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    141. Eric Clapton - Lady in Red (2:54)

    R9, I don't see what's so funny with Eric Clapton...He's an extremely good guitarist, and an excellent composeur.
    I play the guitar for 3 years now, he's one of my biggest influences(together with De Lucia, Di Meola, Metheny, Petrucci,Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughn,etc...)


      Originally posted by DSK121
      Originally posted by Arbiter Elegantiarum
      Hey guys - link to that tape, as we don`t know what you are talking about :P

      Now playing: DJ Wicek - Lepper disco mix
      Oh Sh^%$ now in Poland Lepper is everywhere :roll:

      ...anyway Arbiter what a wicek, q-bass... :wink:
      Hehe, Lepper mp3`s are the best.

      What, my music is great :lol: , I not listen to any specific style but to everything. I usually listen to one song for long time then switch to other.
      I like even songs that are regarded as **** by experts but if they are symphatetic :lol:

      For example today:
      Toples - Hej Dobry DJ (my fav 8) )
      Kaliber 44 - Psychodela ( 8O )
      Dust - Wieczny Rycerz ( :twisted: )
      Indian Jones - Elvis vs. Eminem(A Little Less Conversation mixed with Without Me) :P

      p.s. as for guiter the best song is Desperado title song.


        Royal City - Bring my father a gift, melancholic tune, also quite interesting their coverversion of the Strokes classics Is This It?. Okay, The Strokes were better before, but check out their new single 12:51. Still good rockmusic!
        Okay, maybe you prefer UK-Hiphop, then you probably like The Streets last single Fit But You Know It.

        Do you know last weeks BBC Single of the week? It was TV On The Radio and their current single Staring At The Sun. But I must admit, I like their forthcoming single Dreams even better.
        One of my favourites in the last months, has been The Stills - Still In Love Song, maybe cause I am also still in love, day after day..

        So, now I tired of posting MP3-URLs, but at the end, one nice Spring-Soundtrack by french singer Rob, which has been remixed by his mates from Phoenix: Never Enough. But maybe you like loud noisepunk more??? Then try Mcluskys new song Without MSG I Am Nothing.

        Time to go to bed with one of Norway biggest bands, just to lift my hat to my friends Terje and Arsenalno1: The White Birchs very romantic, a little bit depressive Donau Movies.

        Thats all MP3-Format, have fun.. :lol:


          VH1 and that fantastic Norwegian Video, made by a short film, which shows beautifull Norway scenery in one year in few minutes... and a song by AHA (who I did not like much before) goes perfectly to it!!
          One day and one year in the same time in few minutes... terrific! Almost to get tears into your eyes...
          The song name is Lifelines I think...
          MacotBet follow me on BA


            Yes Macot, title is "Lifelines". The scenery in the video is similar to where I live..beatuiful and quiet. Perfect place to focus on betting

            Now playing: The White Birch :wink:


              Originally posted by arsenalno1
              Yes Macot, title is "Lifelines". The scenery in the video is similar to where I live..beatuiful and quiet. Perfect place to focus on betting

              Now playing: The White Birch :wink:
              You luckyluckylucky b...tard...!!
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                  Now playing:

                  3 Doors Down - Here Without You

                  Men, it's a very good song. I don't like that kind of music, but this one is making me good feelings of betting .
                  The valiant never taste of death but once.- William Shakespeare


                    np. Pat Metheny - Imaginary Day


                      Yves De Ruyter - Live @ Trance Energy Thialf Heerenveen

                      G-Unit - Smile

                      Kelis - Trick Me


                        Fun Lovin' Criminals - Swashbucklin' in Brooklyn
                        Thanks, Peter !
                        Originally posted by DonJuanKieputo
                        Im eating today chocclate like ****


                          Kenny Rogers - The gambler

                          The ultimate song!! Whenever i listen to it, my teams always come through!!!


                            50 Pence - In Da Pub (3:41) 8)

                            ...look love I've got a fiver if you let me see your jugs...


                              np. Turbonegro - Everybody

                              EEEEEEEEEEVEERYBOOODYYY, SEEEEELL YOUR BODDYYYYYY, Eveeerybooodyyy, selll your bodyy, too the night!!!!!!11one



                                And other song, that i must write something about that:
                                O-Zone - Dragoste Din Tei

                                Just 3 words : NOMA NOMA NEJJJJJ
                                The valiant never taste of death but once.- William Shakespeare


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