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ibc(maxbet) -> black list

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    ibc(maxbet) -> black list

    Act 1. Bets were placed, voided "mistakenly", re-enabled.

    Act 2. After game ended bets for 1st half were still active

    Act 3. "Percentage-based" bookie ibc decided that they lost too much and deliberately voided bets

    Simply put it here. If anyone will get robbed by ibc(maxbet) - you are warned. There is no safety precautions. ibc may and will impertinently void your bets after game had ended.
    And "broker", in any case, will do nothing else than cover all filth that bookmaker ibc does.

    It's not clear where maxbet or ibc has license. There is no "maxbet" or "ibc" in first cagayan zone in Philippines.
    I've found info that ibc/maxbet is in now under PACIFIC SEA INVESTS S.A. / PACIFIC SEA BPO SERVICES, INC. is one of their aliases.
    maxbet - grey zone bookie with weak lines

    ursulla offered campaign against them. Let's do it. Let's unite, make a clan and act together or else we will be beaten one by one. Like efekan with PT, like guy with 18bet, like ones robbed by broker bet-ibc, like got stuck in failed betbutler broker, like many others.

    Sorry to hear that.
    Thanks for the heads up.


      1xbet partner' ibc/maxbet continues to void bets after game ended.
      I've noticed earlier Real Madrid game when bets were voided after game ended. I have won that bets.
      But when you loose, there is no reason to void.

      ibc rules state that:
      3.1.2. If a soccer match is postponed, or is abandoned or suspended and not resumed within 12 hoursfrom the
      scheduled commencement time, then the match is void (irrespective of any official decision to honor the result).
      I made several bets for game Edgeworth Eagles FC vs Brisbane Strikers FC originally scheduled for 23 September 9-00 in platform
      Game was postponed for 24 September 6-00
      ibc waited till game ended and decided NOT to void bets. In total I lost some in that bets. That's why ibc decided to steal more money.

      Abandoned/postponed games are a good source of income for ibc/maxbet. You do not know whether game will be postponed or abandoned due to heavy rains. And 1xbet' friend ibc clearly states that:
      The outcome of all bets on abandoned/suspended matches is at the sole discretion of the Company.
      They want their hands untied in such cases. You are warned that they are going to steal like backstreet casino. But you cannot exclude such games.
      The reason why singbet/ibc/maxbet/Pacific Sea BPO Services practice such dirty tricks is their weak lines. Otherwise ibc is gonna sink. When ibc may turn in their favor results of 1% games it's a relief for a casino with weak lines.


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