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Pick of the day 8/11

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  • Pick of the day 8/11

    After bad start, time to win something. My pick:
    Freiburg (0) - Wolfsburg (0) 2 @2,2

    Explanation is simple - Wolfsburg is better then Freiburg. They will win this, but in case of draw, I take level ball game. With this offensive potential (d'Alessandro, Klimowicz, Petrov, Topic, Baiano...) they have simple target: score more than opponent. And this time I believe they will. Wolfsburg is going to be in first 6 of Bundesliga this season and they should win games like this.
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    Hmmm... I waited for this bet for several weeks, but now I'm not sure if should I take it in here. Lakini have Hertha -0,75 as one of his picks, so if he wants to take it, I can take straingh home win...

    Hertha(-0,75) - M'gladbach(+0,75) :arrow: 1 :arrow: 1,88@Pinnacle

    After 11 rounds and 5 home games, Hertha is still without a single win in front of their fans. Average results were expected this season from this average team, but Marcelinho's injury brought not average, but poor results. Since Marcelinho is back in the team, Hertha started to perform better. They won two away games against Hansa (one in Bundesliga, one in cup), but then they lost to strong home team Wolfsburg.

    It's simply time for Hertha to bounce back and to finnaly bring some joy to their stadium. And there is no better oportunity then to play against worst away team (both previous and this season) M'gladbach. Handicap bet needs two goal difference to be won completely, with one goal difference half of stakes is winning. And if Hertha wins today, I think it could be a walkover.

    Good luck!
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      Pick of the day: So much to choose from, but I'll go with Cardiff to beat Stoke at 1,66 (Sportingbet) as a good bet for today.

      The match is commented here:

      Note that you can find better odds at bookies not in the list for this competition.


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        Hamburger amateurs - Sachen Leipzig , pick away win - @3.00 [GB]

        HSV ams have last four games 2 1 1 , on other side we have Leipzig with 3 0 1 , and who beat good teams like wupertaler and st.pauli , both at home , but they also beat watenchaid away and lose against dynamo dresden (best home team in league) , HSV ams have bad start , now playing better , and have two wins in a row at home , but i think this can be very value bet , last game they lose against not good dortmund ams , and i think they again can go in bad way with results....for me , too much for leipzig - value and bet of day

        good luck


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          Deportivo v Real Sociedad 0 : 1---->1 (2.15GB)

          After the humiliating defeat by Monaco Depor will try to prove that they didnt deserve that.Sociedad is in downtrend bigtime especially when they play on the road.

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            Gray Athletics - Aldershot 2 @2.20 (Gamebookers)

            Gray Athletics - 6.league, poor team
            Aldershot - Conference team, great season start, last defeat 20.09.

            For me clear away win with great odd.

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              Hi! my pick of the day is from English Premiership:
              U should read gorstak and blackhol3's preview...i Totally agree with them.....I also wrote sth about this one but the it was removed from the forum......
              Wolves are one of the worst teams in the league... very bad offence and defence......
              On the other hand Birmingham has the best defence in the ligue, and with forwards like Dugary and Forsel(I don't know how to spell it) I'm sure they can produce some goals.....


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                Goztepe v Altay (Turkish 2nd League)


                AWAY @2.00 @Sportingbet


                ALTAY is a nice team with good players. They lost last week at home , and they need this win to keep up their hopes.
                GOZTEPE is an izmir side like ALTAY and they have more fans.. But this year is a black year for GOZTEPE.. The team is really weak.. AWAYWIN is not suer but urely a nice pick...



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                  Pribram - Zlin
                  Pick: home win
                  Odds: 1.90
                  Bookie: Centrebet

                  Info at

                  Prague, better make sure you write in the right day's thread next time


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                    Hannover vs Bremen AH even goal pick 2 at 1.7 Interwetten.

                    Hannover is facing an injury crisis. Simak is out due to his psychological problem, so as De Guzman, Lala, Christiansen, Kleber...etc

                    Ailton maybe doubtful, but still the "good" defence of Hannover...1.7 for Bremen is a good least you get your money back when drawn.

                    My last two picks are wrong, so this one will work out.

                    Good luck!


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                      Hertha Berlin - Borussia Monchengladbach 1 1,75 Interwetten

                      Hertha Berlin is one of the biggest disappointment in Bundesleague this year. They can't find their own style. So far without a win at home ground in league and end of dreams about UEFA cup. But it must be modesty said that Hertha had plenty of bad luck. In very first games they lost best striker - Marcelinho.

                      1) Marcelinho is back in Hertha also Van Burik will be fit today.
                      2) Hertha is playing better. I know - they lost with Wollfsburg 0-3 but improvements in style was seen.
                      3) Monchengladbach away record is 0-1-4 and they occuppy the last position in away table
                      4) Monchengladbach's form is incredibly weak - they didn't win since 10 meetings!

                      Odds offered by Interweten are definately worth a try.


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                        My pick is from English FA-Cup...there's lots of interesting offers at very high odds but I'll take a safer one

                        Cheltenham - Hull City Away win @ 2.25 (Expekt)

                        Both teams are playing at the same league level but are currently positioned completely different ends. Hull is known as a good cup team and will take it seriously like all lower league teams. It's a good chance to make some money for the club.

                        1.  Hull            17    10   6   1    38  -  16    36
                        19. Cheltenham      17     5   4   8    26  -  37    19
                        3.  Hull             6     3   3   0    13  -   5    12
                        22. Cheltenham       6     1   1   4     6  -  16     4

                        Team news:

                        Cheltenham are without on-loan defender Darren Jones who Bristol City want to avoid being Cup-tied. Jamie Victory (hamstring) and Martin Devaney (virus) face fitness tests.

                        Hull welcome back skipper Ian Ashbee after a two-match ban and striker Jamie Forrester is fit after a foot injury.
                        Defender Alton Thelwell is sidelined with a foot injury and Ryan France is cup-tied after turning out for Alfreton Town earlier in the season.


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                          I`m the joke of this competition so far but i hope today things turn in the other direction :wink:

                          Wolves-Birmingham Birmingham to win by 2 or more Odds:4.20 GB

                          Wolves have some injury problems. They are one of the poorest teams in ENG this year. Birmingham on the other hand one of the suprises. Very good D but sometimes they have a problem with scoring. Today i just cant see poor atack of Wolves scoring agains one of the best in the back.
                          Wolves should also lose to Leicester 0-3 but got back. I think a big margin here is possible.

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                            hmm... I have been choosing my losing picks as the pick of the day... sigh... so "wise" of me ops: ... hopefully, this time there will be a difference:

                            my pick of the day:
                            Brescia (-0.25) vs Bologna (+0.25) - Home @ 1.90 (Gamebookers)

                            Brescia is still without a home win… and they will be out looking for one this coming match up. Their recent loss to Parma was certainly a very sad one especially haven taken the lead twice… but that also indicate that they will need to buck up their defense really good. Brescia has some reliable goal getters in Caracciolo, Di Biagio and Baggio (err… Baggio is still not in his best form… and he missed 2 penalties already). In fact, they have the best offense in the bottom half of Serie A. However though, Brescia defense will be the major worry for them… wherever they are… especially when Saja’s performance in their match against Parma was not impressive at all. Matuzalem will be out followed by his suspension… but Schopp will be taking over his place.

                            Bologna has one of the worst away records in the league… by remaining without a point after 4 away matches. Their home defeat by Sampdoria has given them more reasons to think about their poor performances. Being the visitors, they have managed to score only 3 goals while conceded 8… and now they will miss Zaccardo (suspension)… and that’s not good. Rossini is not in scoring form but Signori may be featuring this match after returning from an ankle injury… with the hope of improving their away offense.

                            In terms of current home and away form, Brescia is certainly the team with the upper hand. However, the match-deciding factor will be on both teams’ defense. Although, Bologna has scored only 3 goals… but looking at which club (Juventus, Milan & Lazio) they scored against will make you think twice. Meanwhile, Brescia’s Caracciolo has been as reliable as he can be. Therefore, in this match, it will be whichever team has the better defense on that day, they will win… and my vote will go to Brescia, as I am quite certain that changes will be made to their defense (most likely the goalie) after having conceded a total of 20 goals in 8 matches. As for Bologna, Signori’s return (unconfirmed) may improve their attack… but even if he returns, it will take him a week or two (or maybe even longer) to get back on form. One more thing about Bologna will be their injury list that seem to be getting longer and longer. So, my pick will be Brescia at level AH. Good Luck! :wink:

                            Probable line ups:

                            Brescia: Saja; Stankevicius, Mareco, Dainelli, Pisano; Martinez, Di Biagio, Schopp, Bachini; Baggio, Caracciolo

                            Bologna: Pagliuca; Juarez, Natali, Troise, Moretti; Guly, Dalla Bona, Colucci, Pecchia; *Signori; Rossini

                            Injuries & Suspensions: Colucci, Jadid, Matuzalem (Brescia); Locatelli, Meghni, Nervo, Pecchia, *Signori, Zaccardo, Zanchi (Bologna)


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                              Ok, here we go then: Aston Villa-Middlesborough Under 2,5 goals
                              Discovered a slashed price at Expekt, so in order to be correct Pinnacle offers 1,926.

                              Two teams with a very solid defense, Boro has 5 clean sheets and 9 goals scored in 11 games. Villa has 8 goals scored, 3 clean sheets and 5 games under 2,5 goals in a row now.
                              Villa has got obvious problems to score, Vassel is still out but Mellberg returns - that only strengthen their defense.
                              Boro also has a solid defense, a good midfield but a weak attack - even weaker now with Malcolm Christie out for a couple of months.
                              It looks to me that these two defenses will cancel eachother out, perhaps an odd goal for three points but hardly a goal bonanza.


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