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No announcement yet. bonus 200% Do you know?

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new posts bonus 200% Do you know?

    Hello friends.

    Sorry for my bad english but I´m from another country. bonus is 200% (deposit 100 eur and they gives you 200 more eur).

    It´s a serious bookie ????

    This is a very curious and very very not usual offer, but I dont´s know this bookie.


    Deposit Bonus

    You will get 100% bonus on your first deposit when you deposit up to 99.9 EURO* to your account. If you deposit 100 EURO or more, you will get 200% bonus at your account, but not more than 200 EURO.

    Very simple rules for withdrawal of your bonus

    If your first deposit is 100 EURO you will get 200 EURO in bonus. This gives a total of 300 EURO on your account.
    You need to bet for four (4) times your deposit+bonus, in order to request for a payout. You cannot withdraw any part of the deposit or bonus before this is done.
    The bets counted have to be at odds 1.75 or higher. The bet with the highest stake is not counted in the bonus turnover. Games that are interdependent are of course not acceptable in accordance with our rules.

    You decide how many bets you want to make to reach the total turnover.

    There is no time limit for your bonus bets.

    If you choose not to use our deposit bonus you can of course withdraw your money whenever you want by asking for a withdrawal.

    This offer is valid a limited time period and only the first time you make a deposit.

    *This example is for EURO currency. If your account is registered with another currency, the amounts in this example are exchanged to a corresponding amount in your currency.

    The guys I know how have tried Golfnbet are so far quite positive. After the rollover they have had their money in the bank three days after requested pay out. Their customer support is said to be real good. My friend asked them why didn´t offer Swedish basketball and something more. He was told " If you want it we can put it up", and they did.

    The negative sides are that they have a real poor choice of markets and odds are far from the best and they do not offer asian handicaps. You should also be aware that last year Golfnbet was closed down, just opened like three months ago in a new regime. All customers we´re asked to re-sign up. So for me this site still is a no-no


      Are there any news about this bookie ! Golfandbet have closed for some month !! And they do not withdraw money !! Have anyone got money from golfandbet ?? Are there any news about this ??


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