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BIG one

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  • BIG one

    Hi all, havent wrote here for a long time, but
    been reading your post very often.

    Now i need Your help.

    Please tell me Your oppinnion, i need everybodys oppinnion here.

    Im about to lay a big money on this kind of systembet:

    1.Celtic to win championship in Scotland this year=1.35

    2.West Bromwich to finish bottom3 in EPL this season=1.40

    3.Oliver Kah to be selected as a best goalkeeper in UEFAs
    award gala. (Gala is quite soon) =1.45

    So, only thing that bothers me is bet no.3


    So can You guys assure me that Kahn is the winner???

    My bookie is Centrebet.

    The odds for UEFA Galas best goalie are:
    Kahn 1.45
    Dudek 2.75
    Buffon 6

    or is it safer to take UEFA galas best coach-bet instead of

    the odds:
    TOPPMOLLER, Klaus (Bayer Leverkusen)
    DEL BOSQUE, Vicente (Real Madrid)
    FERGUSON, Alex (Manchester United)


    Please post here in forum, or mail me at

    Thanks for Your oppinnions.

    And by the way, in that UEFA gala, they look Club results...

    i mean in i think that World Cup presebtations will not affect
    to winners....mainly UCL.

    So is Ollie the best goalie...?

    Or toppmöller the coach??

    or do i just take Celtic+West.B. double???

    or can You give so other good seasonbet to add to that double?

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    DO you think this is the correct forum to post this?

    Please have a check on what forums you could rather post this in.

    I'm moving it for you this time around

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    - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


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