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SBObet pissing me off

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    Originally posted by TEDDIE21 View Post
    I'm not a guy that complains so much but today these guys really pissed me off.

    1. They accept an in-play bet, and AFTER about 15-20 minutes, when the bet was already a winner, cancel it stating that at the moment of accepting the bet the ball was in danger zone. I understand all these things with safe/danger etc, but why after 15-20 minutes?

    I'm just thinking that with such practices, they might be stealing from us and boosting more profit, for them of course. For example, if they just see that if some bet would stand, it would mean an X loss for them, so why not cancel it? After all, nobody says a word and they would just email each of us and invoke that stupid rule which says they can take your money even if you win...

    2. I take a bet, and I wait for about 6-7 minutes to be accepted. Since it was an "over", every minute gone was my disadvantage. The ball was in safe positions several times during this time, yet my bet was going to be accepted after 6-7 minutes. So if I have over 0.5 with 20 more minutes to go, and I wait 6-7 minutes, mathematically I have no chance but to lose over the long-term.

    3. Their live-support SUCKS big time. Those guys just copy-paste from a script and don't seem to read what I'm telling them. Can't believe how unprofessional can they be and we're talking about a so-called leading Asian/Euro bookmaker.

    So what happens? Is this a singular case and I was just unlucky today, or did anyone else encounter such situations?
    Man, I fundamentally disagree with your every word, because I have been making bets for a very long time with the official agent of CBO Bet, namely on the website and I had no problems. Out of 124 bets, 110 turned out to be victorious and this is just a wonderful result , in the end, in a month I increased my initial bank 200 times and made $ 4,000 from $ 20. So I will not believe that you had problems because I bet on all the outcomes of football, and even guessed the exact score with a very high coefficient 3.2. As for the support service, I had a few misunderstandings with them but in the end everything was decided in my favor. I do not even know even know what to advise you, because I and my friends have never had problems with this bookmaker. Good luck and victories in the future!
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