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Will my betting technique PROGRESSION work?

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    Will my betting technique PROGRESSION work?

    In my opinion this is the best betting technique and I call this technique PROGRESSION, some call it parlay, it can also be called atacking martingale.
    The ordinary martingale is defensive, only if you lose, then you defend your money and increase your stake.
    Ordinary martingale has NO VALUE.

    The bank in this topic-example is euro 300, and you can bet more or less, of course.

    Each set of bets starts at euro 10 and after each bet is hit, we place everything we get - on the next bet. The goal is - to create a winning streak with an overall odds of between 30-40, so the goal is to reach euro 300-400 with a series of successful bets and put them in the cash register.

    We can be flexible, if I win, say, euro 170, we can put euro 20 in our bank. We can be flexible in other ways, we will see that during betting.

    Advantages - PROGRESSION of betting technique:

    1. We all have, almost every day, some bets that we have great conviction, greater conviction than other bets on offer, we have our - tips of the day.
    It's hardly possible to hit more bets in one day, it's not realistic.

    2. We have 30 tries, that's a good stock.

    3. If we miss a series, we lose only the initial stake - 10 e.

    4. We actually play combo betting with this technique, just a lot more carefully.

    5. As for this technique, some recommend going up to * 16 (four bets with 2 odds), but I think we need to go higher because in case we win, we have a very safe bank.
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    Today, combo (two bets) at Bet365, we place 10 ***8364;:

    Man City - Atalanta - Over 2.5 & Yes (Total Goals Both Teams To Score), odd 1.8
    Crewe - Colchester - Draw No Bet, Crew, odd 1.4

    My blog:


      Oct 22, 2019

      M. City - Atalanta 5: 1 win
      Crew - Colchester 0: 0 odds 1

      We received 18 euros.

      Now we have 18 euros for the next bet, we have a total of 308 euros.

      Today, oct 23, 2019, we bet combo:

      Game 1

      14:00 Ajax (U19) - Chelsea (U19), over 2.5, @ 1.5 (Bet365)

      Ajax U19 plays very offensively every game, and it's hard to believe that Chelsea U19 will play catenaccio.
      I was thinking and still thinking about whether to play Ajax (U19) draw no bet 1, but in the end I decided to play over.;overall

      Game 2

      18:55 Ajax - Chelsea, over 2.5 @ 1.57 (Bet365)

      Very easy to play. Chelsea with Lampard as coach, playing the most offensive football in the last 20 years, for sure. Ajax will play as usual, offensively.;overall

      This is a combo bet, we are investing 18 euros * combo odd 2.35, so we will get 42.39 euros, or we will lose everything.


        Ajax U19 - Chelsea U19 0:1 (0:1) lost bet

        Now, our bank is 290 euros.

        New bet, combo:

        Game 1

        Giana Erminio - US Pergolettese Draw No Bet 1 @ 1.57 (Bet365)

        Cesare Alb? has been the new home team coach since late September.
        Since then, Giana Erminio has been playing better, in the last two rounds they have one win and one draw.
        Pergolettese plays very, very poorly, has not won in his last 13 games. I do not believe it will succeed today.

        Game 2

        18:55 Ajax - Chelsea, over 2.5 @ 1.55 (Bet365)

        Very easy to bet. Chelsea with Lampard as coach, playing the most offensive football in the last 20 years, for sure. Ajax will play as usual, offensively.;overall

        We place 10 e on this combo bet.


          23. oct 2019.

          Gianna Erminio - Pergolettese 1:1 odd 1
          Ajax - Chelsea 0:1, lost

          Now, bank is 280 euros.


            Today, combo betting, two matches:

            1st game

            Ludogorets Razgrad - Espanyol
            Ludogorets Razgrad (Draw No Bet)

            Odd: 1,670

            Ludogoretz has won the last 9 games, has not lost in the last 21 games, a month ago in this same competition, beat Moscow CSKA 5-1!
            Espanyol plays miserably, it is the penultimate in Spain 1, it is much more important to him whether he will stay in the domestic championship than this competition.

            Pre-match statistics:;overall

            This is value!

            Match 2

            Trabzonspor - Krasnodar
            Over 1.5

            Odd: 1,220

            Both teams need a win to try to win second place. That's why both teams will play openly.
            In Trabzonspor's last 8 home games, they have scored two goals or more.

            Pre-match statistics:;home

            The bet on this combo is 10 Euros.


              Ludogorets Razgrad - Espanyol 0:1, lost
              Trabzonspor - Krasnodar 0:2

              So, combo bet lost.

              Now, bank is 270 euros


                Today, combo betting, two matches:

                1st game

                Sepahan - Saipa Karadj
                Sepahan (Full Time Result)
                Odd: 1.36 (Bookmaker: Bet365)

                After 7 rounds Sepahan is first on the table, he has no goals in his net yet. He looks very strong in the Iran League. The guest has three consecutive defeats, in my opinion 1.4 is value.


                Match 2

                Hamburg SV II - Altona 93
                Over 2.5 (Goals Over Under)
                Odd: 1.48 (Bookmaker: Bet36)

                Two teams playing very offensive football, the statistics say it all:


                We bet 10 euros, the eventual gain is 20.1 euros


                  Sepahan - Saipa 0:0, pick lost

                  Now, bank is 260 e.


                    Combo betting, two matches:

                    Match 1

                    Hamburg SV II - Altona 93
                    Over 2.5 (Goals Over Under)
                    Odd: 1.48 (Bookmaker: Bet36)

                    Two teams playing very offensive football, the statistics say it all:


                    Match 2

                    Grasshoppers - FC Vaduz
                    Over 2.5
                    Odds: 1,550
                    Bookmaker: Bet365

                    Two teams playing offensive football. My guess is that the guest will score and in that case 3 goals will come.


                    On this combo bet - 10 e.


                      Hamburg SV II - Altona 93 3:0, won. odd 1.48
                      Grasshoppers - FC Vaduz 3:3, won, odd 1.55

                      1.48 * 1.55 * 10 e = 23 e

                      Now, bank is 283 euros.

                      The next bet will be 23 e.


                        Now, combo:

                        First match:

                        VfB Eichst?tt - Schweinfurt 05
                        Over 2.5 (Goals Over Under)

                        Odd: 1,650
                        Bookmaker: Bet365


                        Second match:

                        Nuremberg II - Viktoria Aschaffenburg
                        Over 2.5 (Alternative Goal Line)

                        Odd: 1,550
                        Bookmaker: Bet365


                        Both games will be open, with offensive football.

                        The combo odd is 2.55 multiplied by 23 e (past winnings), with a possible hit of 58 euros.


                          We hit a combo bet from the Bayern League:

                          Eichstatt - Schweinfurt 3:2, won
                          Nuremberg II - Viktoria Aschaffenburg 3:3, won

                          We got 58.6 e and we'll put that on our next bet


                            We are betting on the next bet 58.6 e (previous winnings). We continue the progression.

                            Cliftonville - Dungannon Swifts
                            Cliftonville (Full Time Result)
                            Odd: 1,330
                            Bookmaker: Bet365

                            I cannot see that the host will not win this game, it has quality and form.

                            So, 58.6 * 1.33 = 77.9 (if hit)


                              Cliftonville - Dungannon 5:0 (0:0), bet won.

                              This bet has earned 77.9 euros. It will be our next stake.

                              The bank is now 327.9 euros.


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