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  • gamebookers

    I joined 1 month ago, and I discoverd this is an excellent bookie. They have the biggest range of events and bets, much more than all the other bookies I saw.
    I joined because I wanted to bet on the intertoto cup, and they had the best selection. Now I see they have the best selections also on other leagues and sports, and I fully recommend them :!:

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    I agree.

    I have used Gamebookers since Summer 2000, and I'm also very happy with them. Quick payouts, excellent number of events on offer, and good service.

    They've made it somewhat cumbersome with this new system,, though. It is a system where you have to register on another website in order to get your payouts quicker.
    Probably a good idea, but I think it creates more "mess" than what's needed...

    "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
    - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


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      I was browsing their forum couple of days ago, and I saw some customers expressing their problems with Moneybookers. I agree with Terje, it looks mess to me too.


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        Gamebookers I like them !

        I have account long time at Gamebookers I like them very much !

        no problem with anythink !


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          Sadly their new Moneybookers thing is cumbersome. Takes too much time (compared to the old system, with direct payments from Gamebookers), but apart from that, I find Gamebookers a very good bookmaker indeed.

          If you fancy opening an account, support Bettingadvice, and sign up trough the banners on the site, or trough this link:

          Any income from Gamebooker's affiliate programme goes to pay for server rent, tipster salaries, and other liebilities that we have (such as huge phone bills !!)

          "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
          - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


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            My Withdrawal from
            $850 01.01.2003 Don't send me
            But Today 14.01.2003

            Leter for gamebookers:

            Dear Mr. Pavlovic,

            Thank you for contacting us.
            Please accept our apologies for this delay caused by some technical
            difficulties. We would like to assure you that Gamebookers Payment
            department is currenly working on your request. Thank you for your

            Kind regards,

            Yours truly, service @ gamebookers


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              This technical error has also happened to me recently.

              I withdrew money on Jan 6 (a rather large sum), but due to a technial error the money has not been moved to Moneybookers yet.

              However, I expect everything to be sorted soon.

              I've been in touch with my contacts at Gamebookers, and they have assured me that it is a technical error in the automatic handling of withdraw requests.

              "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
              - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


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                Don't send moneybookers

                Gamebookers don't sent in www.moneybokers if I from Lithuania
                in Lithuania send only Bank Wire Transfer !!??


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                  gamebookers letter

                  gamebookers letter

                  Dear Sir,

                  GS> You have requested a cheque withdrawal from your gamebookers account and
                  GS> when following the online procedure, a message was displayed informing
                  GS> you that the payment will be executed through our payment provider
                  GS> Moneybookers Ltd. However, Moneybookers Ltd. is under UK money
                  GS> laundering regulations and therefore cannot commence relations with a
                  GS> resident of a jurisdiction classified by the OECD as non-cooperative in
                  GS> the fight against money laundering. This means that we will execute your
                  GS> withdrawal directly from one of our bank accounts. However, a cheque
                  GS> withdrawal won't be possible therefore the sum will be sent as bank
                  GS> wire, so we would like to herewith ask you to send us an email with your
                  GS> full bank account details - account number, SWIFT code, bank code, IBAN
                  GS> number if available, exact name and address of the bank, as well as the
                  GS> name of the account holder if it is different from the name stated in
                  GS> your gamebookers account. And in case you are not aware of all these
                  GS> details, please contact your bank and request the necessary information
                  GS> from them.

                  GS> We would be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

                  GS> With the best regards,

                  GS> service @ gamebookers


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                    Looks like they don't use Moneybookers to countries like Lithuania, due to the country's reputation for money laundry.

                    One of the drawbacks of living in one of the former Iron-curtain countries, I guess.

                    Anyway, just send them your bank details, as they ask for , and it will be fixed.



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                      I sent my bank account

                      I sent my bank account No..
                      But I don't have $850 in my bank accout Today 14.01.2003 !!!


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                        Should I join GB

                        After all , should i join GB . Their Payment system is good enough and what troubles here , Please Answer me


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                          Having used Gamebookers for several years now, I must say I am very satisfied with them, and recommend them highly.
                          Also read the review on Gamebookers at Bettingadvice.


                          "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
                          - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


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                            Yes: GAMEBOOKERS VERY BAD

                            GAMEBOOKERS VERY BAD
                            I have deposit from my friend K.Kotov (Payfriend)
                            I have one bet- win
                            But I have many problems with !!!
                            My account, please:
                            User name: 16225
                            Password: 371418

                            GAMEBOOKERS the Letter 1:

                            Dear Miss Tatjana Vorobjova,

                            Thank you for your withdrawal request. However, before we can actually process your withdrawal
                            we have to ascertain your identity. Therefore, we kindly ask you to send us a copy of your
                            official ID
                            or equivalent document proving your identity.
                            Best regards from Antigua and the best of luck,

                            service @ gamebookers

                            I sent My ID…

                            GAMEBOOKERS the Letter 2:

                            Dear Miss Vorobjova,

                            Thank you once again for sending the document required.
                            Before letting you make withdrawals, however, we would have to ask you
                            to send us a copy of a recent utility bill, where your name and
                            address are clearly legible. Please excuse us for the inconveniences
                            caused but we have to stick to our high security standards.

                            Kind regards,

                            Yours, service @ gamebookers

                            I sent My bill…

                            GAMEBOOKERS the Letter 3 :

                            Dear Miss Vorobjova,

                            Thank you for your feedback.
                            We would like to ask you for a thorough explanation of your
                            relationship to Mr. Kotov. We would also like to ask you for a real
                            utility bill, such as a telephone or electricity bill. Please note
                            that Gamebookers reserves the right to request further information
                            pertaining to client account at any time. Failure to supply such
                            information may result in limitation on future deposit or suspension
                            of account.

                            Kind regards,

                            Yours, serevice @ gamebookers

                            GAMEBOOKERS requires :

                            We would like to ask you for a thorough explanation of your
                            relationship to Mr. Kotov !!!!!!!!!!!!

                            THIS INSULT !!!!!!

                            THIS INFRINGEMENT OF THE RIGHTS OF THE MAN !!!!


                            • #15
                              I'm sorry, but I dont see that Gamebookers have done anything wrong by asking you these questions. With the current money laundering situation around the world, its perfectly sensible that they need to ask certain things.

                              In my opinion, its not a problem unless you are trying to hide something.


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