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Well known poker player arrested in Las Vegas for placing bets with SBOBET!

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    Well known poker player arrested in Las Vegas for placing bets with SBOBET!

    Eight people from Malaysia, China and Hong Kong were accused Monday of operating a temporary, illegal gambling ring from exclusive high-roller villas at a Las Vegas Strip resort that investigators said logged millions of dollars in bets on FIFA World Cup soccer games.

    Wei Seng Phua, 50, a suspected organized crime member, and the others were named in a criminal complaint detailing the scheme to take bets over WiFi and DSL lines they had casino employees install in their suites at Caesars Palace.

    During their arraignment, a federal judge granted a request that Phua and his son, a co-defendant, stay with a Las Vegas doctor and poker enthusiast while awaiting an Aug. 4 preliminary hearing.

    Phua must post $2 million cash bail, wear a GPS monitoring device and put up his $48 million private Gulfstream jet as collateral, among other conditions.


    Global online sportsbook SBOBET wishes to make it clear that recent press reports linking its name to a Wei Seng Phua (or Phua Wei Seng) who was arrested in the US for illegal online sports betting on the 2014 FIFA World Cup conducted out of a Las Vegas casino base are entirely without foundation.

    Neither the accused nor those arrested with him have any involvement or association with the ownership or management of SBOBET, or with its operators, Celton Manx Limited and Richwell Ventures Limited.

    Additionally SBOBET wishes to clarify that the US is one of more than 30 jurisdictions worldwide from which it does not accept bets from and that any alledged wagers placed via by the accused could only have been made illegally, as press reports confirm.

    For more information contact:
    William D Mummery
    Executive Director
    Celton Manx Limited
    [email protected]

    Tel : +44 1624 721968
    Mob : +44 7624 494113
    Got it from the source below:
    Las Vegas Illegal Wagering: A Statement From SBOBET


      Wow, it is a simple poker player and got arrested because gambling is forbidden in his country it is a pity guy and I am sorry for him, I don't see anything bad in poker. I am also a poker player and thank god it is legal in my state. I even registrate my wins as lottery wins and pay taxes, so my income from is totally legal and I can sleep well. This world is crazy if the person got arrested because of the card games.


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