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    as usual my personal library expands quite a bit at this time of the year, the recent additions are:

    Well, title and the cover should be enough to make you buy it
    Merson retired some years ago so he could tell many interesting stories about his teammates, coaches etc. in his book (Paul Gascoigne, Tony Adams, Harry Redknapp, Glenn Hoddle to name few) without keeping any details to himself.
    the book itself was written in 2011 I think, but I hadn't heard about it at that time. It got translated to polish few months ago, so you can get it easily in Poland now as well.

    Of course the book includes his gambling problems:

    At my lowest point as a gambler, the night before an away game for Aston Villa, I sat on the edge of my bed in a Bolton hotel room and thought about breaking my own fingers.
    I was that desperate not to pick up the phone and dial in another bet. At that time in my life I'd blown around seven million quid with the bookies and I wanted so badly to stop, but I just couldn't the next punt was always too tempting.

    I was chucking all my money away in bets: £3,000 here, £5,000 there; seven or eight grand on the horses. I wouldn't think twice about punting £10,000 on an NFL game in those days.
    The more money I earned, the more I gambled away, but I was such an addict I even felt low when I won. One time when I was round my parents house, I scored £20,000, I'm not sure what on, probably the curling in the Winter Olympics or something silly.
    and he describes how he went to the US to fight with that addiction:

    To be honest, I thought I was staring at the pages of a celebrity magazine. I recognised pretty much everyone in the group, because they were all double famous. I'm not going to name names, but I was sitting with actresses, Oscar winners, NFL stars, basketball players and singers. It blew my mind. I worked there for a month, talking through my problems, trying to discover the root of my gambling issues.
    I thought we had done pretty well by the time my four weeks were up. I was ready to go home; I thought I could get my life back on track at Walsall, no problems. My therapist had other ideas. The day before I was due to fly back, I was called into her office.
    "Paul, you're due to go home tomorrow" she said. "But I think you should stay here for another nine months. You are without doubt the worst pathological gambler we've ever had come through here." I didn't have a clue what that meant.

    other book I got is

    It's only available in polish as far as I know. it's pretty similar to Merson's biography. Well, similar that it tells about Iwan's gambling and alcohol problems and his relations with other players and coaches, although it's written in much more serious way than Merson's biography. he reveals some interesting (some say shocking) stories about well-known polish coaches like Piechniczek or Lenczyk. Really worth reading for all football fans in Poland.


      My favorite authors are Alexandre Dumas, Charles Bukowski, Ephraim Kishon, but the best books I've read lately is "The Master and Margarita" by M. Bulgakov and "1984" by G. Orwell.


        By the way, I was going to ask if you have a site that deals with a rating and a review of the books? Something like "imdb" for movies, is there something besides "goodreads" for books?



          As some of you know thus far, i am a real history freak and love those detailed biographies...

          Simon Sebag Montefiore wrote here a monumental thing...really i never seen something so complex and detailed. You wont find things yyou can find here in any tv docu etc etc...simply this guy must have dug all archives, memories etc...

          from what i noticed raeding this book he also interviewed those that were alive by the time he wrote it and knew Stalin personally...tremendous and hard work of author...
          Book for history freaks..but once you start to read it you feel like you can raed it in a day or two...because it is written perfectly. But book itself is huge and provides days of reading.

          Till now best book of this kind i have read ever.

          And from what i see it is also one of favourite books of Alex Ferguson just checked reviews when i was writing this post for you lads.

          I loved the totalitarian high baroque sleaze of Montefiore's Stalin.' SIMON SCHAMA, Book of the Year, Guardian

          'One of the two outstanding books of the year, Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore... was the most civilised and elegant chronicle of brutality and ruthlessness I have ever read, its prose cool and clear but never indifferent' Ruth Rendell, Daily Telegraph

          'Montefiore's Stalin... horrific, revelatory and sobering... triumph of research and should be required reading in Russia. Book of the Year' John Le Carré, Observer

          'I did not think I could learn anything new about Stalin but I was wrong. A stunning performance' Dr Henry Kissinger

          'Stalin: the Court of the Red Tsar is one of the best biographies I have ever read in my life' Shimon Peres

          'The book I have enjoyed most over the past year was Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar. It was eye-opening. How he managed to kill probably 30 or 40 million people and conceal it is unbelievable' Alex Ferguson

          Originally posted by Black medusa
          im back and ready for big wieners


            Thank you for sharing your experience while reading guys! Good books indeed, I believe we need to live at least twice in order to have time to read more!!!!!!!!!! God give us one more life!


              Lucky you, that u have time for reading, what is this life with full of care, you have no time to stand and stare.


                Top 3 betting books:
                - Thinking, Fast, and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
                - The Signal and The Noise by Nate Silver
                - Fooled by Randomness by Nassem Nicholas Taleb


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