bets (final or HT)
    -Double Chance (1X,12,X2)
    -Both teams to score (Yes/No)
    -Half time/Full time
    -Player to score (anytime scorer, first scorer)
    -Number of corners (final or HT)
    -Number of cards
    -First team to score (Yes/No)
    -Second team to score (Yes/No)
    -number of goals scored team 1/team 2

    You must write the correct bookie and correct odds in the time of your posting.


    A pick that was wrong will cost you 100 points. When you've made a correct pick, and it satisfied the conditions, you will gain 100 (Odds-1) points. For example, a successful pick @ 1.85 will give you 85 points. This is the net profit if you had staked 100 units. Asian Handicaps will be calculated accoringly to the net profit. It is not allowed to pick odds below 1,50 and above 3,50.
    The contestant that scores the highest number of points with 8 picks, will win the monthly competition. In case he fails to give 8 picks, 100p-for every missing pick- will be deducted from his score.
    To win Special WC POD you MUST make 8 bets ! Hopefully we will have time to update the standings everyday, but there may be some delays from time to time.

    Good luck to all!!!!!
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  • #2
    Pick # 2 (0-0-1...-100)
    Pick: over 3.5
    Odds: 3.00

    Brasilians of the East meeting the real brasilians. Serbians played ok so far but werent tested by a lazy Costa Rica. For sure they were by the swiss which exposed their fragile defense and had a good offensive game. Bit unlucky for serbs with that penalty on Mitrovic not given and prolly Brych the referee closed his twitter account following the death threats from serbians which wont tolarate such robbery. But imo serbs did it to themselves playing so pasive in second half and looking like swiss cheese in defense. And of course Shaqiri felt the smell of the cheese and took a bite as he looked very angry. Now whats left for serbs? *3 points here or a high scoring draw and a win for Costa Rica over the swiss watch. The latter looks far away from happening so serbs must play for goals. Mitrovic looked hot lately and they got good midfielders in Tadic and Milinkovic-Savic.They can certainly score here. Brazil were up to task against nasty Costaricanos but played a good second half and showed good stuff, except mental Neymar which will be red carded at some point cause he is still mommy's boy. Brazil will expose serbian defense and score 2-3 here.*
    2-0 pick lost
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    • #3
      Pick #5
      So far 3/0/1

      20:00 Switzerland v Costa Rica, take Over 2,5 goals @Pinnacle

      OK let us continue with our WC adventure. So far, so good: but the games are now getting tougher.
      This match is very important for Switzerland, but Costa Rica won`t just give it away. They have pride, they were quarterfinalists in Brasil and will try to show that they are still strong. Still it is Switzerland who are motivated to win.
      First of all, a win means sure qualification to 1/8 finals. Anything less is risky: a draw also means qualification, but one goal in their net and they are out if Brasil and Serbia drew. So, very tough situation to judge.
      On the other side, very defensively oriented Costa Rica will (in my opinion) change their face. I expect them to open a bit more and that should guarantee more goals. Also, their defence looks rather shaky which should be used by Swiss.
      This WC is not a low scoring one, I tink we should see another over: 2-2!

      Life is cruel, I predicted correct score and won the pick but forgot to add odds so need to cancel my pick
      Last edited by Macot; 27-06-18, 22:52.
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      • #4
        Pick#5 2w/1l/1hl +197

        Brazil - Serbia

        Pick: over3.5
        Odds: 3.00
        Bookie: Bet365

        Well, this looks quite obvious looking at previous performances and situation in group. Serbia needs to win or highscoring draw, so in other words need to attack and score. Talking about scoring, it's surely not mission impossible. This Brazil has plenty of talent in each position, but what I don't like about this team is quite weak psychological state. Atleast for me it's quite obvious looking at their game. They hardly copes with pressure. And the problem goes back to 2014, where team was collapsing easily if smth goes wrong. If they can cope with wasted chances and thnx to talent they has upfront, still score against anyone, then in defense such mistakes might cost way more expensive. Swiss scored after one of such mistakes, Costa-Rica had their chances, but Brazil came out dry out of the water. Serbia with in-form Mitrovic, with some decent talent in midfield might not be that merciful and who knows where it all could lead if they'll score first. Anyway, good news for Brazil are that Serbia also isn't the one who could brag about defensive stability. They looked really vulnerable in previous games and Switzerland managed to expose that really well. Positional mistakes, marking and etc. Now the test will be even tougher, and if finally Brazil will start to convert more of their chances, it might get ugly for Serbs. Brazil doesn't need to win urgently, but obviously they are not a team which will defend blindly.
        All in all, I guess both teams has all it takes to score against each other, both are better in offensive side and with Serbia needing a win badly, we should see pretty open football. I hope for better efficiency tonight, especially from Brazil, so I'm on goals. GL
        2-0 pick lost
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        • #5
          Pick 2 / 0 0W/1V/0L
          South Korea - Germany
          1st half Germany (-1,5 AH) @ 3.1

          I choose the same bet as yesterday in the Argentina game.
          Germany will be eager to pick up three points here, it is all or nothing in a way, because they will not be hoping for Mexico to do their job for them.
          Germany's performance was not convincing yet. Good news is that we had seen improvments in the Sweden game. On the other side, South Korea was extremely poor so far, the quality difference is really huge bewteen both teams. For Germany it is the perfect opponent at this time. Everything other than a turbo start would be a huge surprise for me. Germany will be attacking from the very first minute and will push forward even after the first goal. After an early goal, I could even see an halftime result of 3-0 for the Germans.
          Good Luck!
          0-0 pick lost!
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          • #6
            pick #6 +158

            Switzerland - Costa Rica
            Switzerland -1.25 Asian H
            Odds: 2.56 pinnacle

            Switzerland is the nation which is typical tournament team. There is no single star or the best player even Seferovic, Shakiri and Xhaka appear time to time. They really play like a team under Bosnian Coach Petkovic. As I say tournament team for Swiss side, they lost only 1 game in 18 games prior to World Cup, 4 in friendlies just before. They lost only opener group game against Portugal on road. A surprise result by Serbia may knock out of them from WC. They should finish their job against Costa Rica.

            People were expecting another surprise tournament from Costa Rica like they did 4 years ago with same squad. However, team stars have not played properly in the last 2 years called Cambell, B. Ruiz started XI only in 11 games at Sporting this year. Similar to WC 2014, team start is obvious GK Keylor Navas. He has now 9 saves in 2 games. Expecting their 3-4-3 formation more offensive today to show some good football like Peru did yesterday vs Australia. They even failed to win Panama in 2 games at WC Q group stage.
            2-2 pick lost
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            • #7
              Pick#5 +20

              Mexico vs. Sweden
              Pick Mexico @2.35 with Pinnacle

              I am personally inclined to the AH(0) at 1.67 but I'll take a chance with the POD. Mexico need a draw to assure first place. In case, they lose they could be eliminated. Sweden need to win to advance. Sweden will probably approach the game cautiously but at some point they need to attack and that will give Mexico chances on the counter. This may come during the 2nd half of the match. Overall I rate Mexico as the stronger team and think that they should win this game although Sweden are a very cohesive team and should not be underestimated. Mexico don't strike me as a team that will sit back and play for a bore draw that is why I am going for the straight Mexican victory. Overall, Mexico are stronger offensively than Sweden although Sweden are competitive in the other departments.
              0-3 Pick losT!
              Last edited by Macot; 27-06-18, 21:00.


              • #8
                Pick # 1
                South Korea - Germany
                Pick: Over 10 Corners
                Odd: 1.90

                South Korea lost both matches so far but against Sweden they had 5 corners and against Mexico 7. With Son they have a fast player upfront and i expect them to also get some corners against Germany.
                Germany needs a win by two goals to advance to the next round so i expect them to push for the win from the start. They had 8 corners against both Sweden and Mexico and i also expect them to get plenty of corners against the defensive South Koreans.
                This game should go easily over the 10 corners.
                3-9 pick won
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                • #9
                  pick 3
                  +75, 1-0-1

                  Germany - Korea

                  over 4.5

                  Have to try this, see this game similar as England, proving power, and they need this one, to gain confidence bcs so far this team looked like average. They need to win, will most probably do, but This other game stinks to me a lil. Mexico needs draw but Sweden are crazy team, they look so determined whole game . Germany have everything in their hands, and this football machine will show some fluidness. My point of view, even though i know this WC was very slow, with less goals, but its just starting to get better. Germany should destroy Korea, as i do not know what exactly Korea will get from this, they could park the bus but whats with that? Gemans will push , sting, errors will come and boom. If Korea opens a bit, well Germans are fast attacking team , they could exploit that easily. Anyhow i see goals here , big time, at least 5 , even alone from Germany.
                  0-2 pick lost
                  Last edited by Macot; 27-06-18, 22:54.


                  • #10
                    Pick no 5 +285

                    Mexico - Sweden
                    Pick X
                    Odds 3.41

                    Everyone sees Mexico as better team in this match, but the Swedish players must not be underestimated. Germany won against the Scandinavians with a late screamer from Tony Kroos, but overall the yellow-blues are playing very well organised football, do not forget that they kicked-out Italy in the play-offs and so on, many great results even without best player in history - Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Mexico will win the group with a point from this match, should we see many moments when they will try to keep the scoreboard freezed, wasting time and not attacking in numbers, just being pleased to pass the ball and keep high possesion. The Central-Americans never beat Sweden. For me this match will end with few goals, 0-0 or 1-1 draw.
                    0-3 pick lost
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                    • #11
                      Pick # 5
                      Serbia - Brazil

                      Pick : Under 0.5 goals (1st Half)
                      Odds : 3.4

                      Serbia meeting Brazil at this game from World Cup 2018.
                      Serbia since the loss of Switzerland now to the wall needed only 3 points of the game with Brazil.
                      Nothing else will guarantee the place in the next phase for the team on Serbia.
                      So far Brazil wasnt solid for the games and the team was with problems in the last game with Costa Rica for that to end for second time on this championship with draw.
                      The game was there clear 0:0 but last seconds was vital for Brazil and they won.
                      The same scenario again today and Under at the half time break 0:0 expecting...
                      0-1 pick lost
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                      • #12
                        Pick 4
                        Switzerland - Costa Rica

                        Half time Under 0.75 goals @ 2.24

                        Football, World Cup 2018.Switzerland at the last game from Group Stage will try to win and qualified as winner of this Group waiting a good result of the other clash. All in all the team on Switzerland is already in the next phase and with draw and that is the reason the expectin the team to be more careful at the first minutes of the game. Not expecting a solid attacks for the team on Switzlerland,while for the team on Costa Rica the style is well knowing the team is quality in defense and wait the counters and so far is 0:1 with Serbia and 0:2 with Brazil.

                        Good luck,
                        1-0 pick 1/2 lost
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                        • #13
                          Pick #4
                          2-1-0 +200

                          Germany v S.Korea
                          Timo Werner to score, odds: 1.8 @Bet365

                          Germany is expected to win this game and they need two goals win to be sure of qualifying so they'll be eager to score here. S.Korea defence is awful, their defenders make a lot of mistakes and in this game they cannot just bunker like against Sweden as they need a win themselves to have any chance of qualifying, so German will find space. Mario Gomez despite impressing in second half against Sweden will start on the bench and Timo Werner will once again play as 9 and lead the line for Germany. Horrible defenders like centre back Jang Hyun-soo will have a nightmare trying to mark him. After failing to score in first two games I expect Werner to finally get on the score sheet. With Germany expected to score at least twice here, chances are good Werner will find the net.
                          pick lost
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                          • #14
                            Pick #1

                            Standing: 0/0/0
                            Football, World Cup
                            20:00 Brazil - Serbia
                            Pick: Philippe Coutinho to score anytime @2.20 - Bet365

                            With the current table standing, the upcoming encounter between Serbia vs Brazil is the most important from the first part of the tournament for both sides.

                            Serbia has 3 pts after winning vs Costa Rica and losing by late goal from Switzerland by 2-1. Now the Serbian need to face vs top seed squad, the best quality team of the group, having the hardest match for the last round.

                            Despite being top leveled squad here, Brazil stil has not confirmed their status for the next knock-out phase, having only a point more from Serbia and equal with Switzerland, sharing the 1st position on the ranking by better goal-difference.

                            Both sides are under pressure, the deciding moment arrived, now has to push their maximum to express the best possible performances at most important time. With the quality available, we can call Brazil as favourites, having the team compact, the individual quality, etc, etc. But will not undermiss Serbia***8217;s chances as well, as long as underdogs have nothing to lose here because only a positive result from this match brings them to next phase.

                            Regardless all, I don***8217;t count on each prize as valuable one to pick up some bet. But due the chances to taking some individual picks like player to score, judging by players performances, I will try with a pick on Coutinho to take part of the scoring eventual list tonight.

                            The Barcelona***8217;s superstar has been the best player for Brazil so far, scoring 2 goals so far, by one on each game, has been the leader overall. Having maximum support from teammates, including Brazil federation behind and each coach stuff, overcoming Neymar from that point as team leader, expect to see Philippe continue expressing his best, forsing for cherishing his moments on this World Cup, demonstrating abilities and performances able to handle the pressure and producing one of the best tournaments for the national team. Having on mind that depending on the score and the time of the game, this match-up sooner or later need to open the game and look for a winner here. With so many options available, bealive that Coutinho will maintain the quality efforts, continue scoring on today***8217;s game as well.

                            Prize worth to be use.

                            Good luck!
                            pick lost
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                            • #15
                              Pick #3 Won 1 Lost 1 +130
                              Soccer - World Cup Russia
                              Game - Brazil vs. Serbia
                              Pick: Brazil(-1.5)AH
                              Odds: 2.57
                              Bookie: Pinnacle

                              Brazil struggled to score goals in their opening two games at this world cup but hopefully the fact that they scored two goals in extra-time in their last fixture against Costa Rica which they won with 2-0 in the end should make things much smoother in front of goal in this fixture against Serbia who did not look at all all that comfortable defending against Costa Rica and lost their second game against Switzerland 2-1 in the end so they now need a very unlikely win against one if not the best nation at this edition of the World Cup.
                              Brazil dominated with ease both games played thus far and their goalkeeper had really little to deal with, the only goal they have conceded was a referee's mistakes, they were denied a penalty kick against Costa Rica and really sent a lot of balls in the opponents own penalty area in both games played. The substitution of Willian with Doublas Costa at the half-time of the game of Costa Rica really improved their play and perhaps now he will start from the first minute as he provided an assist for Neymar's second goal for Brazil in that fixture.
                              What I am really counting on here in this fixture is the fact that Brazil finally got it going with that two late goals against Costa Rica and I really fear for the Serbians defense in this game, so an easy win for Brazil I predict here.
                              2-0 pick won
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