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All Sports Injured Players and Lineups Links

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  • All Sports Injured Players and Lineups Links

    I m member of this forum for more than 7 years and if you see my posts you will see that I was more watching than posting. But I decided to give something back to This topic will be run by me, I will update all Infos I find online and keep this topic active. Its my contribution to my 7 years on Bettingadvice.

    This topic is about INJURIES, how to find each team injuries, lineups and importance of missing player. This topic is about all sports. I wish that all members will share they knowledge about how they find missing players. So let start.

    List of websites where you can find importance of players and lineups:
    SOCCER: -good for Swiss info(as well all other leagues of the world) -good for Austria -Italy Deutchland United Kingdom

    Transfermark is one of most popular player and teams database website. Just type the name of the team and search for player you wish to check out, you can see player performance and value of the player. -here you can as well find missing players all over the world, but this website is run by users and sometimes there are no fresh informations, but its good to check lineups used in previous matches. ***8211; lineups and injuries for many soccer leagues, its run by many users that update the infos, sometimes they dont update and sometimes they are late, but this website have great potential. -this is as well good website and here you can find previews for various leagues, but difference is that this websites provide lineups, suspended players and injured players in previews and they do cover some exotic leagues

    (alphabetical order)
    CROATIA 1. HNL - this portal is writing detailed previews and they include lineups and missing players. All you need to do is click *google translate to translate your website to English

    SWISS AXPO LEAGUE -Click on Analyze and you will get injured and suspended players

    SWISS CHALLENGE LEAGUE Click on Analyze and you will see injured, suspended players

    UNITED KINGDON (All England leagues, All Soctland Leagues)
    Method which I personally use for all this leagues, from Conference to Premier leagues, from lowest Scotland leagues to Premier.
    Go to and type in: Team1 v Team 2 (example: Arsenal v Chelsea
    then choose last 24 hours or last 2 days in left sidebar under more options.
    You will get previews from for specific match and there will be injured players and some other info you should know about the match.



    Ok this is fast start so you guys can post your ways of finding injured players in all sports.
    (in next few days I will add info for: Swiss, Croatia, US sports, Major European Leagues)

    *Google Translate is a button which you pick just follow instructions how to install it in your browser.
    P.S. Come on people share your knowledge websites. I dont know why nobody post any website, are you lazy or you just dont want to share? Dont worry, i will update this topic with all needed info sooner or later...
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    I use for Premier League.It's a quite reliable source and updated on a daily basis.


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      I use and i think that is very usefull.


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        Just to say as a newcomer here, thanks for these links, there have been times when I thought I was getting good value on a bet only to find out about injury to a key player later!


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          Injuries & Suspensions List


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            suspensions for champions league, europa league, england premier league, england champions league, germany bundesliga, bundesliga 2, denmark superligaen, betsafe league, 2nd division east and west, italy serie a and b, spain primera, croatia and their cups

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              - Injuries, suspension
              - Players back to squad after missing
              - Probable lineups
              - Full stats + video highlights
              - more than 25 leagues covered

              But Paid service, usually they post free previews every day.


              Promo :

              Full access for 5 days for free - Use code : VF3B73 (Time limited offer)
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       -if you know more sites like this please share. This kind of info is fast, easy and very important, all in one place...


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                  Info about missings from european leagues. Very reliable and updated daily.


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                    For very detailed info about injuries, suspensions, probable line-ups, seasonal stats.


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             is my choice of league previews.


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                        Suspensions List (Serie A, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Premier League, Primiera Division etc.)


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                          - missing players, interesting stats
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                            Does anyone know a site with info about injuries for handball european leagues?



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                              I found this website which seems to post important team info on lower leagues


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