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Spread bets??

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    Spread bets??

    Hi i've seen some spread bets on NBA, like lakers +9,5. My doubt is: is it just to play with the under over margin that they give or is it like - i've seen this somewhere but don't know if it's this the case - the more points the team goes over or under the other the more you win or loose.

    This is a very risky type of bet i i don't pretend to bet like that. Is that the case of spread betting??


    Check out and their lines/rules/help, and it should answer your questions.


      does it works the same way at baw? i'm asking this because i've tried some spread bets on these ones :

      -Miami Dallas +7 at Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars -3,5 at Arizona Cardinals.

      The games finished 33-21 and 24-17 respectively.As both bets were winners they simply multiplied the odds by the bet amount.

      Wasn't it supposed to be: in the first game as miami had +7 the final result would be 26-21 and thus being the bet multiplied 5 times??

      Or am i doing a BIG confusion???

      Need a little help here guys!!! ops:


        Ah, these bets are not 'spread betting' but 'handicap spreads'.

        I'm taking a rough guess that your bets were something like this..........

        Miami +7 v Oakland @ 1.80

        Jacksonville -3.5 v Arizona @ 1.80 (prices might be different)

        If you staked 10 Euros/Dollars/Pounds on this double, its worked out as 1.80 * 1.80 = 3.24 * 'your stake (10)' = 32.40

        This make sense to you?


          I haven't played them together, but yes that's what happened.

          I believe that baw doesn't have spread betting only handicaps...

          thanks for the help


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