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Will my betting technique PROGRESSION work?

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    Combo with two very safe (?! ) matches, we need to increase our stock before tomorrow's betting:

    Genk - Cercle Brugge
    Genk (Full Time Result)
    Odd: 1,170
    Bookmaker: Bet365

    Cercle Brugge is now extremely bad, and Genk needs a win to get into the upper table.

    Antwerp - KV Kortrijk
    Over 1.5 (Alternative Goal Line)
    Odd: 1,180
    Bookmaker: Bet365

    Both teams play offensive football, I expect Kortrijk to score and the bet should come.

    So, 77.9 e * 1.17 * 1.18 = 107.55 euros (if we hit a bet)


      Genk - Cercle Brugge 1:0, won
      Antwerp - KV Kortrijk 3:1, won

      The win on the last bet is 107.5 e, and we place that on the next bet, probably tomorrow morning.
      Our total we have now is 357.5 e.


        Combo, two matches:
        1st match:

        Wil 1900 - Aarau
        Over 2.5

        Odd: 1,620
        Bookmaker: Bet365

        Both teams play very open football, scoring a lot of goals in their games. Over 2.5 is very looks.


        2nd match:

        Brondby - Randers FC
        Over 2.5 (Goals Over Under)
        Odd: 1,650
        Bookmaker: Bet365

        I expect Randers, who plays offensive football, to score, and then over is quite close.


        So, we put the previous gain - 107.5 e * 1.62 (Wil-Arau) * 1.65 (Brondby-Randers) = 287.3 euros

        If we get it, we have completed the first task described in the first post.


          Bet won.

          Wil - Aarau 3:0 FT
          Brondby - Randers 3:2 HT (Where will it stop? )

          The winnings of this bet are 287.3 euros. The bank is now 537 euros, the starting bank was 300 e.
          We almost doubled the bank in 5 days, is that good?

          What should we do now, move on with this winning streak, or go back to the beginning, with possibly a larger initial investment (12 e or 15 e) ??


            Hmm, I think you can do it. The main thing is not to stop and always learn from the mistakes of both your own and others, this is a useful experience. I was in your shoes a couple of years ago when I was really into poker. Each time I came to more expensive and difficult tournaments here to improve my playing skills. I didn't have a chance to lose at that time, in that case, I would have lost a lot. In such difficult conditions and with a well-thought-out strategy, your level of play rises significantly.


              Martingale will never be good long term. You may win for a while but it will all be wiped out when the bad streak comes. If you like progression, it is best to implement compounding strategy as you win. I recommend reading this money management by betting resource Most people with small bankroll don't like to bet like this because they don't have the patience but it is far better to do this than doing aggressive methods only to lose the bankroll and keep topping up. With this method, your bankroll will last and grow, assuming of course you are decent at handicapping. I recommend downloading the spreadsheet at testing it out with your picks. Even if you are bad at capping, your bankroll would last much longer than normally it would with this method and it will limit you losses by not having to top up the bankroll soon.


                Best progression method is explained in the sports betting money management article from betting resource You can see it at work over 3 years and little over 2000 bets where $5k was turned into 1 million in this spreadsheet


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