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The rise of Eastern Europe in indoor sports, but what about football? Marginalisation

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    The rise of Eastern Europe in indoor sports, but what about football? Marginalisation

    why is it called CHAMPIONS LEAGUE when England, Spain, Italy and Germany are getting 4 spots each?

    why is the Western world still marginalising the champions of traditional football countries like Croatia, Romania or Serbia, when they can get direct spots straight to the CL groups? maybe even Bulgaria and others?

    it is clear they want to share less money with us and in football we are still second hand. Romania and Serbia are the only countries which won Champions League at club level, whilst Croatia just reached the final of the World Cup. Bulgaria, another nation which at some moment was top in the world, is doing even worse!

    it is all about the money..

    I also forgot about Poland which used to have a great NT some decades ago, so why not ****ing direct spot to the CL groups for Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Bulgaria? adding also Greece? why Central European Austria cannot also have one?

    why there is no improvement? I am telling you why, because they dont play in CL. in all the indoor sports East is playing in Champions League alongside the West. wildcard/directly. thats why in basketball, volleyball and even handball Eastern Europe has been resurrected.

    **** YOU UEFA, dumb shits!

    UEFA named a puppet lawyer from Slovenia, but this will end up badly because it is not only about the money

    I have my info that several federation heads in Eastern Europe through the voice of Gheorghe Hagi will finally ask their rights


      plus Czech Republic

      and if the champion teams from Macedonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belarus, whatever would fail through the CL qualifications, they should go directly to the Europa League groups


        This year the Romanian and Polish champions exited against the Luxembourgeois champions. And the latter are semi-pros with a lower budget. I believe the CL group stage was introduced in 2010 or so but Eastern European football never reached the same heights it did during communism in capitalism... Virtually all of my Eastern European friends are also following an English, Spanish or German side in addition to their "local" club side. In South America it seems a bit different. Many people I know seem more interested in following their local league even if it isn't that valuable. So there seems to be a mindset in some Eastern European countries that the West is better and for me that is part of the problem.
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          CFR Cluj had internal problems after Petrescu left for China, current CFR would demolish those who are anyway not from Luxembourg, 95% of the players are French

          with Legia I totally agree they are poorer since a while. but in fact even Poland should get a champion in groups

          traditional countries, all should get. even if we would remove 4th of the top leagues out of the CL

          moreover if the champion teams from Hungary (I forgot about it), Macedonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belarus, whatever would fail through the CL qualifications, they should go directly to the Europa League groups

          otherwise UEFA dont care at all about development. and it is not like Steaua Bucharest and Red Star werent champions of Europe, actually Steaua played two finals. and now Croatia is vice world champion but Dinamo Zagreb isnt playing in CL although it is a champion.

          they want equity or not? the thing is that East is always pressured by coefficient, when their champions should play in CL/EL groups without any doubt

          Wise, you should take a look at HANDBALL, BASKETBALL AND VOLLEYBALL! this wouldnt have happened if East would have been always limited, there are no 50 teams from top Western leagues, maximum 2-3, but not 4. now even 5 are from some championships of the West with the EL win rule...

          mindset that West is better? no ****ing way, but we will never equal the parts if West still considers us 2nd hand citizens of Europe


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