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...a must see movie (movie+TV shows discussion)

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    Small time crooks,

    by woody allen.

    who likes subtle sense of humor,funny situations and dialogues should see this one.

    Thats older movie so i guess a lot of people seen it already. Im a woody allen fan,but saw it just recetly.

    As always you start to watch,observe,and situation with every moment gets mroe and more funny and absurdal,and the closer it is to an end,the more you laugh . Typical woody allen,recommended for a nice evening,eventually with a girlfriend,woody allen movies are enjoyed also by females because of more sophisticated humour. So when you are scarred that Bruno or something migh disgust her a bit ( i love idiotic humor too lol) try woody allen movie instead.

    Another one is
    Schindler's List

    Well thats a total classic,but because of all the evil ***** that happened during WWII should be repeatedly watched by all generations,to be sure nobody will forget it.

    BTW i live in krakow,where the german camp was based that we see during film,i was inside real Goeths villa from where he shot people (some time ago actually i was living 50m from it),the house shown during movie is not his real villa,but it is close to the real one (100m) ,the one shown on the movie was something like detention place for prisoners. But movie is historically quite good made. If anyone will ever be in krakow you can take a walk in the old camp where people were shot and burned by germans back then (hujowa gorka too,where they burned dead bodies right before end of war ,it is shown in movie when those ashes fall from sky ) Well,i just love history and could talk about everything hours and hours...But Krakow preserved really well all those places you see in the movie,so if you want just visit krakow nad you can see all by yourself.
    There is fantastic musem in Schindlers fabric on Lipowa street too,really fantastic one.
    And when you take a walk in Kazimierz district you basically travel back in time seeing all things there,climate,people,thats my fav region of krakow

    Both the camp place,Kazimierz district where getto was held ,and some kilometres from Krakow a must see- Auschwitz-birkenau comples,a must see for people who like history ,and more or less a must see for everyone.Not forgetting Schindlers fabric obviously
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    Originally posted by Black medusa
    im back and ready for big wieners


      My Way - Mai wei
      Inspired by a true story. War story a battle to get through.
      The story of long-distance-marathon rivals, one Japanese and the other Korean (Jun Shik and Tatsuo), the rivalry between them, on the fate of war, of combat, capture, survival ...


        It's worth to check the work of Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn.

        His newest movie is Drive(2011) which has a great mood created by soundtrack and some beautiful shots, noir atmosphere, play of lights. It has untypical main hero, played by great Ryan Gosling. Lack of dialogue and action will frustrate anyone expecting typical action cars movie. It has some bursts of violence though but main strength of this movie is it's atmosphere and 80's feel.

        Valhalla Rising(2009) is a very strange movie. Again, if you watch this expecting typical action viking movie you'll be very disappointed. It has brutal violence but it is more of an artistic movie. It's like a drug-induced strange pagan dream. Lack of dialogue, plot open for interpretation, strange atmosphere, creepy music. Some beautiful shots. Watching this intoxicated could be a good idea.

        Pusher(1996) is about drug dealers in Copenhagen. This was Refn's first movie and it's much more "typical" movie then his newest work. Has a realistic feel about it. Zlatko Buric steals the show as Serbian drug lord talking with hilarious accent("O, Franke!").


          Sinister(2012) - horror movie in cinemas now. The story, as in most horrors now, is recycled from the past and not very surprising. But the use of old 8 mm film for death scenes and fantastic soundtrack(Ulver, Aghast among others) creates a very creepy atmosphere which I enjoyed a lot.



            Utomlennye solntsem

            Burnt by the sun

            A must see Russian movie. Old one but damn amazing....Hard to describe it because it might sound really easy and cheesy. And best thing is prob you will have some opinion after seeing first lets say 15 mins...but later...Nikitia Mihalkov is a genius
            Originally posted by Black medusa
            im back and ready for big wieners


              saw it today and liked.



                Nip Tuck


                  A must see comedy, especially if you love zombie movies


                    watch this


                    IDI i SMOTRI or Come and see

                    Its an almost 30yo russian movie.... About WWII Drama.
                    I know a lot of you might think im insane as in this period still censorship was hard and it must be full of bullshit. Luckily this movie is not touching political things and stuff at all. It is a story of small kid surrounded by war horror. Fantastic movie...fantastic...
                    I love russian cinema (and Im polish ,so as you can guess i pick really good movies and i am not biased for sure)

                    This movie is really touching ,pretty ****ed up i must say,hard ,brutal ,but thats how those things looked in eastern europe when German invaded Poland,Russia and todays terrains of Ukraine,Belarussia. It makes people think twice about sense of war ....
                    In my rating this movie is like 8/10 ,highly recommended

                    I also seen yesterday another russian production

                    Brestskaya krepost

                    Its a movie about Brzesk fortress where russians faced first hit of german invasion.Well ,thats an undoubted fact presented in movie that Russians defended there heroically (historically speaking ,Hitler after finally conquering it ,was showing it to his soldiers as an example of bravery how man should fight).

                    Movie is said to be a well based on history....well thats not true. In movie, right before German attack the fortress is shown as peacefull place with happy people. In reality it was place where NKVD was helding and torturing polish prisoners ,and also there was famous Katyn list of polish officers that where later murdered by NKVD in Katyn forest. So at this part it is totally innacurate and kinda disturbing for me as viewer . ( i was hoping for real history) . As i said,facts were that Russians were defending there like heroes ,and it is shown in this movie. Kudos for that. But it isnt really an accurate historical movie as i have shown ,and also it is full of too much nationalistic pathos which instead of making you admire the movie and real history of brave defence makes you wonder that you are watching fairy tale,and it is a huge pity as historically it was amazing fight. If russian producers made it more accurate this movie for sure would be able to conquer world, because it was a real struggle there and Germans couldnt crack this nut for really long time.

                    This movie gets from me 3-4/10 ,not recommended .

                    But idi I smotri ,the first movie i recommnded here by russians is FANTASTIC piece of cinema . Russian cinema is too underrated in western europe,trust me there is a lot of gems (like other movie i described here Burnt by the sun aka Utomlennye solntsem).
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                    Originally posted by Black medusa
                    im back and ready for big wieners


                      History Channel is having a new series Vikings( With historical inaccuracies but also with a lot of fun. Fighting, pillaging, church looting and burning aplenty Since episode 4 now also including excellent Wardruna music. Highly recommended entertainment


                        I second that, I enjoy the show so far, even though like you mentioned some details are inaccurate which is kinda surprising/funny considering the show is aired on History Channel.
                        It's worth to watch for the nordic theme, plot and music, but you shouldn't consider it as a definite source of nordic history.


                          brilliant movie...


                            Vikings is a alright show, but I prefer Walking Dead.


                              Originally posted by reuf vatreni View Post
                              I always wanted to know how many great movies I actually saw....

                              It would be nice if you could write down a name of a movie that you consider to be the best one you ever saw and the one you would recommend to us all....

                              I'll start with the one that will surely be in everyones favourite list....

                              Pulp Fiction (1994)

                              Directed By: Quentin Tarantino
                              Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary
                              Cast: Tim Roth, Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman

                              ...A spectacular mix of explosive action and wickedly funny humor

                              Great movie indeed, I also have this question, how many movies I sow? It's a pity I didn't note in a copybook every movie, because after years its a pleasure to see them once again...


                                You can start one by one in here, and you will not get bored


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