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INTERNET1X2 withdrawal doesn't arrive

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  • INTERNET1X2 withdrawal doesn't arrive

    I have now been waiting more than one month for a withdrawal of $5000
    Are they experiencing economic problems?

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    My name is Julia Seide customer support manager.
    The money was sent to you Sir.

    Please post again when toy will receive it.

    We have over 30,000 customers and growing and sometimes tech. problems occurs.

    I am very sorry for the delay.

    Thank you and good luck!

    Julia Seide.


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      user name ido raviv (owner of 1x2)

      and reply as julia?
      so strange


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        I think is not for me.
        To difficult to withdraw money.
        To avoid fees you have to withdraw over $2000.
        Withdrawing money takes to long!

        All bookmakers should look to and learn!
        I made 2 withdrawals from me acount, and money was in my bank-account 3 days later, no fees, no extra paperwork etc... is very good!


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          GET OUT of 1x2

          here is a sampling of their customer service, after notifying them that they incorrectly graded a south american match...

          "Dear Member,

          Sportsfanatik and their affiliates had many many mistakes over the years...
          If you do not like our service feel free to try another sportsbook we are sure you will come back...

          We will look into it and call another source.


          I will get my $$, and DEFINITELY will not be back....thanks Julia, and thanks 1x2.
          GOOD RIDDENS!!


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            I had 500$ at I am trying to withdraw it now for two months still no money.

            so I decided today to put this 500$ on Barcelona in the CL game against Galatasaray, you know I just want to loose it) I have enough from sending them emails and asking my money.

            check this :

            !!!! Never bet at their site !!!!
            at the end I'll lose only 500$ but they will lose more because I'll let every punter know about their money matters...

            !!!! Never bet at !!!!


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              **** I just wanted to lose it :evil: :evil: :evil:


              :evil: :evil: :evil:


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                  You've won man!
                  Tell them to give you the money!
                  Be very agressive! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
                  Good luck!


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                    I was paid in 2 days through Internet1x2

                    I have to tell you guys, to be honest my account is there and I sent them all the required docs and $1500 was in my bank acount within 2 days, :P :P you can say what you want but they have very good prices...


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                      or you are lucky or you work for them


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                        Re: INTERNET1X2 withdrawal doesn't arrive

                        Originally posted by Roar
                        I have now been waiting more than one month for a withdrawal of $5000
                        Are they experiencing economic problems?


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                 Cashout Delay

                          During deposit, everything going fast, while I tried to withdraw with an amount of 2400USD, it had take almost half month, the funds still show "PENDING" in my account....


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                            Some News From Betbg.Net

                            As what mentioned, recently trying to settle all the payout and willing to contact regarding the cashout problem, I think they are trying to get off from blacklist. May I know who successfully get withdraws from recently??

                            Please helps..............


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                              In Holland we say " a fox loses his hair, but not his tricks" i think this is the case with internet1x2.A company that has proven that they are crooks who dont take their bussines/customers serious, arent worth a single $ i.m.o.There are so many reliable/good books why risk your money with such an amateur company.Even if they will be taken of blacklist this will not be guarantee they wont do their tricks again.
                              Internet1x2=Bermuda Triangle, you go in with your money and you dont know if you will come out with it :wink:


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