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Latest Betfair Auto Betting Bot

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    Latest Betfair Auto Betting Bot

    In anticipation of the launch of our Betfair approved Betting Bot. We have updated the Bot4us Configuration Utility which includes all 79 of our UK and Irish Horse Racing betting systems for the Back, Lay and Back place markets.

    Within the Bot4us Config Utility you will be able to create your own Portfolio of Micro Betting Systems to use with your Betfair account. As soon as the Betting Bot is launched you will then be able to auto bet selections from those Micro Portfolios by using the Bot4us Betting Bot in auto-pilot.

    The Bot4us Config Utility is already Pre-Loaded with 6 defaults Portfolio to help you along.

    Each system within the Config Utility includes a raft of statistics for each system including ROI (return on Investment), Drawdown, systems profit and loss, systems highs and lows as well as many more stats.

    We will advise on Pricing as soon as the Bot is officially approved by Betfair.

    In the meantime you can download and run the FREE Bot4us Config Utility from here:

    You just need to register with the forum initially, from there you can proceed to download the program.



    For anyone out there needing a helping hand with portfolio creations. Here is an example 17 Portfolio system that I created within the Bot4us Configuration Utility.

    17 portfolio Sys overall results 2009 till present

    17 Portfolio Sys results 2014

    17 Portfolio Sys results 2013

    17 Portfolio Sys results 2012

    You can download the Free Bot4us Configuration Utility from here:

    Im not sure what happened with the previous post as it wouldn't upload the images.


      Bot4us Betting Bot Launch


      I wanted to let you know that we have finally launched our latest Betfair Approved fully automated betting bot that we, in association with Acebots, are releasing today.

      As most of you know. I have been proofing a small selection of my many systems to since 2010, making a handsome Betfair SP profit of 273 pts in 2013 and an even better 590 pts profit in 2014.

      We are delighted to announce that it’s now possible to utilise all my systems, currently 89 of them, in a single software application.

      The Bot4us Betting Bot is built on the same platform as our Bethawk Betting Bot so the bot maybe familiar to you already. The difference being, of course, that all the systems within it are devised and tested by myself at

      For anyone who isn’t already familiar with Bethawk the Bot4us Betting Bot brings together a collection of’s tested selection criteria and allows you to combine any number of them into a single portfolio. Each 'micro system' within the bot has it’s own stake setting allowing you to build your portfolio to your exact preference.

      Bot4us Betting Bot consists of two separate parts. The Bot4us Configuration Utility and the Bot4us Betting Module.

      The Configuration Utility is where you will view all the inbuilt systems and construct your portfolio. All results, facts and figures are there to assist you. The Configuration Utility is free to download and use for as long as you require until you are happy with the portfolio(s) you have created. Once you are ready to place the bets generated by your portfolio you will then need the Betting Module.

      The Betting Module places the bets generated by your portfolio settings onto the Betfair Betting Exchange. This has passed the full security testing performed by Betfair for your account security. To use the Betting Module you will need to take out a paid subscription.

      Remember, to download the software and take a look costs nothing. To create your own portfolio and watch it's results costs nothing. Only when you are confident enough to place actual bets is there a subscription due.

      If you think this all sounds a little complicated, I have created a number of included portfolios to help you on your way. Just choose which portfolio to use and the betting module places your bets.

      We have put together a subscription package to enable small and large bettors to tailor the costs to their level of staking. This is done by using a credit system. Each credit purchased allows stakes to be placed up to £2.00 ( or the minimum betfair stake in your currency ) on any one of the 'micro systems'. The basic Bot4us subscription comes with 10 credits included. This allows a stake of up to £2.00 on each of ten 'micro systems', a stake of £20.00 on one 'micro system' or even £2.00 on one 'micro system' with £6.00 on another and £12.00 on a third. Extra credits can be purchased to allow staking to any level.
      The basic 10 credits subscription package costs £24.99 for the first month followed by £49.99 for subsequent months unless cancelled by yourself. Extra credits can be purchased for £4.00 per month per credit. Payments are through Paypal. Please contact Keith if you have a problem using Paypal for other options.

      Bot4us Betting Bot is capable of placing bets below the Betfair minimum so if you want to start slow with 10p bets then you can do.

      For further information please take a look at

      Bot4us Website at

      Our forum at

      or by email at either
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      Remember it costs nothing to download the software, create portfolios & watch results. All you need to do is either create an account or log into your account at ,click on Add/Renew Subscription, tick the box next to Bot4us Subscription and click Next. The link to download the bot will now be on your Members Main Page.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you find it of interest and please contact either myself or Keith if you have any questions.



        Here is a Youtube video showing how the bot4us betting bot works.




          Here are our long shot winners over the last few days. Another cracker coming in 1st at Chelmsford City this evening @ odds of 50 BSP!!

          These types of results are not uncommon.



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