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How to Set Up Tips Website

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    How to Set Up Tips Website


    I'm thinking of setting up a tips website. Can the people here tell me which hosts i should go to, what are the steps involved and what the charges/fees are like? Thanks a million!


    There are loads of hosts out there. Depends what you want to do. If you're programming in straight HTML, you can get really cheap hosting, at around £40 a year. If you want ASP, then probably around £60-70 a year.

    You'll need to get a website name. These cost between £15 and £30 a year. Most ISPs will register one for you. It's better this way since you don't have to pay transfer fees if you register with someone else.

    Of course there are always cheaper deals out there, but look for :
    Storage space - amount of space for your files/database
    Transfer limit - most ISPs state a limit e.g. 10 GB of transfer per month. Above this amount you have to pay extra.
    Email accounts - you shouldn't need many e.g. [email protected]
    Support - how good does the support look?

    I run a site (below), and host at Pay around £70 a year, unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, unlimited emails! They also do other plans. Excellent support too. My site was down a couple of minutes in the last 2 months, but they reacted very quickly. Setup is 24 hours. The servers are fast (as long as your code is!) - check out for an example.


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