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Excel / LibreOffice workbook for tracking and statistical analysis of your bets

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    Excel / LibreOffice workbook for tracking and statistical analysis of your bets

    Excel / LibreOffice workbook (no macros / VBA code) for tracking and statistical analysis of your bets. Download for free (300 - 500 kB), no registration required for english versions & you can choose between decimal, american and fractional odds format.

    Description, screenshots & download:

    Don't hesitate to ask a question or to make a suggestion for improvement, since i did the last major overhaul of the tool, i'll try to help. Feel free to modify the workbook to your own needs. Feedback is welcome.

    The workbook consists of 7 sheets: Overview, System Bets, Accounts, Statistics, Settings, Imprint & Own. There are some notes & sample data to help using the tool.

    Sheet Overview: Betting data table + quick performance summary for today, yesterday, the day before yesterday & overall. You can fill in up to 16 cells per bet, but only 4 are required: Stake, Odds, Bookmaker & Status. Optional: Date, Category, Sport, League, Event, Bet Type, Bet, PC ([y] if net profit commission), Commission, Cash-out & Score. Automatically calculated: Payout & Profit / Loss.

    Sheet System Bets: Calculation, evaluation & memory of system bets. You can enter bankers & multi/system bets bonuses.

    Sheet Accounts: Transaction table + automatically calculated bookmaker accounts table & e-wallet accounts table.

    Sheet Statistics: Statistics table with drop-down selection [Sport / Bookmaker / Bet Type / Tipster / League / Odds Range / Month / Year / Category] + graphical representation of the corresponding values for stake, profit / loss & return of investment.

    Sheet Settings: Specification lists for sport, bookmaker, bet type, tipster, league, e-wallet & odds range.
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      does it really work?
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