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    With a quick Google search of M8bet, you will see that they are: 'Ultra-competitive Asian Sportsbook', 'leading betting operator in Asia' and other positive qualifications. Yes, this is true. I had no reason to doubt their reputation and trustworthiness. Even more, in the last fifteen years, I have used many Asian bookmakers and I may say I trust in the morality and sense of justice of the management of this business in Asia.

    Amid all of this, my incident with M8bet seems strange and unexplainable. I will summarize my story here and I am open to any ideas for resolving this problem.
    With the services of my agent bet-football, on December 30th 2020, I got an account with M8bet in HKD and 20% settlement.
    Almost a month, this account was constantly losing. I made through my agent several deposits, each one of 2-3,000 EUR. Till January 25th (Monday), the account was at minus almost 5,000 EUR. The same day, things turned over. With live betting on Wycombe - Tottenham, during the break, I made 4 bets, of 1,050 EUR each, on over 4, over 3,75 and over 3,5 that brought me, from this match only, winnings of over 4,000 EUR. The next three days were also successful for me and on Thursday I had 8,400 EUR of winnings for the week. But on Thursday night, logging in my account, I saw that my whole betting activity of the current week was void. It included all the settled bets I had made from Monday to Thursday and they had brought me total winnings of 8,400 EUR. Annulled were also bets on upcoming events on Saturday that if decided correctly would had brought me a loss of 500 EUR. I.e. with this action I was deprived of 7,900 EUR of winnings for all the voided days. Annulled were dozens of bets and for all of them was pointed as reason 'abnormal betting'. This term I know from my experience with Singbet. They apply it for matches of the lower leagues when their system catches unusual money flows on certain outcomes. But they void the bets before the start of the match with an explicit message.

    In my case with M8bet, the cancellation because of the 'abnormal betting' is done post factum - on Thursday and is applied on all bets for the previous four days, as well as for several bets on upcoming events on Saturday.
    M8bet have explained in their terms what they find for 'abnormal betting' as long as an explanation of the unacceptable practices. Here is the named piece of their rules:

    'Company shall be entitled the right to claim for all losses and damages suffered by the company as a result of fraud against the Customer or group of Customers acting in concert or as a syndicate. "Wrongdoings and/or fraud" shall include but not be limited to attempts to beat the rules and regulations, single account per player, betting limits, win limits, hacking, false personal information, any actions and/or omissions which Company deems to be a fraud and/or wrongdoings.
    Our Company reserves the right to refuse/reject and suspend without prior notification any Customer who is suspected of cheating, hacking, attacking, manipulating or damaging the Operator's normal betting operations (including the Internet Betting Service). Any of the "abnormal bets" will be VOID without prior notification. The use of artificial intelligence or "bots" on the Internet Betting Service is strictly forbidden. Our company will take measures to prevent and detect the use of programs that are designed to enable artificial intelligence (non-humans) to utilize the Website. Any attempted or actual use of artificial intelligence by the Customer will lead to termination of their Account or Voiding the bets, at the discretion of our company.
    In the event of odds mistake attributed to typing or human error, the company reserves the right to correct the odds mistakes and to settle accounts with the accurate odds.'


    My whole betting activity in M8bet was in good faith and none of my bets could be qualified as unacceptable practice according to their terms. Most of my bets are on major leagues and live betting where everything happens before our eyes. Pointing on fixed games, syndicate actions, automated betting or so ever would be absurd and unprofessional. I am sure M8bet have the technical ability to check and assure of this. And as I previously mentioned, I believe in the morality and sense of justice of the Asian bookmakers. I have had this manner of betting with dozens of bookmakers. I have stopped using most of them because of them setting unacceptable for me limits but no one has ever even hinted of an 'abnormal' betting activity. I have been deceitfully caused damage to by lot of companies and I can count some of them by memory: SSP, Globet, Betchampion, Pointbet, Starbet, Betchance, Goldvictory, Staybet. I hope I will not have to add M8bet to this list. I have made screenshots of all of the canceled bets and I can provide them to anyone willing to competently help with this case. I hope it reaches the respective manager form M8bet that will show common sense and fairly examine it. Any other decision than paying the canceled bets would be a loud injustice and will reasonably make a dangerous precedent of 'unfair bookmaker's practice'.

    To make my words clear with visual aids, I am applying the following screenshots:

    - Statement with the days of the canceled bets:

    - Statement for each of the canceled days:

    You can see here all the events and the total amounts bet on all markets. Clicking on an event, a list with all the bets made on it comes up. As I said, they were dozens, so I apply a screenshot of only those 4 with biggest bets on Wycombe - Tottenham:

    My agent is familiar with this case and promised to ask M8bet for an answer but until today there is still no result.
    Last edited by MisterBet; 22-02-21, 09:43.

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