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Football symphony

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    Football symphony

    I have a question.
    I wonder If somebody use Football Symphony - soccer prediction software?
    The suppose to make 80% :roll: of right prediction based on the strong and complicated mathematical basis.
    I will make a try, but i need the opinion of the current users.
    Here is the link
    Football Symphony

    80 percent? They shouldn't be selling it, then.



      after a little digging around i can say that it is a football encyclopedy with prediction module.
      I cant say anything about the quality of predictions, but the give a lot of usefull info:
      Height, weight, foto and many others things about the players.
      IMHO this can help


        The company seeling this software have enquired to advertise on Bettingadvice, but sadly their product is somewhat outside of the products we normally offer advertising space for (bookmakers).

        ANyway, 80% hitrate can't be true. I would never sell such a program if it really worked as they say it does.

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        - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"



          I haven't yet try Football Symphony, but as far as I know it predicts just percentages of probability for 1, X or 2 to happen, not the picks. That 80% of corectness can than be understood as that in 80% the outcome which gets highest percent of all three wins. This is possible by my opinion. Of course it does not say anything about how good programe is, cause we do not know the odds.

          Perheaps such programe can be used for value betting i.e. percentage*odds > 100, or perhaps 110 to eleminate errors. Whether it is effective or not, it depends on correctnes of probabilities.


            Football Symphony is tested by at the moment. You can check the results.



              just to say I take a license at football symphony two month ago (50 euro)
              they promise a lot of leagues but there is only

              england premiership
              italy serie A
              bundesliga 1
              france L1
              spain liga 1

              I'm disapointed because I take it for belgian d1 , french l2 and european cups as they promise . Never see anything.

              for the 80 % result I can say it's a good joke (not for me , I PAID).

              They give only favorite and low odds so it's difficult to assure rentability with a +/- 60 % good result

              sorry for my english


                Football Symphony

                I have seen some results of these prediction software and they came with a lot of wrong picks, so I think you can use this software, if you want to see statistics and other info, but I do not believe that they can always provide you with good picks, I mean the software does not know how a player feels before a match or if a club is under pressure. The software bases the picks on pure statistic works and in a lot of cases this isnt the way to predict matches



                  Football Cacophony.


                  I have spent my £31.00 on this software package and I have only had it 2 days:

                  1) ARBS are pitiful - 0.7% profit if lucky
                  2) Keeps a record of the result of the match, but not a result of whether the prediction was correct.
                  3) It does crash unexpectedly and runs in a full screen, you cannot minimize it.
                  4) Its a big download - you actually download ~ 53mb
                  5) Yes you can instantaneously get the odds from a multitude of bookies, but this is what does to some extent.

                  so.. I'll keep you posted.. the jury's out at the mo on this. :wink:


                    for grefstad

                    I have the code for football.symphonie
                    Please send e-mail


                      Once again I repeat: The programme gives percentages for 1, X, 2 to happen, not the actual picks. If you follow blindly highest percentage, it is not good.

                      I think you should compare it with odds, by the rules of value betting i.e. odd*percentage>100? Anyone tried this strategy with Football Symphony? At least on paper without real stakes?

                      I am intending to purchase full version so any information would be good for me. I already have demo version, and yes there are minuses like nintendo games appearence, innability to minimize,... But all I need to know is, does it make profit?


                        I've bought this program.
                        It's NOT A BETTING UTILITY!!!
                        Only stats, nice-looking though.

                        Predictions are _absolutely_ unreliable...

                        I was lucky to see it's algorithm, it suxx

                        So if you want nice stats etc - buy it. If you want to bet using a program - forget about it, or try mine, it's free and much better (just make a brief look on tennis topic to make sure it is!) ->


                          I agree this program is TOTAL CRAP. I bought it when it first came out, poor me.

                          Now a program with latests news on injuries, game and stats for each game would help


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